A Declaration by Our Lady of a showdown – August 2, 1981 – Are You An Appeaser?

A Declaration by Our Lady of a showdown – August 2, 1981 – Are You An Appeaser?


The following is the August edition of Words of the Harvesters that we send out U.S. mail each month. This is the first time we have published an edition on mej.com. It will not be published monthly on mej.com.

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With the expansion of several arms of Caritas, we must increase the number of our Field Angels. We encourage you to read the following Words of the Harvesters. It is a sample of one of the fruits and benefits of being a Field Angel. Field Angels, literally with God’s grace, are the reason for many, many conversions. We depend upon people such as you to continue different arms of this mission, such as this website. Individuals even giving only $5.00 a month pooled together with others, enable us to produce great volumes of material in spreading Our Lady’s messages to the ends of the earth.

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Mirjana’s July 2, 2007 Apparition

The apparition took place around 9:00 a.m. and lasted several minutes:

“Dear children! In the great love of God, I come to you today to lead you on the way of humility and meekness. The first station on that way, my children, is confession. Reject your arrogance and kneel down before my Son. Comprehend, my children, that you have nothing and you can do nothing. The only thing that is yours and what you possess is sin. Be cleansed and accept meekness and humility. My Son could have won with strength, but He chose meekness, humility and love. Follow my Son and give me your hand so that, together, we may climb the mountain and win. Thank you.”

Again, Our Lady spoke about the importance of priests and their blessing.

The Declaration by Our Lady of a Showdown – August 2, 1981
Are You An Appeaser?


Our Lady’s above message is stunning. The thousands who were present for Mirjana’s apparition, upon hearing it read, became silent and thoughtful. Indeed, this message, for the follower of Our Lady, is clearly a major message. Few times has Our Lady spoken so clearly, so confrontationally. This message brings to mind Our Lady’s recent message of November 2, 2006:

“…Your time is a short time…”

Why? Because the July 2nd message cuts to the heart of our condition, our problem, telling us like it is, just as with receiving emergency surgery because time is crucial. In essence, our time is short, demanding Our Lady’s words to correct our hearts as quickly as possible. The time we have to prepare ourselves is a short time. Our Lady has said on several occasions, “you are in a time of grace, make good use of it.”

“Reject your arrogance and kneel down before my Son. Comprehend, my children, that you have nothing and you can do nothing.” The deterioration of the world’s society everywhere upon the earth, the destruction and attacks upon everything good, the monumental battles growing everyday in our midst, should cause a heightening in our comprehension of Our Lady’s July 2nd words – “Reject your arrogance…” Our Lady is urgently encouraging us to be victorious; climb the mountain and win. We must realize that in the military, a soldier’s mission is explicitly clear. “It is to impose one’s will on the enemy.”

When Our Lady disclosed on August 2, 1981 that “a great struggle was about to unfold,” no one could have understood what would unfold, the struggle of darkness over the world, which would be so powerful, so unstoppable in being able “to impose it’s will” on us. The power of evil, our enemy, has not only not been tamed or checked by us, but has defeated us on every level of our society. August 2, 1981, Our Lady foretold of a showdown coming, a decisive moment where the disclosure of power against us would require a test of our will, based in God’s Will, to be able to prevail over the will of the world. We have arrived at the point of what Our Lady said is about to unfold, and we see it now unfolding. It is in our midst. Christians are startled at how powerful the forces against us are, and how this darkness achieves victory after victory. We can’t seem to “climb the mountain and win.” Moreover, one of the startling revelations in this test is how weak we really are in opposing evil. Evil is becoming rooted into our laws and regulations, oppressing us – laws which used to be based on Christian principles which allowed freedom for us. We are so weak that we are looking to pitiful politicians to solve this onslaught against morality and peaceable living. The surrogate system of governing bodies are the very ones passing laws to protect the gravest of immoralities. They will not help us. They cannot help us. Fr. Jozo said in April, 1990:

“The problem of the change of Communism is very important. The change of Communism comes as a grace of God. It has nothing to do with politics or diplomacy. All your politics, whichever country you come from, are the same. Even if you call yourself a Christian party or country, it is all the same. Even if you call yourself a Christian Democracy, there is no system which really desires Jesus! All your political regimes are against man, because they never actually place Jesus in the center of everything. What do the political systems want? They never want the real Jesus. No political system wants you to know Jesus and love Him more than anything. If you put culture above Jesus, you won’t make it, you know not Jesus.”

