2020 – Annual 9-Day Bread and Water Fast

2020 – Annual 9-Day Bread and Water Fast


From a Friend of Medjugorje
August 7, 2020 A.D.


Annual 9-Day
Bread and Water Fast

Monday Oct. 5 – Tuesday Oct. 13, 2020


Again we invite you to join us for the annual 9-day bread and water fast. Our Lady of Medjugorje said on July 25, 2020:


“Little children, take the Cross in your hands…”


When you take the Cross in your hands, this is not just a physical action of taking a Cross or Crucifix in your hands, but rather, taking the Cross in your hands, is to act in the name of the Cross. Just like someone who takes the law into their own hands, and acts in the name of the law, Our Lady is asking us to take the Cross into our hands and act in the name of Jesus, Who through sacrificial love, saved the world. This 9-day bread and water fast is such an action of love.


A Little History


In the very first public fast we invited the public to join in 2001, asking for 2,000 people to join, to atone for 2,000 years of Christian history. It was following the September 11 World Trade Center attack, and we had well over 2,000 people join in that fast.


In the years since, we have asked for people to join the 9-day bread and water fast, and each person who joins for the full 9-days, is assigned a day of the following year, in which their 9-day fast will cover in prayer.


This Year’s Fast


This year 2020, will be much the same as previous years, except that the spiritual stakes are very high this year. With the coronavirus pandemic, and people evaluating their life’s structure, with the election year in the United States which may very well determine whether the United States continues moving back towards Christianity, or slides into anti-Christian socialism, and on top of all of this, we are moving into the 40th year of the Medjugorje apparitions, in which we have written and talked about since 1991. This coming year will be a pivotal year in the future history of the world.


You do not have to be Catholic to join in this fast. You do not have to even be a Christian to join in this fast. You simply need to be someone who wants God to have a free hand in determining our future as a nation and world, through Our Lady’s intentions which we offer this fast for.

In the Hope and Faith
of the Healing of Our Nation
Friend of Medjugorje
Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?


How Does It Work?


You contact Caritas to join in the 9-day bread and water fast. (See Contact Below)


We will add your name to the list and will assign you a day in the next year, 2021, that your 9-day bread and water fast will cover in prayer. This means that every day of 2021 will be covered in prayer by one 9-day fast.


Then from October 5 – October 13, you will fast on bread and water every day, offering your prayer and fasting for the intentions of this fast, listed below. The daily prayer during the 9-day fast is listed below. For answers to common questions about fasting visit here…


Our Lady takes the combined prayer and fasting which we offer with love and obtains from God what is most necessary for the fulfillment of Her plans.


Contact Information


Those wanting to sign up, can click here and request to sign up, or by calling Caritas in the U.S. at 205-672-2000. Those dialing from outside the United States can dial 001-205-672-2000. After hours, you can dial to extension 315 and leave your name, phone number, state and country you are calling from.


Novena Prayers


Below is the 9-Day Bread and Water Fast Novena Prayers




O Queen of Heaven, we unite ourselves with others across the land in a holy fast, reminiscent of the so many times ancient Israel cried out in repentance to their God. By their history, we know God the Most High will hear our cry. We humble ourselves because of our sins. Seek, Mary our Queen, on our behalf, that the Lord not look upon our sins, but the love we show Him through this fast. Persuade Him to not only forgive but also forget and blot out our sins, that through Your hands we will grow close to Him and know Him intimately as a Father, as our Protector.

O Mary, these days of fasting we wish to empty our hearts of everything useless. Cleanse us. Let this fast purify us and atone for everything that has defiled us. O Mary, Queen of Peace, let our hearts be refilled through Your hands with whatever graces are necessary to reconcile us, our families, and our nation back to God. We wish also to atone for any wrongs in advance for each day of the coming year 2021, so that all be consecrated to Your Immaculate Heart, to purify the body of believers in order for the rebirth and the ushering in of a new springtime for Christianity in our beloved nation.

We seek the healing of our hearts of all spiritual disease and illness and for You to fill our hearts especially during December 8th–12th. Please, please, dear Mother, please grant us these requests, and grant the three special intentions of the Community of Caritas as well as my own personal intentions of (name your personal intentions). We pray especially for Our Lady’s triumph over all the evil agendas assailing our nation. I especially offer________, 2021 (day assigned by Caritas of Birmingham), that on that day the plans of satan against ourselves, our family, and nation will be thwarted and grace will abound for conversion across our land.

We consecrate our hearts to You, Mary, and to Jesus. We want to give You and Jesus “title” of not only our souls, but also our bodies, as well as all we possess. We know Your words of January 1, 2001, when You revealed that satan was completely unchained, were followed with what our response should be. It was to give ourselves to You and Jesus completely, as a possession into Your and His hands, through the formal daily act of consecration, thereby, owned by You and Your Son, we are afforded protection through being Your possession.

January 1, 2001

“My dear children, now that when satan is unchained, I desire you to be consecrated to My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus. I bless you with my Motherly Blessing.”

