A Disturbing Development

A Disturbing Development

by a Friend of Medjugorje


Pray to the Holy Spirit. A Friend of Medjugorje exposes another plan of satan, happening right now, in our midst…


A Disturbing Development

There is no place on earth satan hates more than Medjugorje. This chosen place is the Pentagon for the battle between Heaven and hell, between Light and darkness, between the virtue of man and the wickedness of man. The virtuous love the Light, while the wicked hate the Light.


In the real time of this moment, there is a satanic brew being cooked to poison millions of people to damage Medjugorje. The damaging of Medjugorje? How can that be? Medjugorje is a physical place, but Medjugorje also is a mystical place that resides in the heart. Medjugorje’s power is such that hundreds of millions across the world go through profound conversion without pilgrimaging to Medjugorje. Our Lady has plans and satan has plans.


March 25, 2015

“…pray and fight against…all the evil plans which the devil offers you…”


The master intellect of satan has come up with a witchcraft brew to damage Medjugorje. We even know the date his plan will be poured out. The date will be April 2, 2021. he will begin first in the United States and then move his concoction to other countries. satan plans to have millions drink the poisonous brew to damage the acceptance of Medjugorje and Our Lady’s apparitions. As we move to June 25, 2021, the 40th Anniversary, satan is launching a plan to block and confuse potential conversions by promoting the apparitions of the Virgin Mary are not really Her and that Her apparitions in Medjugorje are diabolical. The devil, in his cleverness, knowing his reign is coming to an end, uses himself to drive people away from Our Lady. his plan is to show the visitation of Our Lady is from the devil. With the Secrets coming and thereby, bringing hundreds of millions of new conversions with them, the devil plots to have as many as he can, to be swayed away from believing in the apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugorje.


The Proverbial Saying, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”


In the beginning days of Medjugorje, I witnessed satan’s tactics to discourage people from believing in Medjugorje: “There are no apparitions, the visionaries are lying, its all fake, its only about money, etc.” satan built a dam with lies to restrict Medjugorje flowing out to the world. But the love of Our Lady filled up behind satan’s dam, and it broke open. Our Lady’s love flowed like a mighty river over/throughout the nations. Many were converted across the earth. “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” At that point the devil made a tactical change. he jumped in the river and began to clap his hands, “Come! Yes, the Virgin Mary is appearing. You have to develop.” Yes, the devil pushed to create entertainment, conveniences and fill the village with many distractions. “Yes,” the devil said, “while coming to Medjugorje, go to the other tourist attractions nearby and to the beach. Come to Medjugorje.” The great river began to flow over here and over there, outlets from the river began to drain the great river in directions that did not foster conversions. satan made so many outlets that the great river became only a trickle compared to its beginning. Some pilgrims who visited and believed in Medjugorje, left the village not believing.


Medjugorje visionary, Marija, has recently said many Medjugorje followers are not praying and are not fasting. satan, knowing we are on the eve of the Secrets, which will cause the river of love to be filled again and bring billions to conversion—he has a plan to stop as many as he can to be prejudiced against the apparitions, making people believe they are diabolical. Thereby, what Our Lady is truly doing, the devil superimposes himself to imprint in the minds of the people that he, the devil, is appearing as the Virgin Mary in order to turn a multitude against the apparitions, both those who know of them now, those who will come to know them through the Secrets, AND those who will hear of them in the future anti-christ time. When the Secrets are released, these poor souls, who have been previously biased, once introduced to the Medjugorje apparitions, will scoff, mock or be cynical to Our Lady. Darkness precedes the plan warning, “be careful who you pray to” because “She” can be the devil.


What is the Plan?

Producer, Sam Raimi, with the production of several horror movies under his belt, continues specializing in a PG-13 horror movie named, “The Unholy.” The movie portrays a deaf-mute girl who is cured one night when she runs to a big tree behind her parish church. Of course, for more blasphemy, the church is named after St. Joseph. There are miracle cures in front of the tree when the Virgin Mary appears. Their “village” explodes with publicity that spreads the story far and wide, even to many countries. But then terrifying events begin to happen all around. What was said to be apparitions of the Virgin Mary, becomes something more sinister.


This movie is diabolical itself. satan plans to highjack, water down and taint the credibility of the purpose of the Secrets by painting the Medjugorje apparitions as diabolical. For what reason? In order to stop throngs of people who would convert but became biased by satan’s plan that Our Lady’s apparitions are from the devil? The devil always has a card up his sleeve. We can pass this off as nothing, but if there is only one who would have converted and be saved from hell; but rejected Our Lady because of this movie, it is a tragedy. Saint Catherine of Siena said, after seeing one soul in hell and the horrors that she saw, that she would die 1,000 torturous deaths to save one soul from hell.


How do we know this is the purpose satan has planned for this movie?


  • Why is the movie named “THE UNHOLY”?
  • Why is it released on Good Friday, April 2, 2021?
  • Why is it going to be released through theaters only in America only on one day, Good Friday, and after will be spread to other countries through hundreds of non-theater venues?
  • Why does it relate to Medjugorje?
  • Why is it being released on the Eve of the 40th Anniversary of Our Lady’s Apparitions in Medjugorje?
  • Why does it state, “BE CAREFUL WHO YOU PRAY TO?”
  • Why is it called a horror movie?
  • Why does Our Lady appear beneath a tree in the movie?
  • Why do miracles happen at the tree?
  • All this relates to Medjugorje? Yes.
  • Does this relate to the thousands of conversions in the Field of Apparitions as well as the Bedroom of Apparitions? Yes.
  • TREE?


For those who still may doubt it is an attack against Medjugorje, then why is the statue of Medjugorje IN THE MOVIE?

A scene from the satanic movie, The Unholy, which shows a statue in Medjugorje

This writing will end with proof of how people’s mentality can be damaged. The feedback below is only a couple of days old to prove to you how people can be damaged by such a devious plan. The repeated words below is the actual feedback.



Jeanne, Florida


Our Lady has plans. You are the plan. Please increase your prayers for the Cross and lands. We are in a critical moment. Thank you.