But what of those who are Christian politicians? Our Lady said peace will not come through presidents.

December 31, 1985

“…You will not have peace through the presidents but through prayer.”

So what is it but arrogance that anyone thinks we can use politicians’ strength to sanctify and bring peace to our land which does not want to put Jesus as the center? The United States of America is the only country in the history of the world that did put Christ’s Christian principles in our documents, laws, and founding. In essence, making Jesus the center because His principles are central to our laws and way of governing and its people.

All our Forefathers believed this would make us a unique country, a powerful country. John Quincy Adams stated on July 4, 1837 that the American Revolution:


“connected in one indissoluble bond, principles of civil government to the principles of Christianity.”

He didn’t say principles of Christianity to principles of civil government. He said principles of civil government to the principles of Christianity. Christianity’s principles are the bedrock of which our civil government is attached. Christian principles and civil government are not co-equal. One submits to the other as the higher authority. It is explicitly clear Christian principles are the foundation of the United States of America, making it as no other nation on earth.

Shamefully and sadly, we have allowed the Christian principles our laws and society are foundationed on to be dropped. What made this country the strongest, greatest country in history since the beginning of the world is that Christ was the center. We have allowed that to change. The resulting deterioration now is the impulse for most to look to the political means to save us. We are looking to the wrong source and we are very, very weak. We need the former strength we used to possess. Our strength is meekness and humility, attributes in total contradiction to the powers that be. Darkness prevails over our election system, our law-making, and we have only one alternative, to “climb to the mountain and win.” Confess our faults, our not living the Commandments, especially and particularly the Sabbath. Kneel before Jesus in meekness and humility. That is our strength. It is our path to victory. It will bring about a “seize the moment” confrontation that will decide the great struggle between “my Son and satan” (Aug 2, 81). Because when God’s people confess and humble themselves, God will act in a way not foreseeable. But when God acts, it will be seen and understood by all, even by the enemies of God, who are imposing their will upon all of us who now thirst for God and for a society which is based upon Christian principles of love. Only a naïve mind could profess that we are not in a showdown. Showdown is defined as:

A disclosure of actual power and resources, shown by an opponent; forced by a decisive test.

What we did not know back in 1981 and what we know now in 2007 changed the graveness of Our Lady’s words of August 2, 1981 for the present.

Our Lady’s August 2, 1981 message:

“…A great struggle is about to unfold. A struggle between my Son and satan. Human souls are at stake.”

The power and resources at the disposal of a minority whose agenda is evil and wants to impose its will upon society is overwhelming, compared to the majority whose resources and power are wholly inadequate to meet the opponents will, which prevails over us in our schools, institutions, and our laws.

Our Lady says we are Her extended hands, and we can definitely assume that satan has his extended hands. We, therefore, can conclude “the light” comes from those whose hands are given to Our Lady, who struggle, a great struggle, for Jesus, and “the darkness” comes from those hands who struggle for satan. Each trying to win over the other to their will, Jesus’ or satan’s. Thereby, souls are at stake according to whose will is imposed upon society.

The argument could be made that satan imposes his will, but Christianity cannot impose its will. True, but that is upon an individual’s free will. We are not talking about violating one’s free will. We are talking about, will we have a society and nation driven by atheism or Christianity? We have that right by mandate of our founding and by the mandate of our Christ. One is free to reject Christianity, but one is not free to reject the Christian principles we must live by which governs the United States of America.

There is no middle ground, whatsoever, between the two opposing forces. Falsely, many think so. They are the appeasers and assume an air of diplomacy will protect them. An appeaser deceives himself, imagining he can sit on the sideline and be left alone and not be bothered. He looks around and sees the price he would have to pay for opposing the enemy. He thinks of his comforts, his soft bed, and the peace that comes only with a full belly or not wishing to lose friends, and he is content to submit to the conqueror in order to be allowed to stay where he is. An appeaser understands the bargain he is making, “Let me be and I won’t be against you.” The appeaser rests upon his plan with expectations that the enemy will live up to his side of the bargain. History, both spiritual and secular, shows the appeaser is always crushed when the full force of the enemy’s will is imposed.

