5 Big Tech Companies Ban Free Speech: The #1 Best Selling Book, Big Q Little Q, Banned by Amazon, Also, by iTunes, Audible & Kindle. Plus, YouTube Removes Three of Caritas’ Features

5 Big Tech Companies Ban Free Speech: The #1 Best Selling Book, Big Q Little Q, Banned by Amazon, Also, by iTunes, Audible & Kindle. Plus, YouTube Removes Three of Caritas’ Features

The #1 Best Selling Book, Big Q Little Q, Banned

A Friend of Medjugorje: Socialism wins over many people, through the promise of everything free. Once it begins to rule, next comes censorship, especially over Christians and patriots who love their country. When enough voices are silent, socialism always moves to killing those, who will not be silenced. History shows this repeatedly. Be it one voice or millions that must be killed.


The agendas that move socialism forward have no stopping point where their thirst will be quenched. But, what the darkness of socialism fears most is Christianity. Therefore, it has to be crushed. History has shown time and time again that socialists are intolerable to any person, resisting their agendas. Socialists know Christians will resist their socialist godless religion. Naturally, this makes Christians enemies of their dark plans that aim to suppress the Light. The side of Light is constantly battling the side of dark. Darkness fears us because we fight with love, prayer, fasting and sacrifice. They do not have these four virtues in their arsenal. They know they are disadvantaged because through the virtues of Light, we can recruit those on the side of dark to come into the Light. In the end darkness eventually loses. Yes, they have victories, but they tremble at our ways, words and virtues; our truth. In the end truth always wins.


Our Lady’s words are truth. Their only defense against truth is to suppress it where no one can be exposed to it. Therefore, they will always censor what reveals light to stop you from reading or hearing the truth within it. Hence, Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Audible and Kindle use blacklisting tactics. Why blacklist Our Lady’s words and the way Our Lady is leading us? Because it is dangerous to their agenda. Along with the book Big Q, the next clicks were part of what was removed by YouTube, along with the many positive comments that followed each one, one of which had 70,000 views. All this is a warning of things to come. Our Lady’s mission here has always had threats as it grows and becomes more influential in bringing Our Lady’s messages into the masses.


Click each one, going through the three and spread this to all you know. You can make your comments below of how you see darkness growing and why the ban is taking place.


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28 thoughts on “5 Big Tech Companies Ban Free Speech: The #1 Best Selling Book, Big Q Little Q, Banned by Amazon, Also, by iTunes, Audible & Kindle. Plus, YouTube Removes Three of Caritas’ Features”

  1. City: Carnegie
    State: VIC
    Country: Australia
    It is shocking that we never hear about the Blessed Virgin Mother in a Sunday Sermon or have a great amount of information the Catholic Colleges.  This is too important to keep hidden from the very  people who should be involved and teaching their children the Rosary and all the Caritas  group meetings. Birmingham is located in an area where many people can reach by car or Plane.  God Bless BVM and all her events.

  2. I just finished reading “Blind to Your Wrongs” and am shocked that my knowledge of the Medjugorje messages is about zero.  The Cleveland Diocese shares no information about this in any of the parishs.  I have heard nothing from any of the parish Priests about the messages of Mary.  I will now start following  your website to become more aware of Mary’s messages.   Dennis Ross 

  3. +JMJ+ Ask her to tell you what her objections are and give her the truth about each. Tell her the Church Commission gave a positive judgment on the supernaturality of the first 7 days of Apparitions, the rest will be watched and when completed a final jud

  4. Call me nuts, I don’t care.  I believe Big Tech does everything to squash the truth, especially as it is in direct opposition to their agenda. There are no coincidences with God and Mary (who wants everyone to know her Son, Our Lord & Savior).  2021 is the 40th anniversary of the Blessed Mother appearing to the children in Medjugorje.  I stayed at visionary Mirjana’s B&B. Mirjana and her family were such humble people.  On the 2nd of June 2019, our group went to the hill where Mirjana came for the second of the month message especially “for those who do not yet know her son”.  As it was announced that the Blessed Mother was in our presence, the dogs stopped barking, the birds stopped singing, the air was still; you could hear a pin drop on the hillside with approximately 200,000 people in the small area of the hillside/overflow in the streets.  The minute it was announced that the Blessed Mother had left, the noise of nature and everyday routine started again.  I truly believe it is a place where heaven meets earth.  Everything I have read and experienced reflects Medjugorje as a continuation of Fatima, Lourdes, Garabandal.  The Blessed Mother has been consistent in her message at all these places to pray, fast, and do penance.  I feel the time is drawing very near to when the secrets will begin to be revealed and something BIG will awaken our world to the core.  It may take some suffering to get to a place of peace, however peace is promised for a period of time; the world is in such need of peace sooner rather than later.  Let us pray for the disenfranchised, the lost, the sick, the unbelievers, for families, for the youth. . . In the end, the Blessed Mother has stated that “My Heart Will Triumph” – The head of the serpent will be squashed.  My hope is that it will include Big Tech, News Media that spew untruths, Corrupt government, Immoral policies wrapped to hide the blatant warped ideology. . .