Be sure to leave your comments below. After, if you have not read it before, get the free download of the short book, satan Wants to Destroy Medjugorje, which a Friend of Medjugorje wrote in 1991. He was the first to expose, through this writing, some of the tactics that satan used to discredit and dilute Medjugorje. You can download it here for free – and read for yourself how what was written 30 years ago was prophetic…


With love,

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139 thoughts on “A Disturbing Development”

  1. “Mary is dead. She is not in heaven, she is simply dead, awaiting the second resurrection promised to us by God, following the final battle, the battle of Armageddon.”
    This segment of the above, claiming that Our Blessed Mother – the Virgin Mary is “not in Heaven, she is simply dead. . .”, eventually comes off portraying Jesus as cold-hearted , particularly within the context of Calvary, if we consider:

    His mother, who bore Him in her womb, who nurtured Him and loved Him, and who continued to stand by Him even while He was suffering and dying on the cross; His dear mother who never abandoned Him, is now(according to the quote above) “simply dead” and “not in Heaven.” While sacred scripture tells us [Luke 23:42-43] that Dismas – the ‘good thief’ entered Heaven the same day that our Lord Jesus died:
    [KJV] “And he said unto Jesus, ‘Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.’ And Jesus said unto him, ‘Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.’ ”
    So, the thief who died on the cross beside Jesus entered into Heaven the same day they both died, but Jesus’ own mother, 2000 years later remains “dead” and “not in Heaven.”
    Let us all pray that the Holy Spirit will grant us strength and wisdom.
    Armageddon is already “on”. The souls of over 1.3 billion electively aborted babies and their angels will confirm that for us.

  2. We just have to obey and follow the Blessed Mother’s plan to defeat Satan – pray , fast and lots and lots and lots of love in our hearts

  3. City: Lake Deborah
    State: WA
    Country: Australia
    We just have to obey and follow the Blessed Mother’s plan to defeat Satan – pray , fast and lots and lots and lots of love in our hearts

  4. Michelle D Dougherty

    I love the blessed Virgin Mary.  I love how she talks about how nature is connected to God.  Today everything seems unnatural, yet people believe in evil things instead of Godly things.

  5. Deeply absorb yourself in prayer everyday and overcome the darkness and turn it into light. Only by prayer will guidance be there for us, and with prayer no matter what happens God will be our light and the light will shine through you and you will be able to guide others to the light. Jesus and His Blessed Mother are looking for apostles for these times, deep heartfelt prayer will lead you right to Him. “Please Help everything I do and say be a prayer to You today”. Amen.

  6. I visited there in 2019. I was curious and a believer but had no expectations of what to see or find.  I was totally convinced of the presence of the Sacred and nothing will change my mind.  To visit there will strengthen one’s faith and inspire prayer and fasting.

  7. This reminds us all the more to pray pray pray, pray with our hearts for the Blessed Mother’s intentions. Prayer and fasting will defeat Satan.

  8. richard l ruesch

    Almighty God has made our Lady very special to him, do not forget that, His will for Mary’s greatness will continue for all eternity.  Satan knows this and will try to take as many away from really knowing about her, as possible.    pray the Rosary every day and recite the Memorare with added intentions for the poor souls being distracted by satan, so that the falsehoods of satan will be absolutely ineffective.   satan boils in contempt because he knows our Lady will eventually win………….this we also know  pray and fast often with noble and holy intentions.   


    All my life I have loved and dedicated to Our Lady. I failed to recognize the happenings of Medjugorje until about a year ago. I have focused on Medjugorje primarily because of the writings and work of a FRIEND OF MEDJUGORJE. From the depths of my heart, I thank you.  I give thanks to God for your zeal and work. I feel the need to go on pilgramidge to Medjugorje. But now I can’t due to surgury. I feel Our Lady is desperately connecting with us. Believe it or not, the TRUTH will set you free. Thank you FOM.

  10. Debra Francis Brady

    I never felt the need to go to Medjugorje as I was already close to God. I went and nothing could have prepared me for all the love God filled me with and all the gifts He gave to me. Do not take your eyes off Mary, do not wander or be come interested in anything else. Stay the course and open your heart, soul and mind to God through Mary. 

  11. Is it just a coincidence that this type of evil always is put out during Holy Week? Why? Because they are afraid because our Blessed Mother Mary and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will always crush evil and win. St.Padre Pio said “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry”. VIVA CRISTO REY!

  12. For me – Two words ; Fasting and prayer. Prayer helps me discern and fasting sharpens the focus of that which I discern, giving me conviction that I have correctly discerned.  This way I can see this diabolic filth a mile of. Such movies as this one and others before it not least of which is “the last temptation”  – blasphemous filth cooked in the cauldrons of hell. No desire to see it at all. And I thank God for it. I don’t even watch tv.

  13. Donna J Cunningham

    I first heard of Medjugorjie in 1986. Been there 2 times. Believed from the very beginning. Have read many of ‘Friends of Medjugorjie” books. and nothing will change my mind   She our Mother is with us and me always. Pray the rosary daily and continually  Donna 

  14. My mother,daughter and I were blessed to have visited Medugorje in 2011 and 2013..both times we stayed with Mirjana. The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be accomplished as planned by  The Holy Eternal Father..Praised be Jesus,Mary and Joseph…I pray I will never be swayed otherwise ?❤

  15. Alice Fournier


  16. Craig Belanger

    I’ve noticed certain important dates on the 2021 Roman calendar that coincide with; Lent, Holy Week & Divine Mercy Sunday; – February 17th, Ash Wednesday, “The 7 Holy Founders of the Order of Servites” was founded. – February 20th, Saint Jacinta Marto of Fatima died on this day in 1920. – April 2nd, Good Friday, Pope JP II (Luminous Mysteries) died on this day in 2005. – April 3rd, Holy Saturday, day of the Gregorian Crucifixion. – April 4th, Easter Sunday, Saint Francisco Marto of Fatima died on this day in 1919. – April 5th, Easter Monday, Feast Day of Saint Vincent, “sent to prepare humankind for the Judgement of Christ” – April 11th, Divine Mercy Sunday, Saint Gemma Galgani (Stigmatic) died on this day in 1903. I can’t help but to think we are closer to the Prophecy of “The Great Apostasy” than we have ever been.

  17. Thank you so much for this information, I have felt for a while there is something not right in the world coming from even christian people, saying and behaving in an unchristian manner. I will try to pray even more  for everyone.

  18. Thank you for all the informative information about this crisis for all the world and especially Medjugorie.  I believe in my Holy Blessed Mother.  I have never come to Medjugorie for a Pilgrimage but I feel her presence everyday.  She is a very special part of my life.  I have told Jesus that when I purchased my property that because I have been so blessed to have been able to have this that I told God use this land as your sacred ground and I want to take care of his property and do his will.

