Medjugorje.com Best Feedbacks of 2009

Medjugorje.com Best Feedbacks of 2009

One of the greatest motivators in wanting to create a Medjugorje website was simply that we heard so often from so many people how disconnected they felt from other Medjugorje believers. To follow Our Lady is a lonely experience for many who have no one to share their love and devotion to Medjugorje. The feedbacks that we received last year are testimony in itself, of that desire, even need, to connect. What follows is a very small sampling of the feedbacks we received last year. What you will read is a mosaic of different prayers, inspirations, questions, conversion experiences, testimonies and affirmations that arose from those from around the world who were touched by Our Lady through the messages and events of Medjugorje, as well as through the writings of A Friend of Medjugorje, as they unfolded last year, month by month.

This was one of the new features that we added to Medjugorje.com last year, as you will see, it was the month of July that the feedbacks began coming in. The feedback feature also provided for us information to make Medjugorje.com more user friendly as well as gave us an ear to hear what features you, the reader, would like to see on this site through your many suggestions, constructive criticisms, and wish-list thinking, some of which we have already been able to implement on the site.

Also, reflected in the feedbacks is the importance Medjugorje.com is having in so many people’s lives. We are grateful, first to Our Lady, for giving us the inspiration and the tools to make this site something of value to you. We are grateful, especially, to our core group members, because inspirations do little good if there is no avenue to get them out. The financial support provided by our core group members provides the outlet that feeds the world the inspiration of Our Lady’s messages that She gives through A Friend of Medjugorje. In particular, for those of you who have become core group members, the following should make you aware of how important you are in being a part of bringing Our Lady’s messages to so many through this site.

The feedbacks, below, are provided in chronological order with a link that gives you easy access to return to the article being referenced. In putting this together, we were amazed at how much happens in one year’s time, and this is only hitting the highlights of the year, because we couldn’t include every event due to the length of the article. It’s always a good thing to take some time and go back and reflect upon the past. We hope the format in which we have placed these feedbacks will assist you in this, and that you will take some time to stroll through these feedbacks and past articles, reflecting as well, on how God is actively transforming and molding you into His image” through the continued presence of Our Lady in the world today.

February 25, 2010

“…I call you, little children, to open your hearts to God the Creator for Him to transform and mold you in His image, so that all the good which has fallen asleep in your hearts may awaken to new life…”

Reflection helps to awaken that which has fallen asleep. With this fresh message from Our Lady, we pray this grace for you as you ponder, through the words and images of last year, the great things the Almighty has done for you, in sending to the world His own Mother.

….Because He who is mighty has done great things for Me,
and holy is His name;
And His mercy is from generation unto generation
upon those who fear Him….

Laurie Olsen

Dear Friend of Medjugorje and Family, I received the most recent Words of the Harvesters with the address of the site. You have done a wonderful job with it! I know you struggled with the decision to use the web, but I am very glad you have decided to do. I am sure Our Lady will use this site for the greater glory of God. Bravo! In Christ, Laurie Olsen (Rome!)

Doreen and Robert Jeanneret
Georgia, USA

We just want to thank you so much for being a part of our lives. I’m so thankful for your website. I give your mej.com cards and website out to family and friends. I cannot read enough about Our Lady and Jesus. I tease my husband and told him we need to look for a retirement home close to you, so we can help more. We love Sterret, Alabama. It is truly “God’s Country”. God Bless, and I’m sure we will be coming again.


July 1-5 2009 Apparitions

July 9, 2009

Honolulu, Hawaii

As I view the event photos each day, my heart yearns to be there with each of you and with Our Lady!

I have been scouring the photos for any sign of the elusive Jimmy D. (my father) and his entourage! (smile) My husband’s 18-year-old nephew, along with a small group, is one of the pilgrims among you during these days. He is on fire for the faith as he has been experiencing a beautiful conversion in recent months. His pilgrimage to Caritas is very special to us as his name was placed before Our Lady at last year’s July event. She wasted no time in claiming his heart as Her own.

I’ve already talked to Dad once and he sounded like he was walking on air! After we hung up, I felt like I had just been there myself. I felt that my heart could not contain the utter Joy I felt inside. He relayed to me how many people have been asking about us and saying how much they miss us. It still boggles my mind at what a truly miraculous thing Our Lady does in tying us all together as family. I feel as though we experience something of what the Apostles and the Early Church experienced in the beginning…that everyone knew who the Christians were because of their love. I tremble now as I contemplate it all.

Please know how we miss you all and how hard I am praying for each and every community member and pilgrim gathered there for this event…I am offering every Mass and Communion, First Friday and First Saturday devotions, and personal prayers for profound conversion of hearts during and following these days. Please pray for us at the feet of Our Dear Blessed Lady. Until we meet again, Praised be Jesus!

Lenox Twp., Michigan

Thank you, Caritas Community, for such a wonderful and prayerful time in Birmingham, Alabama. Words cannot express the peace and joy we still carry in our hearts from the five days spent in the presence of Our Lady. Our children are two and four, and they are sharing testimony with all who ask, “Do you have family in Alabama?” They chime in, “Mary, our Mother, was there!” It is a beautiful witness. We are very thankful to your ministry and mission that allowed us to know and experience Medjugorje from your words. We had already pledged money monthly for the continuation of mej.com, but we increased our support to being Field Angels and we are requesting information for being a part of the Extended Community, as we want to share in ‘the Way.’ We encourage you all to keep living the messages and know that we are coming behind you, thankful that you are showing us “The Way.”

