20th Anniversary of a Medjugorje Event

20th Anniversary of a Medjugorje Event

June 1, 2015 A.D.

Our Lady continually reveals Her plans to those who pray to understand them. In doing so, one can be a part of those plans.

Ivan's Prayer Group in Medjugorje, May 29, 2015

Gathered around the statue of Our Lady in Medjugorje the night of May 29, 2015, pilgrims awaited Our Lady’s words to them through Medjugorje visionary Ivan. These are Her words from this past Friday:

“Dear children; also today I desire to call you to pray for my shepherds in the Church. Pray, dear children, that they may accept me, that they may accept my messages, and that they live my messages – that they be carriers of my messages in this tired world. Dear children, may they, strengthened by the Holy Spirit, fortified by faith, be carriers of the New Testament and evangelization in the family. Pray, dear children, for my shepherds, and be persevering in prayer. Thank you, also today, for having responded to my call.”

In only the second message out of thousands spoken over the past 33 years, Our Lady used the word “evangelization.” The first time She said it was on August 5, 2011:

“…also today, in this my great joy, when I see you in such a large number, I desire to call you, and to call all the youth, to participate in the evangelization today of the world; to participate in the evangelization of families…”

To evangelize is to first go through conversion, change your life and then with your witness evangelize, the essence of which is to win converts. In both the message of May 29, 2015 and August 5, 2011, after you experience conversion and change the direction of your life, Our Lady reveals, in particular, where the mission field is today—“the evangelization of families,” “evangelization in the family.”

Though She said on August 5, 2011, for the first time the word “evangelization,” the fact that in the above message She begins with saying “also today…I desire to call you…to participate in the evangelization today of the world” reveals that She has communicated, through different words, the call to “evangelize” and to implement Her plans and messages. She is very clear in the May 29, 2015, prayer group message what that entails: “…accept my messages…live my messages…be carriers of my messages in this tired world…”

What Our Lady said to the shepherds in this message this past Friday, She has said to Her children long ago. The Founder of the Community of Caritas, with the Community, is celebrating a very special anniversary May 31, 2015. It was on this date, 20 years ago, that Our Lady gave a mandate to him for the whole Community. In a private apparition in which Marija and our Founder were the only two present, Our Lady gave a message to him, a message not prompted by a question from him, a message in which Marija immediately after receiving it turned to him with joy and excitement in her expression and voice, and said, “Our Lady gave you, your family and the Community a message today.” The message was a call to the evangelization of the world:

May 31, 1995

“Little children, I desire that through your lives you are witnesses, that you are my extended hands, my instruments. Get as many hearts as you can close to my heart and lead them to God, to a way of salvation.”

Our Founder, as a man, heard and answered the call to conversion. This was followed by Our Lady directly asking him to start a community during one of Marija’s apparitions in his home in 1988. He heard Our Lady’s request, through Medjugorje visionary Marija and in obedience to the call, did as She requested. The Caritas Community members, as individuals living in different locations throughout the United States, “accepted Our Lady’s messages.” We heard the call to “live Our Lady’s messages” within our families and homes, committing our lives to Our Lady through the Community of Caritas. Our Founder was shown, through the inspiration of Our Lady’s messages, how to apply and live the messages in the daily lives of our families and community. This led to “a way of life,” through the messages. Once this was established, Our Lady gave instructions that from this day forward, May 31, 1995, we were to “be carriers of my messages,” “get as many hearts as you can to my heart and lead them to God, to a way of salvation.”

Is this not the story of the Gospels of Jesus Christ, the New Testament? Individual men and women hearing the call of Christ and accepting His message. They followed Jesus to learn “His way”. They came to live together in community to learn how to live this “way” together, in the family. They then were sent out to evangelize, to spread and preach the Good News, to win converts to His way after they had been “…strengthened by the Holy Spirit, fortified by faith…” at Pentecost. God’s plan is perfect for all time. What He did at the beginning will work every time there is need of renewal in the Church. Our Founder is a voice of Our Lady for moral reform. You are called to follow that witness. How? Our Lady is following the pattern of the Gospels. It is not complicated; it is there for everyone to study and to see in the lives and “witnesses” of those who have been following Our Lady from the beginning.


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7 thoughts on “20th Anniversary of a Medjugorje Event”

  1. Thank you very much for this beautiful Web Side and thank you very much for the Heavenly Messages of Our Blessed Mother. I hope that I would be present in Medjugorje. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary have mercy on us Amen

  2. We are a missionary Church. One mission, to bring disciples into the unfathomable Love that the Lord desires to lead each and every one of us on if we but only accept the invitation/prompting of the Holy Spirit. Immaculate Heart of Mary bring me ever closer to you and I ask reparation for the sacrileges atrocities and indifferences which have grievously wounded your Immaculate Heart and that of the Sacred Heart of your dearly beloved Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our Most Holy Redeemer have Mercy on us forgive us our sins and bring us to everlasting life. Amen. Only this I want: but to know the Lord, and to bear his cross, so to wear the crown he wore.

  3. Barbara Downer

    Thank you so much for your continued loving work on Our Blessed Mother’s behalf .The messages strengthens me me in so many ways, I am encouraged to carry on the work of teaching the Good News. I have not yet been able to spread Our Lady’s messages. In fact I sent a few of the messages to a few persons but I received a telling off but I intend to keep on trying. Please continue to pray for my family, my husband is listening and sometimes reading the messages. Many thanks, may Our Lady continue to bless your community.and please ask Her to bless our famalies

  4. This Web side is so special to the whole world as you were doing a blessed hard work to reveal the messages of our Lady to the world. Thanks and wish you more courage and God’s blessings. May God our Father Bless you all and guide you with the motherly intercession of our Mother.

  5. Thankyou so much for the Heavenly Messages of Our Blessed Mother I ask you all to please pray for my son Andrew who has a tumor wrapped round an artery in his pancreas that he will be healed and be a modern apostle for Our Lady. Please pray my son will be strengthend in his faith and put all his trust in God. Andrew went out to Medugorje many years ago and met Fr. Slavco. Please pray for him. Thankyou, Love in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, Andrew’s Mum June

  6. I went to Medjurgore in 1994 whilst living in England at the time. As a Catholic I had always had a special place in my heart for Our Lady. On return to New Zealand I looked forward to encouraging those around me with her messages. It’s been an arduous journey at times but I’ve persisted. Your website has always been so wonderful in encouraging me to continue this journey. Thank you and bless you all for your continual work. xxx

  7. So many HUGS to you all today on this anniversary! “Witnessing” is another word for “hard, long work” and “sacrifice of self”. You all WITNESS Our Lady’s call and are Her hand to US. Witnesses often tire of the constant demand on their lives, hearts and time. You -the Community of Caritas, instead, have only grown stronger, more loving and giving. Thank you all for all you do.

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