  19. Those who truly in their heart know God will not be tricked by those who live in darkness. We must pray, fast and do penance for Jesus and Mary.   “My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me.  I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish.  No one can take them out of my hand.  My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one can take them out of the Father’s hand.” May God, who dwells in each one of us, cause our hearts to burn with his infinite love for all mankind!!! Susan O’C

  20. This hurts my heart so much! Why is our Pope not banning this?  Anybody who watches this & believes it’s contents should ask themselves why they are believing it……..if they believe there is evil, why are they not allowing themselves to believe there is also good? It shows how society today are living under an evil sheet……we tend to believe too much only in the wrong things.  I am living each day in hope & prayer for Our Lady’s plans to bring us our new beginning.  God bless you all in Caritas, I live your messages with hope & love xxx

  21. More fake news. It’s a socialist tool to cast doubt into my mother’s beautiful plains for USA. I wonder if CNN and allies started this

  22. Of course, it is stated that She shall crush the head of the serpent with Her heel and the woman and her seed shall prevail.

  23. Even if this was made by an athist that was once Christian or an ago Catholic, have they no shame this being released good Friday?  Figures, the devil is playing this card due to time running out.  All the stops are gonna come out with him.  Although he thinks he had more time than what he actually does.  What also bothers me, this is like those people with those prejudices are thowing more wrights and strapping themselves in their boats to sink when the great storm comes that st John bosco had visions of.  Yes, many are gonna sink during that, but this gives another meaning to those who dont ancor to the two great pillars, the euchrist/sacred heart of Jesus and Immaculate Mary.

  24. When I watched this trailer a couple of weeks ago, or should I say the first part of this trailer, as I couldn’t hit the stop button fast enough, my immediate reaction was that the film was directed not to the usual horror moviegoers or even to atheist but to the so called Christians of the Non-Catholic faith that express a distaste for Catholics and their relationship with Mother Mary.  You know the ones I am referencing.  Not all Protestants of course, and please don’t think I harbor any negative feelings for persons not of my faith, but those people that claim to be Christian yet express a great hate for Catholics.  They go out of their way to find fault with the Catholic Church. They latch onto every negative story about the Church and hunt out post referencing Mary just to leave comments such as… “Jesus is the only way to heaven”.  Satan is already reaching out to them and this trailer’s bait seems to be a kind of a … see I told you so… Sort of justification to them that Catholics will get their just reward for paying so much attention to the Mother of Our Lord. The image of Mary on the poster followed by the words “Unholy” and “be careful who you pray to” seems to be that such bait. And we all know that bait has hook hidden inside and this hook will drag souls straight to hell.  I could be wrong and hope that I am.  I hope that my immediate reaction isn’t true but let’s face it, satan already has the non-believers and this seems to be the next logical step to gather more souls for hell.  My heart breaks knowing they have done this to our Heavenly Mother and on Good Friday, the holiest of all days, but aches even more for the souls of those involved in making the film and those who will see it.  Satan will be preparing a place in hell for anyone that profits from this film or seeks pleasure in watching this. I for one, will be praying for them all for as long as they are on this earth there is still hope they can be saved from the fires of hell.  Our Lady of Prompt Succor, hasten to our help. Our Lady of Prompt Succor, hasten to our help. Our Lady of Prompt Succor, hasten to our help.

  25. Thank you for your article.  I’ve been to Medjugorje three times. I took my son after his two tours in the Middle East war. The Blessed Mother helped to bring him back from depression and strengthen his faith by leading him to her son, Jesus.   Anyone who has been there knows that it is the closest place to heaven on earth and filled with the peace of the Holy Spirit. The movie is fake news. The devil is on a rampage, but no match for God.  We must continue to fast, pray (especially for our family members) and be strong in our faith.  We must also pray for those who made the movie. They know not what they’ve done.  Mary M. 

  26. We all know the end of this with the words  from Our Lady herself, at Fatima, Portugal. ” In the end, my Imaculate Heart will triumph.” No matter how hard satan tries, he cannot stop the message of Medjugorje. It does help to be warned in advance. Thank you!

  27. Thank you, Friend of Medjugorje for all you do. I’m so saddened at how people’s hearts can change so quickly.  As I was reading this, I couldn’t help but sense our Lord riding on the donkey ad everyone was shouting Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna!  Then, a week later, they’re telling, “crucify Him, Crucify Him!” Please, Dear Jesus, help mankind NOT to forget what our Mother Mary has done for each one of us in and through Medjugorje.  Help mankind Not to forget the healing & peace that She brought to our hearts from Her Son, Jesus.  Let us NOT forget!  Give us all the strength, grace & perseverance, that when this movie comes out, ALL OF US who have been to Medjugorje or Caritas and been affected heartily, will Rise and Shout Out, Hosanna to our King, Jesus Christ!”. Amen.  Hear my prayers, Lord.  Amen.???

  28. LOL!!!!!!! It was through hearing about Medjugorje that my faith exploded! Why of course satan wants to kill Medjugorje. Don’t worry he’s gonna get his. The TRUE child of Mary knows better. Just keep praying. Kay

  29. Brenda Moscow, ID

    Holy Mother, please cover myself and whole family with your protection and the light of the Holy Spirit! Please don’t let us be lost! And protect our priests, I pray! Amen I love you Holy Mary. Brenda

  30. I believe this.  Poor Mother Mary the Queen of Heaven and Earth.  I love her, adore her, and will fight for her, Jesus, Joseph, and all of heaven on earth.  I am a soldier of Christ!!!  Hail Mary so full of Grace be with us in prayers.  Have mercy on us all Jesus Christ.  Joseph please intercede for us to God.  Heaven be with us on earth.  ❤️❤️❤️???❤️❤️❤️

  31. Oh Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee dear mother of God. My experience at Medjugore lives on in my heart forever. I felt your presence there on many occasions & witnessed people changed by you for the better dear mother of us all. The devil would not encourage us to pray to you and your son Jesus rather would discourage such actions. You will crush his head. Ave Maria.❤️???????

  32. I am not an expert on any of this, but my response is that I believe this movie would lead me to believe in the essential truth and validity of what has happened , and continues to happen , at Medjugorje. I would therefore see this movie as ultimately failing in whatever its purpose is…

  33. Please…. Please … Mother Mary!….. please allow the Grace of God to touch my family and convert.  I love you! Thank you for your most loving and important messages!