Are we willing to resist rather than submit? We, the people of our nation; how many are willing to resist? Or rather submit to the demoralization of our nation, our Christian faith, our Christian principles, so long as our jobs, homes, and ourselves are left alone? It is plainly – painfully obvious that we, in this nation of ours and other nations, are unconscious of the choice before us. Resist or submit. We must make our decision now.

Resist means to grasp that Our Lady has come to create a great movement, strong enough to resist the will of evil to impose its will upon us. This organization of people, with new mentalities, cannot prevail but by sweat and hard work. That means prayer, fasting, and changing the way one lives to resist the path of society. That also means you will receive great persecutions and struggles but these will aid you in ridding yourself of the arrogant mentality that we can change things through man rather than through God. Everything depends upon you as an individual, collaborating with God, to win this great struggle. But you must submerge yourself in this battle as one individual of an army of people who are doing the same to make what Our Lady is organizing a strong movement to resist evil’s will being imposed upon the world. We must reverse our direction through living the Commandments fully, accepting the Sabbath, living holiness and imposing our will, our ways, specifically the way of life for today’s man which Our Lady has shown us, upon the enemy. Yes, it is by witness, which must result in our use of tact, wisdom, and cleverness to impose Christian principles in one’s life, work, government, politics, in order to cancel what prevails in society by those who blatantly seek unbridled freedom to live every and any wickedness. Yes, we must do this through meekness, humility and love, but with resolve and unwavering ironclad decisions, and firmness. We must, we will, change society’s direction by God’s grace. It is what Our Lady is wishing to achieve. It is our right, our inheritance from our Forefathers, our marching orders by Our Lady’s messages, to do so. We do not need the permission of a huge bureaucracy. They are subject to us, not we to them. They are to be in fear of us, not we in fear of them. Thomas Jefferson said of the government:

“Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory. The federal government is our servant, not our master!”

We have a command, an inalienable right decreed by God to…

Mark 16:15 and Matthew 28:19

“Go into the whole world and proclaim the ‘Gospel’ to every creature.” “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations.”

Christ said go and proclaim the Gospel. The four Gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. What are the Gospels about? They are specifically about Christ. This is proof we are to convert the entire world. Our Lady reinforces this proof with Her words:

June 25, 2007

“…God desires to convert the entire world…”

That means indigenous people, Hindus, yoga followers, etc., all people – even if it means indigenous people’s pagan ways and traditions must be cast away forever. This is not out of “we are better than thou” attitude, but in humility, yet determined witnesses to win them over. Our Lady clearly says who She is, “I am a Christian.” To be a Christian means more than to be a member of the Rotary Club or such. It means you are willing to die to keep your faith. This point is defined by what precedes Our Lady’s words, “I am a Christian”:

November 25, 1997

“…Holy martyrs died witnessing. I am a Christian…”

We do not have an option as believers but to teach all nations of Christ and His Christian principles – a command to build up societies with these principles without an appeasing compromise or lacking confidence that we have no right to impose Christian principles throughout our land or even upon others. Yes, the individual must choose freely Christianity and we must respect those who are not Christian, but with the reality that in a Christian governing society, such as the United States, they must abide by the principles of Christianity. Yes, even an atheist must abide. This is not a threat to our government or other governments of the world, but it is a threat for those elements of darkness which have and continue to divorce themselves from Christian principles, especially within the United States and its institutions. If Christ commands it, who should concern themselves with what anyone or the government is telling us, that we cannot speak out, pray, or choose not to tolerate abominable life styles, etc.? In this nation, the godless and any belief outside of the Christian faith are not equal to this right. We do not have to be timid. We do have to be tactful in how we achieve it. But tactics do not include appeasement or sitting in a corner and just praying with our head in the corner, or better said, in the sand. If we go to a prayer corner, it must result into action. Our Lady wants that. The struggle of God is to eradicate the appeaser’s mentality and replace it with a new mentality, infused by the power of God through meekness and humility. Do not confuse these virtues of meekness and humility with weakness, appeasement, compromising, indecisiveness, or compassion for evil. Nor confuse today’s understanding and promotion of tolerance and diversity as Christian principles because neither of these are virtues, as promoted today. They are not Christian principles. Today, tolerance for society means to tolerate sin. Diversity is cleverly promoted by the cunning of darkness to bring about division and to accept paganism in people in this nation and across other nations, both of which keeps the body of God’s children from achieving what Jesus said would make His joy complete, “be of one heart and one mind.”