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

My family and I attended the July 1-5, 2009 program. We came all the way form Ottawa, Canada and it was worth every penny. I just wanted to tell you all how wonderful you all are, and to thank you for all that you do to spread the messages of Our Blessed Mother Mary. I now understand what “to witness” the messages mean. I’ve never been hugged by a man before (don’t remember my dad hugging me), and I have never experienced the charity of the heart that all the community members I met gave to me so easily. WOW!

I have never been so moved in all my life. A Friend of Medjugorje, you are a wonderful speaker and I hope to get you up to Canada to help us to consecrate our nation to the Blessed Mother Mary as well. My wife and I are talking about how we can spread the messages of Medjugorje here in Canada. We will take action to do just that.

Marija…I thank you. I have often wondered what the Blessed Virgin Mary must have been like when She was with us in person on earth. I think that you are like Her, that one of Her gifts to you was to make you over in Her likenss. You are so joyful and humble. I thank also the Blessed Mother Mary for the blessing to be able to come to Caritas and be present for the apparitions.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you all, and the mission you are on.

Jennings, Louisiana

By means of what felt like coincidence at the time, although there are no such things as coincidences, I found myself going to Caritas this past week because my seminary application had been delayed due to the members of the advisory board being on vacation. I packed up my stuff the day before and we headed out to camp. We stayed in the tent, and although I wasn’t too fond of the cold showers at first, I’ve continued taking them here as a sacrifice along with the daily fasting because some part of me was touched by A Friend of Medjugorje’s talks. I’ve even adopted the prayer schedule y’all had for us.

It was a life-changing experience, and I literally felt like I belonged there…Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to discern, even through seminary if I’m accepted, and know that you are all in mine. Again, thank you all. Peace and God bless you.

Miami, Florida

I cannot express the gratitude I have for you in opening your community to me as a pilgrim. My experience was positively the most Holy and Profound in my life. The moment I entered the Bedroom, I was stricken with an overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit and Our Lady. The experience has reconfirmed my commitment to Our Lady’s will and to live the messages here in my own community and family. It changed my life again. Thank you for sharing this great gift with us.

Baker, Louisiana

Thank you and God bless you for allowing me and my family, via this website, to be able to participate in spirit and prayer these last five days and prior. We were not able to attend, though my heart longed to be there. Thank you for all the hard work it took to put it all together.

July 1-5 2009 Apparitions

Lorraine Okie
Delaware, USA

What happens NOW…..will Caritas continue providing resources from Mej.com and will the Friend of Medjugorje continue his RadioWAVE broadcasts? I hope so. With 28 years of direct communication with Our Blessed Mother there is much to offer again and again just like reading the Bible always brings deeper insights and guidance. Thank you all.

A Life in Service of Our Lady of Medjugorje

July 16, 2009

Lynn Davis
Tennessee, USA

Dear Friends at Caritas: Thank you for your beautiful update on Greg. I didn’t really remember his name, but I certainly remember him from my many times at Caritas. He was always “in service” as I recall, a noticeably present individual whenever there was work to be done. He always struck me as very serious, intense and very much about the business of Caritas and Our Lady’s messages. He never seemed frivolous in any way, so you’re recounting of the ‘fish dance’ made me laugh. It sounds like a charming memory to have of that dear man, and I am grateful to have met and interacted with him. I appreciated being informed of his passing, and although I was unable to be present at Caritas for his funeral, I went to 8:30am Mass on that Saturday and stayed later with two other women to pray the rosary. He will be remembered in my heart always as so much a part of the life of the community at Caritas. I grieve with you and have felt the tug of sadness with all of you. When someone is so much a part of the living fabric of the life you share together it is an awesome loss….. It is the great gift of God that we know what awaited him, complete with Our Lady’s smile. I want you all to know how grateful I am to each of you for carrying the life of the messages as you do. We may not all remember names but the work of each of you stand out in an unmistakable identity and that is unforgettable. It is seen and known where it really counts….. in Heaven with Our Lady. Thank you again for letting us know. My love and thoughts and prayers continue to be with you, now and always. Lynn Davis

Gunther Sima
Bavaria, Germany

Hello Community, just at the moment I read about the death of Greg – and I was really shocked…-how could it happen?… I can imagine that you have many things to do, so you needn’t write me, if you are occupied with your duties. But if you want and if you have time you should know, I am interested in how his last days and hours were. As I stayed with you in 2005, I slept in the same house, where he slept and it was he, with whom I produced booklets on the clip-machine…May he rest in peace…Please give my best regards to the Community. Bye, Gunther

Colorado, USA

Our son, David, passed away on Sunday, June 21, 2009. David was 23 and visited Medjugorje with his Grandma and me, his Mom in Sept. of 2004. David loved Medjugorje and had the grace to receive gifts while there. He never stopped saying the Rosary, reading Words from Heaven, (his book is well read by the fading of the cover and curling of the pages throughout.) He used his wooden rosary, simple. He kissed his small crucifix that he kept on his night stand every morning & evening. There were 400 people that attended his funeral. David was an usher at Notre Dame for the last 6 years where we attended for the last 25 years. He bridged the gap at church. We recently learned he was buying groceries for a hungry neighbor, Christmas gifts for a neighbor who lost their job and had kids, and birthday gifts for kids who didn’t even have a Dad. They called him Papa David since their real dad ran out on them. We have been asked to accept in David’s honor the Spirit of Cabrini award for David next week at a dinner celebration. Mother Cabrini was known for helping children. David played a big role in restoring their statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, here in Colorado. See the web site for Mother Cabrini Shrine. We just wanted to thank you all for sharing your love of Our Lady and Medjugorje. David never, never forgot it. He died with his dream written on his kitchen table for me to find. A premonition only four days old. It read: Jesus came and chased away his demons and told him to grab his back pack. Literally in his backpack was Words from Heaven, his rosary and a water bottle. We will miss David. We’re also sorry to hear and read about Gregory. God Bless them both. May they rest with Jesus now, where we want to be. Peace always…Jeanie Holland

