30 Months Away…

January 10, 2019 A.D.

We in the Community of Caritas have been spending the past few weeks contemplating the first days of Our Lady’s apparitions here in a Friend of Medjugorje’s home, reflecting on 30 years of Her physical presence here, and a plan She delivered from Heaven. We have taken time for retreat, looking at our work, which is 100% influenced, guided by and immersed in Medjugorje. A Friend of Medjugorje shared part of what we have been reflecting about on the January 2, 2019, Radio WAVE broadcast:

“…what’s been in my thoughts is, we’re reaching 2019. Do you realize in 30 months, we’re going to hit the date of June 25, 2021. That’s 40 years of apparitions. Only 30 months away. That alone is a lot to be contemplating. What does this mean for us? Look in the Bible how important is forty years.

“Our Lady is here for forty years to lead us out of the desert. And we can see, not a closing of things, but an end of the lessons that She’s teaching us. These lessons are very profound, and because we live in a world, and particularly in the last forty years, radically different than all the millennia that has passed us. You say, “Well, we went to the moon in 1969.” But we didn’t have fax machines. We didn’t have all those things. All these things came at the dawn of Our Lady’s apparitions. All the electronics, all the super electronics, began just after Her apparitions. She came at the dawn before that rose up to get embedded, that if She waited to come now, She would not be imbedded in our hearts…”

We are seeing manifest that what Our Lady started here with a Friend of Medjugorje and his family, was a very thin thread, spanning from the beginning of Our Lady’s apparitions, until the fulfillment of Her plans. There were times in our history that the persecutions and trials were so intense, that we thought we would not make it another day. The past 30 years have been like what Our Lady of Medjugorje said on August 1, 1985:

“…I wish to tell you that I have chosen this parish and that I am guarding it in my hands like a little flower that does not want to die…”

We have seen the hand of Our Lady, guiding events, bringing us here to this moment, 30 months away from momentous events, which are already taking shape. A Friend of Medjugorje has been actively making plans with the Caritas Community over the past year, for new initiatives and spiritual projects to be released and launched this year, 2019. Be in prayer for this work of Our Lady.

Caritas of Birmingham
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There are many things on the way in the coming weeks and months. In order to continue to keep up with the demand and continue expanding in the coming months, it is important that every person, every member of every prayer group participate in becoming a Field Angel for a minumum recurring donation of just $5 a month. We are gathering 20,000 new people giving $5 a month (the average Field Angel donation is $25 a month). If one gives more than $5, then every $5 amount helps reach the goal of 20,000 people. For example, $25 would cover 5 people. Many have already stepped forward to help, and we thank you from our hearts. Visit here to become a Field Angel, or visit here for more information and donation options.

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  1. I enlisted to be (the least of) one of your field angels by committing to give a small amount every month. I wonder whether like in the past you would provide a barometer just for every supporter to see how far/near are we in terms of reaching the goal. More power to Caritas! I am beginning today a 9-day fast on bread and water. Will include the Community in my prayers. May God bless us more!

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