  34. Yes, today, March 18, 2021, I have been anticipating Our Lady’s message. Everything in this world is falling apart. This is my best Lent and I find it a joy to pray more and to fast and to continue fasting and praying after Lent is over. It does not surprise me that satan will do everything and anything to destroy Our Lady’s plans. Thank you for exposing satan’s evil plans and standing with Our Lady

  35. I am so glad I read this this morning!!!! I must say I am not one bit surprised by satan’s actions, but I praise God for Caritas and the life of the Community to once again enlighten us, the “peasants in the pew!!!!” I am awaiting hearing Our Lady’s 18 March message on the eve of the Feast of dear St Joseph!!! I do believe, I will continue to believe and I will continue to “decapitate” satan with continued prayer and fasting and minimizing him any way I can. I am so blessed to have plgrimaged to Medjugorje and am arranging in my heart a pilgrimage to Caritas!!!! God bless Caritas and all  Community members!!!!

  36. Maria Fernandes

    Thank you Mother Mary for taking my family and I to Medjugorje few years back.  It was surely a blssing to be with you. Thank you for your plan for us and interceding with your son for all your children.  I love you and thank you once again.  

  37. Sharon Semtner

    This saddens me so, I will be praying & fasting for our Beloved Medjugorje & Caritas. So much to pray & fast for. Lord Jesus protect all your precious souls in danger. Protect all from this shot, truth of the injured & killed is being covered up. Jesus, May we be worthy. 

  38. Hi Tony, You are obviously new to Our Lady’s plans. If you listened to a lot of Friend Of Medjugorje podcasts and have read a lot of his writings you would not have written what you have just done. You either do not believe what is written OR are shocked because you are starting to wake up. If you need his real name, and you will discover it if you look for long enough – it is Terry Colafrancesco. FOM said ages ago he doesn’t want to be famous because it is God working through him, it is God’s work – which shows his humble nature. We all look to FOM for guidance.  I, and I am certain Caritas of Birmingham think this too, do not beholden FOM to some major idol, nor do I beholden anyone in some high position, as FOM is just a man. His rewards will be determined when he meets his maker, as that is not for us to give him and he isn’t doing this for recognition. Because he has done what God wanted him to do he is being respected worldwide as he has been given the authority. This is a major difference to say a teenager who worships their idol Band or singer and we witness their silly carry-ons like fainting and crying at the sight of their “idol”. He has detailed what will happen to you as you change, and vanity is one of the 1st things you must let go of (which is why someone would need their name there if they were vain). I’m not an expert in this so have a listen to his podcasts and you’ll understand. There is a specific podcast where he mentions the 5 things that will happen to you in your conversion, and can’t remember which one at the time of writing. FOM is someone who has gained the trust and respect of people who get to know him because of the crosses he has had to carry. He has helped those who listen to him – and really it is Our Lady working through him is where his wisdom is coming from. What Our Lady has created through FOM and COB is life changing and showing us the truth that has slowly been twisted over the last 200 – 300 years by satan and his minions, so to summarise you are witnessing Our Lady crush the serpents head via FOM and COB. These two actors on behalf of Our Lady are just a small part of Our Ladys worldwide plans – I have no doubt about that.

  39. Glenn Villanueva

    This is a real diabolical work in order to confused people’s mind, we need to be strong and fight satan. 

  40. Souls who don’t fast, don’t pray 3 hours through out the day (the rosary) , and who still are watching TV, will never understand. I pray for them.

  41. Kathleen Q Freeman

    Thank you for watching over us.  Hardest Lent ever had.  You are a bright light of faithfulness to us all.  Blessings and Happy Saint Pat’s

  42. Paddy andMonica

    We,have a little prayer we say in the morning ,its Saint Patrick’s Breast plate ,and we finish with Padre Pio few words Pray Hope and don’t Worry

  43. If you are not prepared to leave your name and signature at the end of such a letter, I will use your letter in my cats’ litter box.

  44. This is not only an attack against Our Lady in Medjugorje, but also against Our Lady in Fatima. The latter will be better received by the sheep in the pews and in the pulpits, who block or slowboat Medjugorje (most all of the pulpits), as reason to strongly oppose and shutdown this film. So let the mentally-locked-into-Fatima-crowd know in no uncertain terms that their Fatima bacon is on the line as well and they actually need to take strong action en masse.

  45. satan is NOT going to make it easy to spread notice of the Secrets.  he is sowing doubt and disbelief into hearts.  Will he also render it impossible through censorship on the internet?  It truly is a BATTLE for souls, people!

  46. I think many of us have actually been expecting something like this. It can be likened to the attacks against Caritas. I know people who have gone on the internet and believed every ridiculous accusation listed on the internet. Pray more. Keep fasting. Prepare a defense by attacking the movie before people see it.

  47. Thank you for this importent information.   I did not know about this movie or satan’s new plan for Medjugorje.   However, seeing the plan satan has for bringing down the USA, I am not surprised by the upcoming diabolical movie.  I will continue to pray for those who hate the light and prefer darkness.   I find hope and peace in that Our Lady of Medjugorje will triumph in the end. 

  48. Sharon S White

    Those Awake CANNOT Turn Back to Sleep!!!  MY DEVOTION IS TO OUR LORD & HIS BLESSED MOTHER!  Thank You Friend of Medjugorje!  Your Strength is My Strength!!! 

  49. Thank you for the information. The darkness is getting thicker by the minute but Our Lady will lead our way to Jesus and He, Jesus our Lord will be the light of our paths. The dark side is panicking. Our prayers are working brothers and sisters lets double our prayers. God bless The Unites States of America.

  50. Satan. Is on the warpath ,for our souls. Pray ,as Our Lady of Fatima asked us to say The Holy Rosary, at least daily. We need Our Holy Mother now more than ever. As Saint Pio said that the Rosary is our greatest weapon.  

  51. thank you for bringing this to the light. God bless you and yes we need to invoke the names of St Michael, St Joseph, all the saints for protection. St Joseph is the “terror of demons”

  52. Everytime throughout my life that I was doing Good od’s Work, the devil would come after me, my children and my marriage. I can just image the major anger he has for what is taking place due to Our Lady who remember is his #1 Enemy. We must pray and fast to know who satan really is!! Gail Payne TN

  53. Prayer and fasting for Sam Raimi can bring God’s grace to him, and, sas Our Lady said 2/25/21, can stop wars.  The ultimate victory would be his conversion , and ours as well.