Julie Silva
Rhode Island, USA

Dear Friend and Members of the Caritas Community, I offer my sincere condolences for the loss of your beloved Greg from your Community. I will pray for him. I pray for the Holy Souls every day. My dear Friend, that was a beautiful and touching piece that you dedicated to Greg and your Community. May Our Lady continue to bless all of you for your deep dedication. May Our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit continue to bless all of you in your Community. God bless all and thank you for making this site and beautiful email possible. Prayerfully, Julie Silva

North Ireland

I just heard about Greg. He died doing, where his heart was – and that’s a beautiful death. A great grace. You say he had regrets, in that he is no different from many of us, but he died in the service of Our Lady and God. How blessed he was. His story reminds me of the parable of the tennent given to the hired workers. Greg may have been hired at the late hour but God’s mercy is great. My prayers are with the Community and all his wider family. God Bless. Love Jo

A Life in Service of Our Lady of Medjugorje

F. Mihail

Greetings from Romania, Bucharest! My name is Mihail. I’m a 19-year-old-student. I didn’t know nothing about Medjugorje since yesterday, when I saw a very interesting TV show about the faith & miracles. Then I started to find out more information about this place, even if some sources are skeptic about this place. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing on that show (that there had been chosen six visionaries by the Virgin Mary which had been receiving daily messages from Her) and I read many astonishing messages and news on your website. What can I say? My thoughts have changed after I discovered the website and I want to come this year with my family to see this blessed place. I have a question (maybe it is a stupid question), but I was thinking if there are some messages or news about the A H1N1 virus, because, it is a total mess around the entire world. I don’t even believe that this virus exists. I’ll be very grateful if you could send me any advice. I know that if we keep God in our hearts and if we are grateful to Him and pray, we shouldn’t be scared, but I’ve read the description of Purgatory and Vicka, before she prayed and took the sins of the souls, “strickened down with a brain tumor”. Our Lady said that it was necessary for Vicka to go to Zagreb, for treatment. From this, I understand that sometimes it is necessary to believe in medicine, generally speaking. I hope that my message didn’t bore you too much, but I am a little bit confused and sorry for my bad English. I’ll be very grateful if you’ll give me a advice. Thanks in advance and I can’t wait to come to Medjugorje.

Medjugorje: Making Sense of the Father Tomislav Vlasic Episode

July 30, 2009

Hilary Jenkins
Newcastle Upon-tyne, United Kingdom

Thank you for clarifying the whole issue so comprehensively. As previously commented, there are completely separate issues here, and we must leave all judgement with God, regarding Mr. Vlasic. I think it is important to highlight, as you did so eloquently, that Medjugorje belongs to Our Lady, and we are simply required to help Her realise Her plans with our prayers and lives of conversion. Hers will be the victory, with the co-operation of God’s people. We must continue to pray, pray, pray!

Baltimore, Maryland

I really appreciate the thoroughness of the treatment of this issue and also the personal reflection on what we can learn from it. Particularly the last part, was a good reflection for me. Thanks for putting in the extra effort to represent things authentically and truthfully. It shows! God bless, Joe

Carolyne Planck
Mississauga, Canada


God Bless you and your work! You have been gifted with the ability to communicate in a manner that touches all hearts and all walks of life. It is apparent that you go wide and deep in prayer to bring to the surface the truth in a way we can personally reflect. It is easy to see ourselves in this testament. As it is said “There go I but for the grace of God”. I will be sure to say a Rosary for the priest today (Mr. Vlasic) …he still belongs to Jesus.

Petrcane, Croatia

I am so pleased to have heard the detailed description of what happened to Father Vlasic so far and what Marija went through. You were complete and fully detailed. I, who never heard a thing of this, even though I live in Croatia and who have been to Medugorje three times, was quite surprised. God Bless mej.com and all your work in Christ and Mary, I remain.


Brian Crawley
Las Vegas, Nevada – USA

A very wise explanation on this unfortunate event involving Tomislav, but a grand lesson for us all nonetheless. It is a true reminder that our daily lives require so much decision making that we can fall prey to our own desires and ego if we do not invest time in prayer and the sacraments, but most of all, trusting His infinite and divine plan will unfold through revelation and not proposal of our own goals.

Lubos Podhorsky


Dear Caritas ! Thank you very much for your article about Mr. Tomislav Vlasic. Recently, I read in one of our Slovak magazines that Fr Jozo Zovko and Fr Tomislav Vlasic have been suspended and I needed to verify this information. Your article on Mr Tomislav Vlasic has been the most balanced one that I had found on the net. Thank you very much. With my best regards, Lubos Podhorsky Bratislava Slovakia

Medjugorje: Making Sense of the Father Tomislav Vlasic Episode

Jos Thanh Hoang

Hi Meju! Could you please send information about Our Lady’s annual messages? I am looking forward to your information in the future. Thank you very much! God bless you! See you later! Jos Thanh Hoang from The Missionnary of Faith

A Great Cry Bursts Forth From The Thousands During Mirjana’s Apparition Today, August 2, 2009

August 2, 2009

Virginia, USA

Thank you! What joy and excitment I felt when your site e-mailed me of this great miracle. I rushed to my computer (I received notice on my phone) and read your article. I am filled with joy, wonder and feel graced even so very far away. I think Our Lady has extended her miracle as far reaching as we open our hearts, first to her and then to her Son. Praised be Our Father, His Son, our most Holy Spirit and their amazing gift of Our Lady. Love to you!

