The 911 Emergency Call to Prayer

The 911 Emergency Call to Prayer

After thousands respond to call for prayer about tsunami, an important Medjugorje prayer resource for you to download FREE.

We continue to thank Our Lady of Medjugorje today for Her intercession, and God the Father for His intervention in the events this past Saturday, February 27 concerning the tsunami alert. As much of the unbelieving world blame scientists for “not delivering” on their predictions, presuming that their data had been faulty, those with faith have no doubt that God, in His great mercy, responded to the prayers of thousands around the world. For all those who raised their prayers in petition, do not neglect prayers of thanksgiving to God and Our Lady of Medjugorje, especially in light of the denial of God’s actions in saving Hawaii and the other islands.

If you have been reading the feedbacks posted after the writing, “Tsunami Warning…Today a Call to Prayer,” you may not be familiar with Caritas’ 911 Prayer that some of our supporters mentioned praying. This is a particularly powerful prayer to be prayed in crisis situations, whether it is a worldwide threat such as the events that took place on Saturday, or personal crisis in the family, job situations, health issues, etc. We encourage you to download this prayer and remember to pray it when the need arises, just as you would dial 911 in any physical emergency.

Early Saturday morning, before we knew of the earthquake in Chile, we posted a short writing by A Friend of Medjugorje entitled, “The Rallying Call of Medjugorje.” The writing was moved down on the page with the announcement of the urgent prayer request for those in line of a possible tsunami. Many of you may not have noticed this small article. But, to go back and read it now, after Saturday’s events, it is quite remarkable as it speaks of Our Lady of Medjugorje mobilizing Her followers to help save the world. The response to the call to prayer concerning the events on Saturday, offer a striking illustration of the power of united prayer. This article was prophetic, in the timing of its posting, in that through Our Lady of Medjugorje inspiring a rallying call to prayer, we see the result….not only were lives and property saved, but there many souls who experienced conversion. Briani, who experienced first-hand the threat of the tsunami upon her homeland of Hawaii, said in her feedback response:

“I woke up yesterday morning to the sounds of sirens. My husband came into the room telling me we needed to pack and get ready to leave. That they were expecting a Tsunami to hit with in the next few hours! After we got our stuff ready I went into the room where my 2 year old daughter was sleeping! I sat on the bed next to her watching her sleep. I was thinking about how I had just fasted the day before and I wondered if the fact that I have been fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays would have any effect in what was going to happen in the next few hours, If the words of Our Mother were true. Before we left our home for a safer place my husband and I said a little prayer for the people in Chile and for the people here in Hawaii. As I walked out of my home all I had with me were my daughter, husband, and a small water proof safe with our important papers and my rosary. I was able to see what really mattered to me! It means the world to me all of the prayers that were said! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I know that it was through your prayers that we were spared! I know now that so many things in our life are temporary, our homes, our jobs, and even our bodies! But Love, love is something you can give that will never perish and it can be felt through any distance and any circumstance! All your love saved us! Once again I thank you from the depths of my heart and I will pray for all of you!”

May this help all of us to realize that we are a part of a massive army that Our Lady has been slowly amassing for more than 28 years in Medjugorje. When united, we are a force that is a great threat to evil’s plans. You are extremely valuable in this plan of Our Lady. When a call for prayer goes out, do not think if you don’t respond, that it won’t make a difference. Our Lady said through prayers you can stop wars and suspend the laws of nature. She also said,

January 25, 1987

“…I want you to comprehend that God has chosen each one of you, in order to use you in a great plan for the salvation of mankind. You are not able to comprehend how great your role is in God’s design…”

The writing, “The Rallying Call of Medjugorje”, with the rallying call to prayer for the possible victims of a horrendous tsunami, and scientists saying at the end of the day that Hawaii “dodged a bullet” after smaller than expected waves* were reported—the picture is painted of just how important all of our roles are in God’s design. We should meditate on these words and events, and make ourselves more and more ready to respond when called upon, by Our Lady, to do so.

To Download the Caritas 911 Prayer, please click here. Spread this to all your family and friends.

*We received a call from a supporter in Hawaii who said the waves were 13’ high.

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2 thoughts on “The 911 Emergency Call to Prayer”

  1. Seeing this photo of Apparition time in the field is almost identical to the one Caritas took on Apparition hill during one of Ivan’s prayer group apparitions. In both there is a circle in the centre of the photo. At first I thought it might be a camera artifact but now I think it is something else. A sign given by Our Lady perhaps 🙂

  2. Seeing this photo of Apparition time in the field is almost identical to the one Caritas took on Apparition hill during one of Ivan: prayer group apparitions. In both there is a circle in the centre of the photo. At first I thought it might be a camera artifact but now I think it is something else. A sign given by Our Lady perhaps 🙂

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