  54. I’m so glad he did. After the shock of seeing the trailer wore off, my first thought was I’m telling Terry! I knew he would have the best discernment and battle plan!❤️❤️

  55. “The gates of hell will not prevail against the church.” I believe in God… and all His heavenly gifts. Our Lady of Medjugorge, Queen of Peace and reconciliation pray for us!

  56. We need to stay focused on the Blessed Mother and ask her to place her mantle around us. Keep God in our hearts and ask our guardian angels to protect us. 

  57. Thank you for the warning. God Bless and keep us all. Thank you JMJ for watching over us. I’m so sorry for those that do not believe in you. May God have Mercy on us all. Our Lady will triumph

  58. I first invited by our beloved Mother Mary to make a pilgrimage to Medjugorje in 1988 after reading from a Singaporean couple who have special reporting on the apparitions. A lot of people have been converted just about 7 yrs of the apparitions & 1988 was a Marian year. From that moment until this June 24, its 40th anniversary , i totally believed in the messages & the visionaries. I am very sad & dismayed at parties who said the miracles & conversions at Medjugorje was faked & diabolical. The movie “The Unholy” is diabolical & Satanic in nature to make Christians astray & give up their faith in this uncertain & trying times. Why shown the Movie in USA in this season of Lent & Good Friday?. Satan is on the losing ground as Christ Jesus & Mother Mary has defeated the power of Darkness & master of Deception, the Evil one. The plan of Satan is to Steal, Kill & Destroy life, While the purpose of the Truine God is to give life abundantly & in Holiness. ( John 10 vs 10)

  59. Time to refocus…While others are saying, “This is how we save our Republic”, truth is the formula was given to us 40 years ago. What ever happens in the physical realm that is good, is only because we have fought in the spiritual realm. I will be honest to say, I feel weak right now. Burdened with family issues and also trying to hold up the physical realm fight/position that I took on. I have prayed and believe that God put me on that path, but especially after reading this…I just want to come home. There is no solution to any problem in this world apart from Our Lady and Her Son! Our participation in Her plans needs to be the foremost in our lives. Sometimes that means we are called to act…Sometimes that means we are called to come home.

  60. Thank you for this warning. I don’t believe it will work. Our Blessed Mother is more powerful than satan, after all, she has God on her side! I will keep praying. Prayer is the answer! We will overcome this evil! 

  61. It is still very difficult to grasp how powerful Satan has become. Satan has so much influence over our government, schools, country…the majority of the people! And they “ALL” think they are correct in their ways! It is discouraging but we know evil does not and will not win. Thank you FOM for keeping us informed as always, as I had no idea that this movie existed. Let’s continue to stay prayed up. 


    Well, “the old dog” is howling isn’t he?  His time is coming to an end.  The Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. I was just reflecting today on my own conversion in Medjugorje which took place in 1994.  I remember that I thought I wouldn’t get to experience any miracles until I went to confession first.  I was reluctant to do so, because I thought God was mad at me.  Then, on the 3rd day there, I saw the Miracle of the Sun (while still in the state of mortal sin).  At that moment I realized that God loved me unconditionally, and that He wasn’t waiting for me to go to confession first.   I wept for 45 minutes straight, and then ran to confession and poured out my soul to Him.  Our Lady obtained for me that Grace.  I love her so much, and I owe everything to her!  She saved my life, and I pray that I will never be so foolish as to ever forget all that she has done for me!  I carry a bag of Miraculous Medals in my purse, and whenever anyone comments on my medal, I say, “Would you like one?” and I hand one to them.  Tonight, a lovely young lady noticed my medal, and I offered her one.  She said, “My mother will be so happy,” so I gave her one for her mother, too, and tears welled up in her eyes.  I love to give Our Lady away!

  63. The devil never rests, and he is very intelligent despite his evil nature.  This is one more  example of it.  Glad to see this article call it out.

  64. William W. McCunn

    The Devil destroys himself by engaging in a war of words against “Christ’s Mother, Mary Most Holy”.  This will not be a danger to those of us who revere Christ’s mother and our mother.  It might well endanger those “Christians” that are lukewarm in their beliefs.  The Devil is slobbering all over himself with excitement, but each time he goes up against the “Blessed Mother” he loses.  Mother Mary is the queen of Heaven and Earth and as such is infinitely more powerful than Lucifer.  She is God’s Mother, come on now.  In all wars, there are always casualties.  The way casualties will occur in this upcoming diabolical threat is simply this; God gave all mankind free will, and as such, we are free to make choices involving virtually everything we encounter.  Be sensible, make informed choices of everything you see or read.  If you are not well informed and seek answers to what you might see on “Good Friday” 2021, then you have another choice; ask a priest, minister, rabbi, or other Christian leaders.  Or, you can choose to believe what you see; after all movies, television, and other social outlets always tell the truth (You can also believe that if you choose to do so.).

  65. Thank you Friend of Medjugorje. We are the plan of Our Lady, indeed true words – it must be truth because I am not impressed with satan – who would be – and his actors carrying out this diabolical act all in the aid to make money. These people need urgent conversion and what a shame it would be if there is equipment failure or no electricity available on the day. If the USA is anything like my Country, interest in movies being seen at Cinemas has waned since the Coronavirus, and hasn’t a lot of the Cinemas complexes closed permanently anyway? What is fortunate is that a lot of people have lost interest in the Christian way of things (there are many becoming awake) so the Secrets will wake most of those up. Our Lady will Triumph in the end especially when (I believe personally) the massive world wide curing of sick people to Glorify God and prove beyond doubt Our Lady has really been appearing – I wonder is that what the 18th March is going to be for? What year? I wonder is the 18th March special event this year, if so it can’t be the world wide curing of the sick – it will be interesting and no doubt beautiful when it happens! It looks more likely everyday that expansive belief in Our Lady will come after the 40th anniversary – assuming she will finish then. It makes sense that the cures happen after the secrets start (and is part of them) because I believe only those who believe in the apparitions will be cured – just the same as in Jesus time – only those with faith were cured. Of course all the above comments are from mans perspective, who thinks logically and totally different from God and Jesus. On a totally different topic re: The Passion of the Christ movie. The pronunciation of Jesus name in the movie (and normally anyway) is Yeshua or Yes You Are. Is Jesus My Lord and Saviour? YES YOU ARE. Thought I’d share that. God Bless you all. 

  66. Anne Catherine Pearson-LaRue

    I believe the true followers of Medjugorje will not be affected by this movie. The ones that have been suspicious or luke warm will be swayed. 