Michigan, USA


Thanks so much for transmitting the message of Our Lady and the great article. We need to pray for parents and the youth very much. Many parents are living godless lives themselves and are basically unbelievers. So the kids end up just raising themselves with their teenage friends at school. I did that myself as a youth. After I became an adult and converted I learned the Ten Commandments – I never knew what they were! I was totally clueless. Thanks be to God now I know what is right and wrong.

Susan M. Conway
California, USA


A Wonderful Blessing from our Heavenly Father and our Blessed Mother. So fitting that the Miracle of the Sun sign should be given to us today as it shows even more clearly how Medjugorje is tied to the Living Word of God as the Gospel reading for Sunday shows the people asking for another “sign” even though the Son of God was before them performing miracles. How long and how many miracles/signs must be given before the non-believers believe? How patient and loving is Our Heavenly Father.

Florida, USA


Wow! I had been to several Medjugorje websites on August 2, and Mej.com was the only one that mentioned the Miracle of the Sun. Thank you, Dear Lord, for this miraculous sign from Heaven. As a nonbeliever, I was “called” to Medjugorje in 1988 and witnessed the Miracle of Sun (pulsating host). I left Medjugorje as a believer. Thank you Mej.com for keeping me abreast of the events in Medjugorje. (I had a very peaceful, prayerful time at Caritas this past July 1-5. You’re very generous.)

Nevenka Ljubicic


Thank you so much, Caritas of Birmingam, Alabama USA for the www.mej.com site. Every little slite breath in the Holy Spirit in Medjugorje is brought up on this page and I am overwhelmed with it. This is miraculous and I shall put it in Marija’s words …. The true miracle is when you fall in love with Our Lady and when you meet Jesus in the very bottom of your heart. We shall rediscover Medjugorje and we shall and are to renew.

A Great Cry Bursts Forth From The Thousands During Mirjana’s Apparition Today, August 2, 2009

Joanne Lynch
Virginia, USA

Just discovered your excellent website on Medjugorje it is beautifully presented and a valuable resource for home and school Many thanks for the obvious time and effort that you have put into this. Breid

Celebrating Our Lady’s 2025th Birthday in Medjugorje Also Our Lady’s 2025th Birthday Celebrated at Caritas

August 5, 2009

Louisiana, USA

Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures! Our family celebrated Our Lady’s birthday, as well! It was a wonderful day spent with praying the Marian Rosary, Mass, and birthday cake! The broadcast on Radio Wave was wonderful last night and was a great way to end our day of celebrating… We pray for the Community of Caritas each night…that God will continue to bless your community, so that you may continue to do the wonderful job that you are already doing, spreading Our Lady’s messages!

Lafayette, Louisiana


It is so good to have such instant access to ongoing events. Helps me to feel like part of the community! Thank you so much for the frequent updates. It’s like getting good news from home…Happy Birthday Dearest Mother!

Vickie Sarafa
California, USA


Happy birthday, dear Blessed Mother, and thank you Caritas family for sharing how you celebrated Our Lady’s birthday. It always lifts my spirits to get any information from or about you. You are always in my prayers and I thank you for keeping me and my family in your prayers.

Florida, USA


Oh, the children! They look like beautiful flowers, all of them. What a beautiful bouquet for Our Lady! She is surely pleased.

Jean Anne
Louisiana, USA


Thank you for posting how your community honored Our Lady on her birthday. It is so joyous to see! Our family was inspired by our July visit with you all to celebrate Our Lady’s special day here in our home. We attended daily Mass for nine days bringing flowers from our garden each morning to her statue in church and saying prayers of thanksgiving for Our Lady. On August 5, we brought roses and hand made cards, sang and prayed to Mary in church, then made and shared a birthday pie at home.

Celebrating Our Lady’s 2025th Birthday in Medjugorje Also Our Lady’s 2025th Birthday Celebrated at Caritas

Deborah Massey
Pennsylvania, USA

I am already on your mailing list but I wanted to take time to say what a tremendous web site you now have. I check it every day. It’s beautiful and informative. I know you all walked in faith to be able to afford this and it is “TOP OF THE LINE”. The pictures really bring home the message, It’s almost like being there again. Good job…powerful work. Thank you.

Tonight in Medjugorje Our Lady Came With Three Angels in Great Joy While Several Demoniacs Scream and Howl in Their Grief of Our Lady’s Presence

August 14, 2009

Marian Korpon
Virginia, USA

I am always so very grateful for your site and your updates, pictures and detailed articles. But I must say that this audio blew me away! I couldn’t listen to all of it and immediately began praying for those people, all people like them and for protection for myself, my husband and our property. I felt their pain pierce right into me. Those poor, poor people!! This is a magnificent testimony. I will pass it on with love and prayers. Love to you all.



Peace to all of the Medjugorje family in Christ! I would like to thank all who keep us updated on the messages of Our Lady, you are all going a long way in making the messages a reality in our lives. My heart goes out to the poor souls on Apparition Hill, it was heart-rending to listen to them let us all pray the Rosary for them for their complete deliverance and peace in their lives. Like Our Lady says let us fast, pray the rosary, go to confession live the messages and we shall overcome!