We, therefore, present to You the intention to empty our hearts that You may refill them, as well as Caritas’ intentions and our personal intentions through this nine-day fast, prayers and consecrations, in order that You will present this novena with your Son before the throne of God. We ask for an unleashing of grace to be poured out upon ourselves, our families, our nation, and upon the countless numbers who are in need of conversion throughout our land, and Your intentions for all of the above intentions. Please intercede for us as our Mother and as our Queen. Amen.

Consecration to the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary from Medjugorje

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12 thoughts on “2020 – Annual 9-Day Bread and Water Fast”

  1. Stay strong & blessed, my brothers & sisters in Christ – we’re almost there! So joyful to be standing alongside you in our fast. God bless & keep on keepin’ on – with much love & aloha to you all ~

  2. Stay strong & blessed, my brothers & sisters in Christ – we’re almost there! So joyful to be standing alongside you in our fast. God bless & keep on keepin’ on – with much love & aloha to you all ~

  3. Florence Uche Udokwu

    I am overwhelmed by this, I never knew that this exist in Catholic church. Yes I know about bread and water fasting but I didn’t know how it can be done properly. Thank you Lord for the grace to come across this site.

  4. My ability to fast has been weak prior to this fast. I have been praying a lengthy Novena to St. Joseph. I included a petition for my ability to fast on that Novena. All is doing much better this time with my resolve to stay the course. Yesterday I survived a parish potluck luncheon with bread and water. Headaches have been horrible. Day 8 is first day headache free.

  5. It has been a bit of a challenge. I would do it on Wednesdays & Fridays but by midday I would break it. Since I am about to finish the 9 day race, Wednesdays & Fridays here I come. It is mighty 8 days & I am still holding on. My work environment stresses a lot, I face challenges daily, but it has never came to a point of me wanting to let go. I thank you Caritas but above all, Thank you Mother Mary.

  6. I recently started fasting on Wednesdays to prepare for this 9 day fast. Today is day 7, it has not been easy for me but I drink lots of water and am eating a variety of breads. My headaches started on day 5 into day 6 & 7. I understand the headaches are part of the purification process. I am keeping busy this weekend had public square Rosary Rally with America Needs Fatima, Right to Life prayers outside abortion clinic and also Coast to Coast Rosary on the Beach, all these activities in addition to receiving The Eucharist have given me strength to continue. Even my husband who is not fasting with me, is eating much less and is being supportive. I am encouraged by others fasting with me world-wide. I am encouraged that with fasting and my prayers for my family and friends will be United and lifted up to Heaven. A little discomfort for 9 days is worth it if hearts, minds and relationships will be healed & eyes will be focused for a clear Heavenly 2020 vision. May God Bless America

  7. I am thinking it is actually a 10 day fast as Our Lady likes us to fast on bread and water every Wednesday and Friday. God Bless us all xxx

  8. As I’m writing this, I’m on the 5th day of bread and water fast. The Lord and Mama Mary are so good to me. In the past, I could never last 1 whole day of fasting during Wednesdays and Fridays fasting. I usually just do it breakfast and lunch but dinner i eat normal already. Until I signed up for this 9day fast this year. I was scared at first as I might not be able to do the whole 9 days. But somehow, the Lord told me “if you’ll do it alone its impossible, but with My Grace everything is possible”. I’m on the 5th day now relying fully on the grace of God. I had headaches in the first 2 days but the assurance of Jesus that He will sustain me is louder in my spirit. My family has been supportive as well. My kids even tempt me during dinner time. But no matter what, the voice inside me tells me to finish the race. Thank you Jesus, Mama Mary and to my guardian angel who consoles me and prays for me a lot. It is a great honor to participate in this fast for all intentions of Mama Mary.

  9. Aloha, my brothers & sisters in Christ! Just wanted to offer some encouragement if this is your 1st bread & water fast. My 1st year, I seriously didn’t think I could get through it. I used to be one of those people who was REALLY into foods, ie: matching wines with food, so to go from that to just bread & water seemed Herculean – Blessed Mother’s grace didn’t even occur to me. The 1st year was hard (& word of advice: DO NOT get a breakfast burrito with everything on it as the 1st thing you eat after the fast; start simple like a cup of pudding, coffee w/ more milk than usual, oatmeal w/ fruit) but during every fast, Blessed Mother has made Her grace known. One result for me is that I’m no longer chained to food; in my non-fasting days, I’m choosier about what I eat & less indulgent; I see every meal as a blessing & KNOW that Heaven will indeed provide so “threat of famine”/fear of starvation completely gone when you know you can “survive” on bread & water. Thank you, Blessed Mother!

  10. I just wanted to share a quote I found in my bible this morning. It’s from St. John Paul II “The way Jesus shows you is not easy. Rather, it is like a path winding up a mountain. Do not lose heart! The steeper the road, the faster it rises toward ever wider horizons!” I must say, there was a time today when I was ready to give up. To all of you around the world who are fasting, God bless you all! To think that Our Blessed Mother is counting on us is a grace in itself! Thank you Caritas for all you do! Please pray for me to continue this fast well. 🙂

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