  67. And Satan will never succeed,

    This is a palling and I am so sad poor mother Mary she must be so heartbroken even more but God will prevail over evil as it always does and the devil will be crushed. Nothing will stop me from believing in the Blessed mother in the miracles t MEDJUGORGEAs I witnessed it myself. And Satan will never succeed, he can keep trying but he will not succeed in anyway. Please please pray and pray hard. God bless everyone in our country in the world

  68. We know we are at war with Satan when Dr. Seuss gets cancelled but Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion get praised for their filthy, nasty, and immoral performances at the 2021 Grammys. This movie coming out is typical of what would be in Satans playbook but we know Our Blessed Mother will crush his head in the end. We do need to pray like Friend of Medjugorie recommends, he is right, things are critical and getting worse. 

  69. Thank you Friend of Medjugorje for this special writing.  I have no doubt in my mind & heart that God has a plan through the Blessed Mother & Jesus, satan will not succeed.  I will continue praying and staying focused on all of the Blessed Mother’s messages.  If it is God’s Will I pray that this movie does not come out and I continue to pray for all the lost souls, that they gain the strength they need to not give in to the dark.  I am very thankful to the visionaries and also to you Friend of Medjugorje for keeping us informed as the Light begins to unfold ~

  70. I never shared my 2004 Medjugorje Birmingham miracle (my one and only visit) until sharing it two weeks ago with my Exodus90 fraternity brothers.  Unbelievers of Medjugorje outwardly boasted of their new belief. What flipped them? Irrefutable truth Marija Lunetti personally one-to-one with me with two witnesses, in the founders and foundresses home, committed, when she took my two hands in her two hands, with the biggest smile ever on her face, to be my accountability-partner-for-life!  We’ve never seen each other since.  Doesn’t matter.  Every day she is with me as my accountability partner. Nevertheless, for life it  is!  These 10 fraternity brothers are all half my age, all have children, one with 6, two with 5 (one with #6 in the womb), 2 with 4, all home-schooled, and very holy, and pray Her Rosary daily, and daily Mass we do.  Why write this here and now? I’ve been a secret admirer of A Friend of Medjugorje for years. In 1998 I mesmerized myself in a book called “Apostles of the Last Days”, by Thomas Rutkowski. I invited him to speak the following year at a Catholic Men’s Fellowship of Maryland Conference in Baltimore (I was an officer and board member for 20 years). I never doubted Medjugorje for a second. Yet again, I never doubt Our Lady for a second.  We have one purpose here — to bring everyone Home!  I believe we will know what to do and say when we must.  All of Heaven is with Her with us, Amen!   God bless Medjugorje and God bless A Friend of Medjugorje who has zero clue of this humble nobody or our Lady!  Lastly, now may be the best of times for all to buy Medjugorje Silver rounds with Miraculous Medal image front and back from CenturySilver.com 

  71. That has me spooked to where my heart is pounding. Satan is terrified of our beautiful Mother Mary he would never have the power over her or her son Jesus Christ she will always rise Above him no matter.And he knows this .our lady put a bless off grace over all your children. protect them and their minds from Satan’s evil works . st Michael archangel , we call on  watch over all of us and our own children and all young people . lend  them down the right path to our lady and lord Jesus Christ. That movie should be blocked in every country, it is not right to be shown the statue of Our Lady of Peace of medujogiore in this horror movie in Jesus name block this movie from being showed in any country.it is a mockery to the catholic Faith and to our lady.it not right ????

  72. Praying is believing that together we can all help make a difference in each other’s lives. The evil will not prevail. We are God’s chosen people to pray and live each day so our children and grand children will have a better life. 

  73. LOL! Only a real nut job would actually fall for this ploy of the devil. He (the devil ) is so dumb, he thought he was better than God. Bwahahahah! No one likes him, he’s stupid and I hope he knows I said that about him. I stomp on him now!!!! C’mon friends, we’ve got this. We belong to Our Lady and to St. Joseph. Prayers for all those who are too easily led astray. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph we love you. 

  74. “April 5, 1996 Our Lady appeared to Ivan on the mountain the evening of GOOD FRIDAY. Ivan said Our Lady was sad and sorrowful on every Good Friday). After a blessing She gave this message: “Dear Children, I thank you because I know that you are united with me in sorrow. Little children, when you return to your homes this evening, pray the Sorrowful Mysteries before the Cross.” She left saying, “Go in the peace of GOD my dear children” and disappeared in the sign of luminous Cross. This time someting exceptional happened for at the right side of this Cross, Ivan saw Jesus who was in the midst of the pain of His Passion.” Source: https://www.medjugorje.com/

  75. Please pray that this movie is blocked an fail to be shown! This is a horrible movie!!God will win! Please protect us all an God Bless is! Mary crush the head of satan!

  76. Petra Tortorelli-Flynn

    Pray that God steps in and stops the release of this movie if He wants too. More prayers, more fasts, more Masses, more rosaries to defeat the devil.  Blessed Mother please bless all those who are not strong in faith, in believing in you and what you want us to be doing. Pray for peace in all souls, especially the weak. Blessed Mother, please give your motherly blessing to each projectionist, fill their hearts with the truth – knowledge of the evil this movie will spread. God bless us, Jesus bless us, Holy Spirit bless us,  Mama Mary bless us.

  77. We should not be surprised at this turn of events. It was Friend I’d Medjugorje who said himself that we should expect that satan will not willingly allow the fulfillment of notifying the world when the secrets are to be revealed. Doesn’t it make sense that he will start his tactics sooner than later? We have Blessed Mother and her Spouse the Holy Spirit to guide us, as well as her earthly spouse St. Joseph, Terror Of demons at our side. We are in a battle for souls. I took comfort at Church today in the reading from the Book Of Ezekiel: Along both banks of the river, fruit tree of every kind shall grow; their leaves shall not fade, nor their fruit fail. Every month they shall bear fresh fruit, for they shall be watered by the flow from the sanctuary. Their fruit shall serve for food, and their leaves for medicine. The Woman Of The Revelation is among us! Be not afraid. May we continue to bear much fruit for the Glory of God.