Richland, USA


Thank you for the beautiful photos. I love this place you show. I can feel the warmth and love of this wonderful place. How blessed we are to have you take us there through message updates and photos.

Louisiana, USA

I love this site and you always keep everyone informed about what is happening there. Thanks for that. The sounds of the howling and screaming sent chills up my spine. I immediately said a Hail Mary. Maybe, that is why the three angels were with Our Lady, to help and protect all of the ones present. Like Our Blessed Mother says, “PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Thanks again for the wonderful article.


Kathy Shafranske


Thank you for this article and news about Our Blessed Mother’s recent apparition. It is very disturbing to hear the demoniacs. It is important that satan be “exposed”…How beautiful and joyful to read about our wonderful Mother Mary coming and her message to all of us. May we all pray even more, convert even more each day. Thank you.

Tonight in Medjugorje Our Lady Came With Three Angels in Great Joy While Several Demoniacs Scream and Howl in Their Grief of Our Lady’s Presence

Jon Watters
California, USA

Outstanding website! TY & GBU…in internet parlance that means “Thank You” & “God Bless You”

Tonight in Medjugorje Our Lady Gives An Important Message at the Blue Cross

August 28, 2009


I have only recently discovered your amazing Medjugorje website.This is such a wonderful blessing for me because I have now been reawakened from my long dark slumber concerning Our Lady’s call from this blessed place. Even though I had been to Mejugorje many years ago, I had lost my love and zeal for what was happening there. With recent negativity towards the authenticity of the supernatural origins of the apparitions, I was even beginning to doubt myself. But Thank God, this is no more!

Kathy lee


Thank you. The lead-in to Our Lady’s message was so beautifully written that before I read the “message”, I bowed my head and thanked God for this “message”, this AWESOME GRACE, expressing my sorrow at how poorly I am still living “her messages”. Thank you for your sacrifices and prayers. Christ’s Peace


I have just returned from our pilgrimage to Medjugorje, It was my first time there. I attended Ivan’s talk and was also present that night at the Blue Cross. My experience was absolutely magical. I truly felt Our Lady’s presence. I am now back home with my family attending Mass and praying the rosary each day with joy and love in my heart. I have just discovered your website and find it a wonderful link to Medjugorje. Continue the good work.



Our Lady has been preparing us all these years, now its time to WORK, work with all the heart, mind and soul. She gives us a message of HOPE. She is telling us finally what she wanted us to do. She says THANK YOU for having accepted and living the messages. Now we should be ready to respond in this Dark World and be LIGHT to others, in these difficult times. Now its time to be APOSTLE, not DISCIPLE. She is with US, specially when we pray. God Bless everyone.

Dushy Jayasuriya
Sri Lanka


I feel so blessed having viewed this site quite by chance. I had withdrawn myself in devotion to the Blessed Lady and now I feel she is showing me that I should come back to her and continue my faith in Lord Jesus. Thank you darling Mother for your protection and love for me.

Tonight in Medjugorje Our Lady Gives An Important Message at the Blue Cross

Margaret Marie
Iowa, United States

I so appreciate your continuous update of photos and messages since I am unable to travel to Medjugorje at this time. But I feel that I am as close as I can be. Thank you.

Today in Medjugorje Our Lady Speaks of Betrayals

September 2, 2009

Paul R.

Wow! Powerful words from Our Lady, and wonderful direction from A Friend of Medjugorje. It’s so true, what is Our Lady getting us ready for in the future?


I have been struggling with a lot of resent, anger and unforgiveness toward specific family members. I’ve prayed daily that God will help me with this…to help me overcome these feelings and love as Jesus loves us. Prior to reading today’s message, I prayed and thanked Our Lord for sending us His loving Mother and how grateful I am for all her love and guidance… As soon as I read the message, it brought tears to my eyes, for I felt as though she was speaking directly to me! Thank you so much!



Our Lady’s message is overwhelming to read especially after experiencing injustice, betrayal and persecution while on vacation recently. I wish I had handled it better at the time, especially after reading the message. However, accepting an apology and now trying to unconditionally forgive is a main objective. Thank you for the beautiful writing and for reminding us what it is “To Love”.


What a beautiful and helpful message!!! I love how Our Lady gives us a little help and guidance just enough not to overwhelm us but something to strive for. Something that opens our eyes as to what we need to do to become more holy. “A Friend of Medjugorje” just helps us a little more by explaining to us how to apply this message to our lives! And what we receive when we do, this helps me so much not only as one person, but as a mother, wife, sister, aunt and daughter! Praying for you all!


I cried and cried as I read this today……I am currently going through a situation where I am feeling betrayed and persecuted. I have had several trials throughout many years, and I am ready to scream enough!!! After reading this, and with God’s help, I will work towards loving and truly forgiving those who have betrayed me.

Today in Medjugorje Our Lady Speaks of Betrayals

Kelly Rafko
Arizona, USA

Dear Friend of Medjugorje: Thank you so much for your words of deep reflection on the September 2nd message! I have been experiencing unbearable injustice and persecution since my return from Medjugorje in June 2009. This message from Our Lady touched me profoundly since it is so personal to my life situation. I regret that I do suffer from what you said about depression and weariness. Some days are better than others, and I am able to love and forgive, but then the cross becomes so heavy that I break down. This is a tough road to follow, Our Lady and Her words, but you have helped me tremendously. I’d be LOST without you Caritas! Everything you do for Our Lady is done with such grace, inspiration and love. You are truly special! I am so thankful that I was able to go with you on pilgrimage in June. I know now that Our Lady brought me to you to help me through my conversion and to get me through these hurdles. I see it more and more every day. You are a light Caritas…leading me, encouraging me, and inspiring me to keep going especially when I fail. Thank you is not a big enough expression for the gratitude I feel in my heart. May Our Lady continue to bless you!