Only Christian discipline, love, and consecration of oneself to Our Lady’s movement to live and spread Her messages can produce an army of witnesses that could, with strength, impose its will on the enemy, without force, who is attempting to impose his will upon us by force. The sheer numbers of Our Lady’s witnesses of Christ and our firm decision without force can prevail over society by each individual living the messages. The luxurious life lived by so many in the world today has made a world full of appeasers. The book Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping is starting a revolution against the mentalities that have made us so weak that another will is imposed upon ours.

What is written above constitutes only a little of what the newly released book is about. Very soon we must have a revolution in what and how we live if we are to survive as a people. Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping was written specifically to spark a radical transformation in the way we think. It is working. The more people who you get to read the book, the closer we come to achieving the total transformation of our nation. This transformation will give hope to other nations to do the same. As we approach the fall season, strategically pray, plan, and plot out how and what you can do to spread Our Lady’s way through Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.

In the love of the Two Hearts,

Friend of Medjugojre


The Book Everybody is Talking About

After reading Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, many are taking it as their primary mission to spread the book and promote it in various ways. Many have told us this book is the tool to get people to understand what we must do to change the situation of society. Some are writing their local newspapers. Other are paying for ads, still others are meeting with Protestant pastors, talking to them and presenting them a book. Many are keeping on hand a number of copies. One person said they give away one book a day. Many stories of conversion are coming to us. Surprisingly, people are coming back into the Church after reading the book. One Nun got published a whole editorial!

Some have told us they are dedicating at least once a week, going to secular bookstores, asking for the manager and asking them to order and keep Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping in inventory and displaying it in prominent places. You can do this every time you go out. Because of the present day issues discussed in the book, many are being introduced to Our Lady through issues which many have an interest in, who in the outset would not be inclined to hear about Our Lady. One Protestant minister called to order multiple copies to distribute and give away to other pastors. Keep 5-10 books in your possession to give away. Several have ordered 100 books at a time. Ask those you give it to, after they read it, to do the same. Encourage each person to buy 5 copies which will continue to spread it across our nation. The following letters are the things and ideas people have and are doing to spread the book, along with their thoughts. Please continue to pray daily at Mass, reception of Holy Communion, at prayer groups and family prayers, that the grace of Our Lady’s intercession will continue to increase the spreading of this book to heal our nation. The following is an example of what one individual did in getting the paper to print an article. Other letters follow.


July 15, 2007

Dear Caritas,

This was printed in today’s paper, 7-17-07. I hope there is a response. I left a copy of the book at NewsPress (local newspaper), hoping some editor will read it. It is an awesome revelation to some.

V.M.- Stillwater, Oklahoma


July 11, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Praise be to Jesus! “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping” is a gift from God! What an awakening. How true that I had been lulled asleep into not giving proper honor to God on Sunday. Shopping and going out to eat were done regularly without ever believing it was wrong. After reading this book, my eyes were opened to how the evil one has destroyed families by taking our Sundays off of God and into consumerism.

After only two weeks of turning Sundays back to God by Mass, eating home, family time, not doing any housework that could wait for tomorrow, a floodgate of blessings began to flow. Being owners of a resort, we were experiencing a no-sale market for the past six months in house sales and rentals due to the lake being down to repair the dam that is leaking. Well the dam is still down, but we did $1,000,000.00 in sales in the first two weeks of giving Sundays back exclusively to Our Lord.

God cannot be out done in generosity. He wants His children back. By honoring Him again as we did years ago when everything (except absolute necessities as hospitals, etc.) were closed on Sudnay, so as to be able to go to church and spend time with family…If we would all unite and do as God asks of us – all unnecessary stores, restaurants, etc. would close on Sunday if we just stopped going there. This would allow all those workers to go to church and spend time with loved ones.

F.D.S. – Burnside, Kentucky

July 3, 2007

Dear Caritas,

I am halfway through “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping,” and I am deeply shaken. I, too, am guilty of not recognizing how – or even that – I was abusing Holy Sunday. Since around 2002, my husband and I have been in a state of disbelief about our country, but it was not until I started reading your book that I came to see the master hand of satan behind all the problems. Our Lady gives me hope, and so do you. Thank you for opening our eyes and minds to the seriousness of our present situation. May God have mercy on us.