  78. Thank you for this information….there is another twist to this.  There is a movie called “The Girl Who Believes in Miracles”.  Directed  by Richard Cornell. Opening day in theaters here in Illinois on April 2nd!   This is  a PG movie about a little girl who prays over people and Animals and they are healed. She sees Jesus and tells everyone that it is Him  who heals not her. I have only seen the trailer.  I don’t think the Blessed Mother is part of this movie. I am suspicious that this is going to be very confusing and that is part of Satans plan. Please look this us and give us your thoughts about this.  God Bless everyone pray and fast more than ever before.   

  79. As believers of our Precious Lord God & our Blessed Mother we all have time to bind together and pray that this horrible movie will not take root, that it will not draw anyone to want to go see it, that the world will be blinded to this horrible movie, that it will be unnoticed, that this awful movie will be powerless. We need to fast & pray, pray our rosary’s with all of our hearts. We need to stand up for our blessed Mother the way she has always stood up for us, She has always been there for us, now its our time & turn to be there for Her with PRAYER!! We love you Mother & we are so sorry that you are always talked about and been misjudged. God bless everyone one at Medjugorje and thank you for all you do. With much love & respect. Betty

  80. In fact this just makes me believe in Our Lady and Medjugorje all the more.  I was on a route to death once myself.  Or certainly at the very least my faith was tossed around like a reed in the wind. I slipped and fell.  I turned properly to Our Lady for the first time in my life and her Miraculous Medal and Brown Scapular.  She helps me be saved.  How upset She must be by this horrible movie.  I believe Her Immaculate Heart saved and anchored me after I first believed in Lord Jesus but got confused with all the different Churches.  All those who turned to Her were saved.  She told St Dominic one day she would save the world through her Miraculous Medal and Brown Scapular.  This is So true.  She saved me with the help of Her sacramentals.  Amen.

  81. God bless you as you go forward with Our Lady’s plan.  May God intervene and block satan’s plan.  I pray that many fall on the their knees in surrender to God Almighty before, during and after this satanic evil being planned by the father of all lies.  I don’t care what the enemy has planned I know GOD WINS IN THE END!!  Stay faithful!!

  82. I was in Amsterdam recently for 5 days and was listening to  friend of medjugorje at night in my hotel room. On the second night the curtains began ferocious banging up and down on the window  it was closed now was there any wind that could have caused same. I was so terrified that I wouldn’t go on the medjugorje website until I got back to Dublin. Not because I didn’t believe but because I saw how strong satan is in Amsterdam 


  84. Anna M Garramone

    Jesus in your name we ask for your protection. Please bring awareness to those who don’t know. Keep us in your Embrace. May all Gods creations be protected. We love you Jesus, we love your mother, we ask for your prayers. Drag the devil down to hell and bound him there. Amen❤️+

  85. I’ve been to Apparition Hill,  I’ve been to an Apparition at the Blue Cross.  I know for a fact that my heart changed alot and I think of that place every day.  I have a beautiful painting of the Statue on the hill overlooking Medugorje.  There is no way I could or would ever NOT BELIEVE in the words of God spoken thru our dear Mother.  Mary says when she comes to Medugorje sometimes she brings with her Jesus, but satan comes too.   

  86. Lawrence McPhillips

    Thank you for the “Heads up, ” I’ll be sure I don’t see this movie, and wont dissuss it with anyone. I wouldn’t want to be the cause of anyone losing faith. God bless.

  87. Prayer and fasting are needed now more than ever to battle this evil scheme from the goat head. Please children of God, hold on to Mother Mary’s hand in the Holy Rosary. Please use the Flame of Love Unity Prayer as much as possible to blind satan and remove his evil from America and the world. Praise Jesus Always for a Friend of Medjugorje.  God bless you for your hard perseverance and steadfastness.

  88. Why wouldn’t you pick any other Friday in a year rather Good Friday? I am very shocked and very disturbed by so many people being full of hatred and evilishly spirited just to cause more damage to others. Mother Mary hear our prayers! Evangelize wherever you can. Bless you all! Adam

  89. I am very upset about this news.  I understand where it is coming from and these sorts of movies are just trash.  I put my trust in God and Our Lady and will continue to pray. 

  90. Who is going to copy and paste nearly 300 times “nut jobs,” but someone with a serious problem?  This is but a fly in the ointment. The damage the movie costs will be small. Some people who like horror movies will look up about apparitions and be converted! Let’s pray, fast and have faith as we watch this evil be turned about by our Lady all for the good.  Thank you for this post!

  91. Disgusted & disgusting – praying for the increase in discernment so that all may see & recognize truth from deception. 

  92. We should plan to boycott Cineplex or whatever and all and any theatres that condone showing this on their screen. Our poor Mother who does not deserve this when all She does is love us continually.  I agree to the below comment that we must be in continual prayers for ourselves and the world.

  93. The Rosary and our meditation is our defense Lord in Your Mercy shower us with the graces to stand firm and in communion with You and Your Mother Amén Amen 

  94. Yes, those of us that have been blessed to experience Medjugorje don’t have to be convinced.  It’s a part of our heart and soul.  I will only add a couple things.  Not only is the fruit many new priests, but these priests are extraordinary.  You can always tell when a priest has had their conversion around a Medjugorje experience.  And also… it’s the confessional of the world.  How many have cleansed their souls because of Medjugorje.  Thank you for giving us a heads up.  With so much going on in the world, it’s hard to stay on top of it all.  But it’s best to be informed and armed with this knowledge.  God Bless You.  God Bless Us and help us be the apostles that our Lady calls us to be. 

  95. Richard Aulicino

    My experience of the blessed mother’s existence has come thru unsought for dreams.   No one can shake that…like doubting Thomas I don’t believe I know….

  96. Thank you Nicole. We passed your original message onto a Friend of Medjugorje and he immediately went into writing and was still at it at midnight last night. Thanks for the tip!

  97. This is complete stupidity on the parts of the screenwriters and the producers. Aren’t they aware that their own souls are at stake with this.  They must not have a conscience either, to drag others, probably the young, down that dark corridor.  Unbelievable, that anyone would go see it.  God forgive them.  Take care Joanne

  98. I have been to Caritas and I have been to Medjugorie. I have had the blessing to be at apparitions with Marija, Mirijana and Ivan. I believe and love our Blessed Mother. I believe and love our Lord Jesus Christ. I believe we are in war, spiritual war between Jesus and satan. Bring it on. I wear the Armor of God. Thank you Caritas community for feeding us. My love and prayers are with you.

  99. It’s so apparent, so blatant . From the name of this movie (which describes satan perfectly) to the timing of release it’s beyond obvious what the real purposes are. I will pray and fast so that this movie fails. Utterly. Completely. 