Tonight in Medjugorje Our Lady prayed a long time for peace on this September 11

September 11, 2009

Artesia, USA

I remember 911. It was one of the most horrible days of our lives, here in the United States. I am so very happy that Our Lady prayed for peace tonight of all nights. Our Mother is always our example of peace and love. Thank you, Father for the gift of your Mother. She brings us hope in a so confused world. Blessed Mother, show us the way. Thank You, Thank You. Bless us.

Dallas, USA

I was especially moved by this article. The love for Our Lady very apparent. Yes, it seems that Her time here is approaching the end. However, She has said She will be with us, even after She leaves. I believe that.

Nabwami Christine
Mityana, Uganda

It is too much a blessing for Uganda, as a country, that on that day Mother Mary was praying for peace. Yet, here in Uganda we had began serious war with the government upon refusal of our traditional King to visit his subjects. It was terrible because it led to loss of lives and destruction of property. Thanks to Mother Mary that She realized our need and prayed for us. Please continue praying for Uganda because the situation is soon turning into worse! Mother, here we are. Lead us.

Thomasille, Georgia, USA

As I read your article and the song written, I feel a great sadness. Yet, as I read further I see this line of hope, “Our Lady once said that She would stay with us as long as we wanted Her to.” This says to me, if we trust in what She has said to us, that She will not leave us. We are the ones who are in control of Her staying or leaving according to this statement our Mother made. We want Her to stay, to never go. Dearest Mother of Love, thank you for your promises. Praise be Jesus forever!

Anne B. Wigan
United Kingdom

I was here on the mountain for Ivan’s last apparition. I got back from Medjugorje two hours ago. I had the great grace of also being invited to a private apparition in Ivan’s home and little chapel. Why I had been chosen I will never know, but my heart has been changed forever. This was indeed the most spiritual, supernatural pilgrimage. I was one foot away from Ivan when he was talking to our Blessed Mother, and that means so was I. I felt Her presence. I will be devastated when She finally stops coming.

Rose Galic
Petrcane, Croatia

I need this inspiration so much. Thank you for bringing Our Heavenly Mother to my home. Prayer is easier when we know She is present and praying with us.

Frankie Bianco
Walpole, Massachusetts, USA

There aren’t words to describe what you do for the rest of us who look to you for guidance on Our Lady’s messages.

Paulette Kernan
Riverside, USA

Hello, thank you for sending this and for the pictures. What a contrast from last month. I am very grateful for Medjugorje.com.

Tonight in Medjugorje Our Lady prayed a long time for peace on this September 11

Anne Troy
New York, USA

I’m a devout Catholic for 24 years – made the St. Louis Montfort consecration to the Blessed Mother in 1988, went to Medjugorje in 1992, spent eight years in Catholic mission work and an additional six years in Christian mission work, was Director of Development under Mayor Giuliani on 9/11 and with a 4-person team raised over $70 million for families of rescue workers lost on 9/11. I am feeling an overwhelming pull by Our Lady of Medjugorje since Christmas 2009. I’ve downloaded ALL of your booklets and just made a modest donation to your wonderful work. Please let me know anything I should know – the pull from Our Lady right now is tantamount to a second born-again experience and I’d appreciate any guidance you have. God bless and thank you for all you do – Anne Troy


September 26, 2009


Hot! Hot! Hot! Thank you for this. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for someone to say. The point you make about Obama being rebuked and even removed is no different than the Church’s teaching about holders of political office. If the Church holds its members accountable in their public political stance, then we as a Christian body should do the same for its public officials.

Texas, USA

Outstanding article, and thank you for your input and courage. This is truly necessary to constantly reiterate what our Holy Mother is asking of us. Many times we are aware of the issues, yet, at a loss as how we will solve them. Thank you and God bless Caritas.


Excellent article, very informative. Thank you for writing what I have been thinking but did not know how to express my thoughts. Not too long ago I was told that Our Blessed Mother is in the Koran and the relationship of Fatima and Guadalupe, I wanted to let others know of what we have in common with the Muslims, but did not know how to tell them…you explained it so well that you have given me the tools to do so and I am so glad. To Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Louisiana, USA

Thank you for confirming my own beliefs. Thank you, especially, for your courage in coming out openly and stating views that can bring you suffering. In our home we pray for the Second Pentecost promised by our Blessed Mother, to renew our church and our world. “Come, Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well-beloved Spouse.” May God continue to bless you and the Community of Caritas.

John Bolwell
United Kingdom

I am so relieved to see that there are some in America with faith and the vision to see the danger that lurks around us. I have long been angered by the submission of the UK to other faiths and the surreptitious displacement of Christ. It is difficult not to be afraid of what the future must surely hold if we are not able, through grace, to correct this. But, “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.” Islamic domination of the US could only lead to disaster for the whole world. Be strong!