  5. Mary Ann Campbell

    We must follow Our Lady’s messages & practice what she asks for, especially to pray for our shepherds.  Many of our priests want a more progressive Catholic faith,  and support the current president who has done away with the Hyde amendment & is promoting planned parenthoods policies of abortion up to 9th month. 

  6. Loved this book.  Makes connection of what is political and and worldly with that which is of our faith and what is of God. I read all I can about what  is happening to this country and the world right now,  and how it relates to biblical prophecy and the secrets of Medjugorji.  This book hits the nail on the head.   Friend of Medjugorji is truly informed.   His words have meaning.  He doesn’t talk in pretty words,  but words that tell us how serious these times are.  This book is being banned by those who want to ban God. 

  7. I am ashamed to admit that I had grown slack in following Jesus, in enlisting in Our Lady’s Army for the sake of His Kingdom. Please, anybody reading this little comment- NEVER allow your infirmities to be an excuse to slack off- nor permit any excuse whatsoever! Thanks be to God, and my hearts’ gratitude to Our Lady, for directing me to read/listen to these 3 videoes, for in doing so, I am more committed than ever before to do all I can possibly do, by the grace of God and the assistance of Holy Mother Mary and good and most chaste St. Joseph, to be entirely faithful to Our Lady’s requests- No turning back! The sheep and the goats are already now being separated, the hour truly is late! May God have mercy on us all! May Jesus and Mary abundantly bless our faithful Friend of Medjugore and his family, and know that I am especially thankful and keep you in my prayers!

  8. Let’s keep the faith while remembering that THE TRUTH DEFENDS ITSELF. And that in a world of spiritual fugitives, someone going in the opposite direction, “Christians”,may be seen as running away. God BLESS!

  9. Apparently, her heart is not open to the history of Mary’s apparitions in the world and not familiar with the Bible.  When the permanent sign comes on apparition hill she will believe.  If she ever went there she would understand.  I’ve taken hundreds of souls to Medjugorje over the past 25 years and it is amazing to witness the conversions and be a light in this darkeness to others.  I’m a convert and Medjugorje taught me my Univerdal Catholic Faith as it speaks of in the Bible.

  10. If Q and the Queen of Peace were not a threat there would be no need to censure, ban or cancel. But, the dark side knows they have not won. They lost the election and are holding on for dear life to what little power they have until the light snatches it from them. They know they have not won the world either, because Our Lady is here with us, crushing the head of the serpent. Some lost faith and hope when Christ was crucified,  because they didn’t see the plan. Praying for the strength of faith and hope in what I can not see and offering all for Our Lady’s intentions and HEAVEN’S PLAN! It’s not over…Our Lady is not done. She told us Her Son promised Her that evil would not win!

  11. praying for OUR LADY   INTENTIONS . CONSTRATIONS TO TWO HEARTS. MARCH 18 ON THE WAY. THEY ARE TERRIFIED.  may OUR LADY AND JESUS watch us, and you. love will conuqer. we have each other to heal his land . keep  up the good fight always in our hearts we locve you. more than words can express 

  12. Dear Connie, I will pray for your brother. Recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet for him. It is very powerful. God Bless you and your family. 

  13. Please  continue to  make us aware of the censorship of the message of are MOTHER in HEAVEN.  I see the thing’s going on around us. I agree that  the darkness is out there,  and we need GOD to help us.  On are part we have to be on the path that leads us closer to GOD. MOTHER MARY continue to wrap your mantle around us and keep us safe. Open are eyes to see what the evildoers are doing.