  100. All who have eyes see All who have ears hear.   This movie is evil and all who refuse to pay attention will be sorry in the future.   Thank you Our Lady for your love and thank you Caritas for your faithfulness ???

  101. The more satan attacks, the more we pray, fast and  live renunciation. The prayer of the righteous are extremely powerful. Where sin abounds, Gods graces abound all the more. We will not be shaken. Our Mothers Immaculate Heart is our refuge. “ Rise! Take up your mat (cross)and walk.” We cry for Gods mercy on us and all those who are spiritually sick. Carrying peace, love and joy, the word as our sword and the Holy Spirit ever before us. Jesus has won the victory!!! In the name of Jesus, we renounce Satan and all his evil plans. I wash the Precious Blood of Jesus over every apostle of peace of these end times!!!With the rosary in our hands, the evil one knows we belong to our Holy Mother. The Lord hears the cry of the poor, Blessed be the Lord now and forever!!!Praised be Jesus and Mary!!!

  102. Thank you for warning people about this demonic movie!! I’m still upset about it! Catholics have taken a lot from Hollywood over the years but when you mess with momma and Medjugorje, you have gone too far! Nobody messes with momma!! Time for Our Lady to break satans power!

  103. Monica Troendle

    WOW!!  This may be out of line, but I’m  going to say  it  anyway.  After 48 yrs  – since Roe v Wade – of  battling the culture, and many in the Church, on the issue of Life, after watching  the desolation  of Christ’s Church from the infiltration of dissenters in the priesthood  and Religious life and beyond, after enduring the shipwreck of  the  “spirit of Vatican  II”, after the deafening  silence of our priests  and bishops in the stealing of our freedoms in the last election, etc. etc. etc, I think it is high time Our Dear Lord stand up as a Son, and defend His Mother on Good Friday and say  “enough is enough. ”  I frequently  ask “how much longer  Lord?”  May the Lord have mercy on us in this  time of  Grace.

  104. Dear brothers & sisters in Christ!        God bless you for your discernment and courage!  There is a saying,”It is always darkest before the dawn.”  I am not holy, I am clumsy at best in Our Lady’s hands, but I know the sting of critics and cynics very well.  There is so much good, wonder & miraculous interventions from God through Our Lady I could share with you from over the past 40 years of Her time with us, but it would only be preaching to the choir.  I only got to go to Medjugorie once, to Caritas for refreshing my soul & restoring my Joy numerous times.  I am a Field Angel, but a poor one.  I wasn’t given financial prosperity, though I’ve been able, on occasion, to make a donation or buy some prayer books & Words From Heaven volumes to share.  Some were given right back to me, some found their way back to me…unopened, but a few spread about, I know not where.  No one tells me if they liked the materials or even if they kept them.  They do watch me, however.  Some think I’m nice but a little nuts.  Some think I’m “holy”, for the life of me I don’t know why.  There are some who think I’m “up to something” and will resort to slander!   I don’t go running around to Holy Places, start “sharing” and take up all the oxygen in the room.  Most of my prayer & Bible reading & fasts are private.        When it comes to the viewing of this Movie, it is easy to point out that the maker of the film is a specialist in Horror Movies, not documentaries.  40 years is a long time for satan to hold up a deception that brings about so much good. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but as a result of Our Lady’s apparitions, the Church experienced a flood of souls entering the Church, when at the time convents, seminaries and church buildings were being closed.  Will the weak of Faith & hard of Heart be affected by this Movie?  Probably.  I will fast & pray for the dilution of the effects of this Movie, but remember how many followers of Jesus walked away when He explained that He truly is the Lamb of God.  “He who eats my flesh & drink my blood will have life within them.”  That sounded like a Horror Movie to them! To those of us who love Our Lady, I say, this is just a test.  Do not waver, stand your ground in Peace & in Joy!  Love one another, as She has loved us! …and keep that Rosary in your hand! 

  105. May I assume that you good folks do not study carefully the inspired word of God, or do not grasp the sense of them, or both? Matthew 4:10?Then Jesus said to him: “Go away, Satan! For it is written: ‘It is Jehovah your God you must worship, and it is to him alone you must render sacred service.’” Sacred service is both worship and prayer. We are not to pray to ANYONE or to ANYTHING except God the Almighty. Not to statues, saints, Jesus, Jesus’ Earthly mother, Mary, or anyone else. God’s word is VERY VERY CLEAR on this. Mary is dead. She is not in heaven, she is simply dead, awaiting the second resurrection promised to us by God, following the final battle, the battle of Armageddon.

  106. I went to Medjugorje in June 25 , 2006 and felt the presence of our Lady everywhere there. I truly believe she appears there and why do I think this?  Because my faith has become stronger each day thru prayer and love of our Savior Jesus. Our Blessed Mother offers Heaven to all of us by the messages she brings to us each visit.  Praise God…Amen

  107. So many times satan continues to seek out souls with manipulation.  So many souls have fallen into a trance over the lies that he has sown. It takes a lot of prayer, trust and working on our hearts in order not to be taken by the currents of his lies. Daily we face people who don’t believe in God’s teachings; in our own families, at work, even in our churches. We continue to pray for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of their souls. Mary’s children are being brought together in this time to encourage one another and to remain strong in our faith. To remain in our love for Her Son (Sacred Heart of Jesus) Praying for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to strengthen our hearts as we prepare in this time for the Triumph of Our Lady’s Heart. What God has put forth satan can not destroy. He can not destroy the love many have for Our Lady unless we allow him (satan) to take over our hearts.  We continue to do ask our Lady asks; pray, pray, pray, fast, (November 2, 2007). Adore our Lord May 28, 1983. Be ready My Children (April 2, 2010)!!! +Peace in our Lord and our Lady of Medjugorje; Come Holy Spirit… May we seek God’s grace for others and ourselves. Della 

  108. Connie DeLoreto

    Satan never tires. I will warn people against this movie. Dear Jesus, keep your faithful ones safe. Been to Medjugorje eight times, and still not enough.

  109. Brandy Elliott

    Please pay attention to commercials on Hulu, Netflix, etc that your children are watching. I found out about this garbage movie from my 9 yr old!! Look what they did to Jesus’ mommy…. I couldn’t believe it. 

  110. Cecilia C Polasek

    Fasting and prayer can stop wars and move mountains!!   Jesus, Mary and Joseph help us!!!  

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