Louisiana, USA

Dear Friend of Medjugorje, I do not yet have the book on Words From Heaven. So one day I read how to use the Words From Heaven. I first started to just pray then go to the random site. I soon realized that I needed to write down my prayer first. So now I sit quiet and pray to Our Lady. I then go back a write down my prayer. Then go to the random site for Our Lady’s guidance. I put the message from Our Lady with my prayer and keep it in a folder on my computer. I have been doing this for a week. So today I went back to re read my prayers and messages from Our Blessed Mother. Although I had no doubts of Momma Mary’s intercessions because she has interceded before, all the messages were consistent. I just wanted to share this with you. I pray that someday I will be able to visit Caritas. God willing. Thank you Jennie


God Come Back Time

October 2, 2009

Angie Knaps
Louisiana, USA

It’s amazing that each time I receive something from you it seems to address the very issue I’m dealing with in my life at the time. Every message from Our Lady speaks directly to my circumstance. And then sometimes when the message is unclear to me, you seem to put it in perfect perspective. That’s the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your continued faithfulness to God’s call through Our Mother. Please keep being faithful. Keep speaking out. I need to hear what you’re saying. God Bless

Virginia, USA

Dear Friend, thank you for this. What I love the most is that you state the sin without judgment on the person. It’s about time someone stops being silent about these issues, which will determine our future as a world. To say something is a sin and should not be done and tolerated is not wrong. We should all be doing that. I think your heart is in the right place: love for the sinner, hate for the sin. Thanks!


I was living the (abominable) lifestyle for several years. I’m only in my 20’s and many of my friends are still in the lifestyle and have no intention of even trying to give it up. I had to leave the (abominable) life because after going to Medjugorje I knew, deep within my heart, I could no longer reconcile that sin with a life of holiness. I still pray for my friends, even the ones who no longer choose to talk to me. Its a Cross I must carry. Thank you for not being afraid to speak Truth.


Thank you for this. As you are aware, here in Canada our nation accepts the abominable law. Years back many of us received petition forms from the church which stated that as Canadians we wanted the marriage (traditional) to stand. I brought the petition to my children’s Catholic school in hopes to have teachers sign them. Not one did. Only two non-Catholics signed it. They said, “Is it okay if I’m not Catholic to sign.” This school closed its doors in June. God bless you

Virginia, USA

I suffered from a (abominable) type relationship with a friend for many years. I felt like I had been cursed by God and kept it a secret. In the end I became an alcoholic chain smoker and even attempted suicide because of my sins. I am here to testify that you can be cured of (abominable) behavior by God. I asked God to save me and He did. I was miraculously cured from it completely and also alcoholism and chain smoking not to mention a sinful life by Our Lady of Medjugorje. Pray for healing.

God Come Back Time

Michele Crachiolo
Michigan, USA

The mailing today “Words” was incredible. Keep writing prophet “Friend of Medjugorje”!!! We pray for you and the Community. God Bless~


Community Fast

October 5, 2009

Ivana Lai

Dear all: First, thank you for all the works you’ve done. It really helps a lot. May God protect you and bless you all and your works. Praise be to Our Lord, and thank Our Blessed Mother! I’d like to join your 9-Day fast and live a message of Our Lady of Medjugorje. If I understand it correctly, you’ll give a date though I’m not from USA (instead,from Taiwan), right? Waiting for your assigned day~ thanks again! sincerely, Ivana

Karen Castricone
Ohio, USA

Just wanted to thank you for all that you do to keep our souls spiritually nourished. I have been unemployed for 18 months. It has been a very difficult time for my family, because my daughter has a disease and we lost insurance and there are many expenses. Yesterday, through the grace of God, I was hired. I was hired on the day I was assigned last year, for the nine day bread fast! While that is not the reason I fasted, I received a wonderful blessing! When I visited for the July 4th consecration, I promised Mary, as soon as I had any money at all, I would be sure that Caritas and the Retooling were supported. I can hardly wait to be able to send that first check!!! Until then, as you have been, you will continue to be, in my family’s daily prayers. May God bless you abundantly! PS. This website is so beautiful. Thank you. With Love, Karen

Molly Chesney
Kentucky, USA

When is the next fast? I really want to participate in it and I’m praying for the strength and the will to complete it. Thank you

Jane F. French
New York, USA

First day of this fast I have your community in my prayers! I was anxious about this nine days and prayed with this in mind. This morning as I woke up I was incredibly “joy filled” and encouraged that all will go well for me. I have had the song “Somebody’s Praying” on my mind all day as well! Thank you for all you do. What a beautiful source of strength Caritas is to so many of us. I credit Caritas with steps 2 and 3 of my own conversion and I am looking at this week as yet another step. Peace, Jane

Eileen Piper
Colorado, USA

Thank you so much for inspiring and organizing the nine day bread and water fast. What a wonderful gift this has been to me! Over the nine days, smells which I thought would be horribly tempting, became gifts that on normal days would have been overlooked. They’re extraordinary and I’ve newly recognized them as part of God’s extravagant love for us. I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas morning as I think about all of the delicious things that I’ll eat tomorrow, but shouldn’t that be the way we should be every day? This fast has helped me to learn in a new way just how much of God’s goodness I take for granted. Thank you so much! The fast was hard, but the spiritual fruit has by far surpassed the small suffering that was endured! Blessings, Eileen Piper