M.O. – New Port Beach, California

July 2007

Dear Friend of Medjugorje,

You are a very special person, I must say. Your “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping” has to be one of the greatest books I have read in a long time (I’m 90). What time you have put into this writing is unbelievable. I am sharing it with my friends. My eyes have surely been opened and my rosaries will be increased for sure. Our Lady must be very pleased and happy with you for awakening us to what is really going on in this poor sick world of ours. May you be blest, dear friend, with an abundance of God’s love, guidance and protection. May Mary, our Mother, keep you under Her mantle. May the Holy Spirit continue to be with you as you carry on your work. What a latter-day apostle you are.

E.P. – Northport, Florida

June 13, 2007

Dear Friends,

I received your book “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” It has been a tremendous inspiration to me. When I read about keeping the Sabbath Holy, that hit me right between the eyes as I haven’t been going to church. So I started back to church and have been trying to devote Sundays to God…God bless all of you.

B.P. – Modesto, California

June 26, 2007

Dear All,

I am reading the newest book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping,” and it has blown me away. I will pray that it spreads like wildfire. I will be ordering books.

D.W. – Rosenburg, Texas

July 3, 2007

Dear Caritas,

“I am reading ‘Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.’ My wife and I also made a pilgrimage to Mej. in March. I have used your book and my experiences in Mej. for my last two homilies. One on keeping Holy the Sabbath, and the other on the Declaration of Independence. Thanks for the materials and the message that we need to save our country.”

Deacon C. – Forest City, North Carolina

June 28, 2007

Dear Friend of Medjugorje,

There is absolutely no doubt that the Holy Spirit inspired you to write the book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” I believe that the Blessed Mother sat next to you as you wrote. I have been “devouring” the book, wishing I had nothing else to do but read! I hope and pray that the book gets into the hands, minds, and hearts of those who would like to make a difference in our nation and bring it back to the Father’s plan.

June 20, 2007

Dear Friends of Jesus and Mary,

Thank you for sending the book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” It is something ‘out of this world about this world.’ The work, the research, etc., etc., – awesome! The Holy Spirit had to be the Force behind it and energizing the Holy Spirit’s secretary, a Friend of Medjugorje. Words can’t explain my overwhelmment. What a tremendous impact this should make – first on the readers, then on the leaders of our Church and country and world. I prayed in thanksgiving to God, to the author and every soul that assisted in anyway to bring forth the Truth, historic in part and timely – references to authenticate it, etc. I am grateful, too, to all the people whose prayers and sacrifices empowered the writer. Thank you, Friend of Medjugorje, for persevering. Blessings from Heaven on all.

Sr. R. – Scranton, Pennsylvania

June 10, 2007

Dear Caritas Family,

Thank you for my book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” It is right on target! I am still reading it, as I try to digest it slowly! It makes you stop and think of how easily the general public can be hoodwinked. We are all like lambs being led to the slaughter! The tactics of the secular media are gross! They are all tools of satan. It comes very clear as you read more and more. Thank you from my heart. Peace and blessings on all of you.

M.C. – Whiting, New Jersey

June 12, 2007

Dear Friend of Medjugorje,

I am appreciative of your eye-opening book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping.” It confirmed my suspicions about “Global Warming.” Keep up the enlightening literature. You are “a voice crying in the wilderness.” I will give others this great book.

S.S. – Lombard, Illinois

June 11, 2007

Clear and convincing so far! The “Global Warming” section is worth the price itself. Thank you.

M.N. – Cedar Grove, Wisconsin

Dear Caritas,

Thank you so much for this incredible book! We all know these terrible things are going on but we feel so helpless to do anything about it. Now, you, through Our Lady, have the answers. I have sent the emails and letters to Congress and called the White House. Nothing seems to work. But now, I am sending this book to my friends, priests, and some talk show hosts. Please keep me on your list and tell me what I can do. Thank you again.

C.C. – Houston, Texas

July 18, 2007

Dear Friend of Medjugorje,

While we are with you, we would like to share our son-in-law’s thoughts on the book. Initially, we were quite disturbed. However, after rereading parts, we regained our original response, which was that this book, “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping,” is an inspired, prophetic work!

J & R R. – Orangevale, California


To order Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping Click Here



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