9-Day Fast, Still Time to Sign Up!

9-Day Fast, Still Time to Sign Up!

October 10, 2019 A.D.

Fasting bread, the Community of Caritas

Some very yummy fasting bread that will not last long, sits on the table at one of the houses here in the Community. These days every house smells of fresh baked bread. A Friend of Medjugorje has had a love of bread his whole life, so for the Caritas Community, it is part of our DNA.

We still have people contacting us to sign up for the 9-day bread and water fast. Every day there are those who have just found out about the fast and are starting their 9-day fasts a day or two late. There is still time to sign up, while remaining in the grace of this worldwide fast. Ths United States is being represented all over the world, with people from many different countries joining in union with us in prayer and fasting for the Beginining of Our Lady’s Reign. There are many events happening in the world. The U.S. is in the crosshairs of satan. As goes the United States, so goes the rest of the world. Those who fast for the United States are fasting for their own countries in doing so.

October 9, 2019

“I just discovered about this fast, and I would like to join the rest of the world in praying and fasting for the next 9 days. I understand that I will be late finishing (Oct 18th end date). But I hope Our Lady accepts and presents these petitions at the feet of the Lord just as equally as the rest.”

E.M. – Ontario, Canada

Those who sign up, still will remain within the grace of this fast. To have your name added to the growing list of those participating in the 9-day fast, and have a day assigned for which your 9-day fast will cover in prayer, contact Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000. When dialing from outside the United States, call 001-205-672-2000. You can also visit here and request to have your name added to the list. For the fasting novena prayers, visit here.

Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas

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Only $9,500 left to reach the goal!

See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

For the latest update and to help us reach the goal visit here

1 thought on “9-Day Fast, Still Time to Sign Up!”

  1. This fast has been very powerful in dying to the self in you ; outpouring of gifts of the Holy Spirit,(eg.the gift of patience). Praying for the grace during fast, I found that I never felt hungry. I also began to realise that people in third world may not even have bread to eat… Also on completing this fast I am now soo full of joy and the Holy Spirit and feel healthier too!! Praise be the Holy Name of Jesus.

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