  14. Books may be banned and voices silenced but who can extinguish the light of the Gospel? If we live it truly we become a fire and even those who proclaim Christianity but have compromised with a fake Gospel become antagonistic to the pure fire of Christ within us. We need our holy Mother to purify us continuously through living her messages, to maintain the brightness that draws souls seeking and repels those not open to the True Light. Maria

  15. may Our Lady intercede for the protection of the Caritas community who are doing such valuable work and the people who are associated in one way or another with it for its continuation. God bless you all, i will pray for you.

  16. so many people are being deceived and they are not even aware of it. i get ostracised by my mother and sisters and talked about as nuts because i pray daily and read good informative books such as the one they are “trying” to silence above. Free speech has already been stopped because i remember in my primary school many years ago in the 1970’s that christian prayers were said at assembly and missionaries were invited to talk to us. can you imagine what would happen now if that was even suggested? political correctness would prevent it. we are not even allowed at work to mention religion to any one and all christian sites are blocked, and they they say we have free speech in this country!!!

  17. Message of March 18, 2019 is so important; we all should reread it every day and keep it close to our hearts.  Thank you for reminding us of that important and beautiful message.

  18. Anyone with just one brain cell functioning would know we are living in the end times.  It is so sad to see so many people deceived and walking in darkness.  I pray for all their souls, especially the foolish ones in my own family.  I try to wake them up, but they think I am crazy.  My brother, currently on a ventilator, needs prayers desperately; I am so worried if he dies before repenting.  Please anyone who reads this, pray for his soul that God have mercy and that our Blessed Mother intercede and beg God to just send him to purgatory instead of hell.  I love my brother even though he is foolish and following the dark side.  I want his soul to be saved.

  19. [size=2]Recently I sent out a slide presentation from A Friend Of Medjugorje about how some WWII GI’s saved an election from corruption and restored order.  One person removed me from her contact list and now refuses to have any contact with me at all.  This person is a devout Catholic and devoted to Mary.  Yet, she insists that Medjugorje is Evil and a Heresy!  She fights, prays for, fasts  and sacrifices (she holds public Rosary Rally’s and is adamant about the need for reparation and fasting) for the same things we who are dedicated to Our Lady Of Medjugorje fight, pray, fast and sacrifice for too.  This is a mystery to me how even devout people who say they are devoted to Mary reject these messages and even say they are evil.[/size] [size=2]All one has to do is just read and meditate on the messages themselves to see that they are truly from Heaven!  Mary truly has the words of light and truth to lead us to Holiness and a new way of life!  [/size] [size=2]Please, Mother Mary, please Save us All From Lying voices and The Wickedness and Snares Of satan.[/size] [size=2]I pray, Mother that we Christians who are divided will be United Once Again under your banner!  [/size] [size=2]Mary Queen Of Peace Pray For us![/size]

  20. When I opened this page and saw it’s content, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was shocked and horrified to see such a severe action taken by media giants, but not surprised. The battle is heating up and the opposition is getting worried. I will continue to pray that Our Lady and Our Lord Jesus give us all the strength and love we need to stand on Heaven’s side. 

  21. My random daily message chosen today fits perfectly:  November 2, 2014 “…My Son promised me that evil will never win, because you, the souls of the just are here…” Words From HEAVEN

  22. I belong to a small grp of women and we meet once a wk., I introduced Medjugorje The Queen of Peace to my small grp., we all read Big Q little q and discussed it.  Little by little the Lord will shine the light on the darkness and the truth will be revealed; however how quickly this happens depends on our prayers, fasting and the sacrifices we are willing to endure for the sake of our great Nation and the world.   Thank you Caritas family for your devotion to Our Lady and your YES to Our Lord and Savior.  Much good has been revealed already and much more to come will be revealed. God Bless you all. Julia Montgomery

  23. Powerful, well done, wonderful clips of what to anticipate.  The first clip was beautiful with the March 18, 2019 message–What taste of what is to come through Mary and her Son.  Thanks for the great clips. Looking forward to more. God Bless to all Joanne

  24. They can censor all they want; They are lording over us because they have the worldly power in this time of darkness to do so, but even Jesus said to Pilate; you would NOT have any power over ME in less my Father in Heaven gave it to you. They will be unable to stop what is coming from Heaven, and the Mission has been given to Our Lady precisely for these times. New Apostles of Our Lady are rising up everyday who are ready to fight for the kingdom and our Country. A tsunami is coming soon. Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart Of Mary, Your well beloved spouse.  

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