A Peaceful Evening with Our Lady-Ivan’s Apparition

A Peaceful Evening with Our Lady-Ivan’s Apparition


It was a peaceful contemplative night on Apparition Mountain. People were praying in the silence of their hearts. The sky was overcast with the last bursts of the sun peeking through the clouds. The day was filled with sunshine and fluctuating clouds, with intermittent drops of rain. There was a promise of Our Lady’s presence with a clear rainbow before the moment of Our Lady’s daily apparition.

pilgrims continue to journey to Medjugorje

August 31, 2007 at 7:03 pm, as the Rosary is being said to prepare for Our Lady’s Apparition. As summer fades into fall, pilgrims continue to journey to Medjugorje, climb Our Lady’s mountains to be in Her presence when She appears to Ivan during his prayer group meetings. And amazingly, She still comes…over and over and over again. How blessed we are to be living in this time of grace.

As evening progressed an occasional roll of thunder ushered in the darkness. In the dark, with a crowd of people on Apparition Mountain, there was a threat of a storm and drops of rain. All were silenced during the prayers before the apparition of Our Lady to Ivan. After the apparition of Our Lady, Ivan spoke:

Tonight when Our Lady came She was very happy and joyful. She greeted us by saying “Praised be Jesus, my little children.” Our Lady then prayed with Her hands extended over us present. She then blessed us all with Her Motherly Blessing. She blessed all of the religious articles brought for blessing and prayed especially for all the sick present here tonight. Ivan recommended all of our needs, petitions, our families and especially the sick. Our Lady spoke privately to Ivan and then we prayed with Our Lady an Our Father and a Glory Be. Our Lady then left in an illuminated Sign of the Cross, “Go in peace my dear children.”

Sunset from Apparition Mountain Medjugorje

Sunset from Apparition Mountain on August 31, 2007 at 8:40 pm. Our Lady said in Her September 25, 1995 monthly message, “Let your morning begin with morning prayer and the evening end with thanksgiving…” That’s not difficult to do in Medjugorje, especially while watching the sun go down, awaiting for Our Lady to appear on the mountain to receive Her blessing.

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