A Medjugorje Tradition Still Going Strong

A Medjugorje Tradition Still Going Strong

November 1, 1984

“Dear children, today I call you to the renewal of prayer in your homes. The work in the fields is over. Now devote yourselves to prayer. Let prayer take the first place in your families. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


Croation villager

Wednesday September 19, 07 – Peace and contentment that comes from living this simpler form of life is easily seen on the face of this Croation villager.

The most happiest and serious business of many of the villagers, at the end of September and beginning of October, is getting the still cranked up to make the next year’s supply of rakija. Rakija is not only used as a small drink with guests, but for other uses as well, such as a cleaning solution. Below is a pile of mash, or remains from the smashed up grapes from the vineyards. The wine making being completed, the mash is left to ferment for several weeks and once it is cooked down in the still, becomes 60 to 80 proof rakija. Although still making is illegal in many countries, Bosnia-Hercegovina has kept the tradition alive, and it becomes a family affair, part of the culture that has lasted for generations. It is common to see the men, as you walk the streets of Medjugorje at night, in the dim light of the still, experiencing the joys and memories of this event that generations of families ago experienced and remembered. Making rakija is one of the events that connect past generations, to present and future generations of families in the region, as if they are stepping back in time; the smells, the joy of harvest season over. The men sitting around talking, the kids listening late at night, all adds to the culture Our Lady chose to appear into, which is rich in heritage.

Friend of Medjugojre


Croation villagers

These villagers are enjoying not only the rakija making, but a traditionally quieter time in the life of the village. This picture was taken on September 19, 2007.

Don’t forget the September 25, 2007 monthly message to the world, as well as spreading to all your Medjugorje friends the live broadcast on Radio WAVE, and discussion about Our Lady’s message to the world. Broadcast date is September 25, 2007 at 1:00 PM central time, and again at 7:00 PM, another live broadcast, the same evening of the 25th.

Click Here to Listen to the September 25, 2007 Broadcast on Radio Wave

Click Here to Download the September 25, 2007 Broadcast on Radio Wave

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