Community Fast

Ann S
Texas, USA

I just wanted to thank A Friend of Medjugorje for his God given talent and writings. I check mej.com several times a day for anything new. Living Mary’s messages is so hard for such a horrible sinner as myself who can’t even stop from sinning one day! But your writings help me, inspire me and make me want to do better every day. I know that this is not what you had planned for your life and that you were definitely called to do this. God Bless you! I have no idea what kind of strain and stress that you go through for us to write SO much when you would probably want to just sit on the couch and hold your wife for a day. THANK YOU! THANK YOU and most of all THANK GOD FOR YOU!!! You have NO idea, how much I appreciate all that you write, and all that you say. Thanks to you I know what I’m supposed to do and how to do it and I also have help getting there when I don’t feel like doing it anymore. Lately I have had a hard time fasting. I know it is satan attacking me because “fasting and prayers are weapons” against him. Just reading that helped me stand strong and be faithful in my fast. What I am fighting for is to rid satan from my husband and his conversion. My husband has gone willingly to Mass with us 3 WEEKS in a row!!! I cannot give credit to anyone but GOD! and of course Mary for her prayers. I offer all my prayers for Mary’s intentions and ask her to pray for God’s Will for us. I know my husband’s salvation is in God’s Will so I leave it in her hands and try to live the messages as best as I can. I know God is involved in this because all of a sudden after 43 years, my husband finally found out where his biological father lived (and died) on New Year’s Day, the Holy Day of Obligation for Mary the Mother of God! Even though the relationship was abusive and my husband’s mother was far from perfect, God allowed us to find his father’s family, without much effort. When I look at my husband in Mass, even though we have four children with three toddlers, he has his eyes closed and it is obvious that he is praying. I have never seen him do that before. Years ago when he used to go to Mass, he was as bad as the kids were. Not paying attention and just looking bored. I don’t know what God is planning, I just know that something is happening and I am going to keep fasting and praying more than ever. Thank you all for what you do! With Love, have a Blessed Day!

Radio Wave

Virginia, USA

Happy Thanksgiving to all at Caritas! I pray for you all in a special way and for your mission and thank Our Lady so much for your ministry and website and broadcasts. I live alone and although I go to daily Mass, work and pray etc, I actually do not know one person personally who is following our Lady’s messages. My parents and relatives are all unbelievers (although baptized Catholics and even go to Sunday mass). They do not pray at all and have no love for God or the unborn or the Church – Obama followers 🙁 I have one coworker that I know who is a believer in Jesus but he is not Catholic. It is a great grace to link into Caritas and to your broadcasts – it is so comforting! Ave Maria! You are doing more than you realize to fulfill Our Lady’s plans! Thanks!

Cherelle Blanchard
Hawaii, USA

Aloha, Caritas Family…Please know that I am SO enjoying the recent Radio WAVE broadcasts, they are helping SO much with making sense of and mentally/spiritually processing all that is taking place at such “break-neck” speed today. All of you (and the prompt Retooling) are always in my daily prayers, sacrifices, Masses, and Holy Hours. Pau ‘ole ke aloha, (Love Never Fails) Cherelle

Zigmas Kungys

Dear Caritas, Thank you for the work which you carry out on behalf of Our Lady. As an American living abroad, I am often consoled by listening to downloads of your program. Blessings in the Two Hearts, Zigmas Kungys

Mary Rausser
New York, USA

Dear Friends at Caritas, this latest Radio Wave was so powerful. I thank you again for your insight. Will we be able to get copies of that CD soon as I would like to spread it around to family and friends? God Bless

Deborah Racine
Wisconsin, USA

My husband and I received your booklets and I have been listening to your shows and it has helped us so much. I finally got my husband to start reading them, and now he’s saying the rosary with me daily, and is starting to go back to confession. You have helped us so much, and I thank you for all that you are doing for Our Lady. I recently became a Field Angel, and I wish that I could give more, but this is what we can do for the moment. I hope that someday my husband and I can come to Alabama to visit you. You have painted such a beautiful, peaceful picture of the Field, and of your life there by your words, and it calls to me. We will keep you and all of your efforts for Our Lady in our daily prayers. God Bless you all!

Lorraine Okie
Delaware, USA

Thank you, Caritas and A Friend of Medjugorje, for the excellent 9-day Broadcast of the 10 Secrets. This daily teaching is so needed now. The monthly messages from Our Blessed Mother and correlation to the past-present-future is revelatory. Please continue this world-wide-evanglization.

Radio Wave

Joanne Lynch
Virginia, USA

Friend of Medjugorje & Extended Hands of Caritas, Thank you for the wonderful radio show again this month. I asked Our Lady to bless the man that is “a Friend of Medugorje” for his work for Her. I like him so much because he is so down to earth and so unpretentious. He is a gifted speaker but I know it is the Holy Spirit working through him in a powerful way. I like him because he loves Our Lady so much and that really shines through his commentary about our Lady’s messages. I like the lady who reads the message and the man who does the introduction and interviews also very much. May God bless you all. I consider you all living saints at Caritas. Thank you for all you do! Love and Prayers, Joanne (extended hand in Arlington VA)


Does Our Lady See You As A Nonbeliever?

November 2, 2009

Texas, USA

When I first heard of the visions through a friend at work in 1981 my heart and thoughts have been with MARY more so than before her visits. I pray for the Friend Of Medjugorie to continue his efforts and the many ways that he is bringing MARY’s messages to us. Now I know what a true NONBELIEVER is. May the HEAVENLY FATHER send the HOLY SPIRIT to descend on all the baptised so that we will not be afraid to open our mouths to the NONBELIEVERS.

Vicki L. Collier-Chambers
Indiana, USA

Ave Maria, blessings and thank you,this is wonderful! This message has really made me think, or perhaps the Holy Spirit is laying heavy on my heart. I do not want to be a non-believer. I choose to belong to God, The Father. I need help and I want to make sure that I am living as required. It is so easy to get caught up in work and family!! I have also been active in the pro-life movement and become a political activist (in some respects). How do I live in the world, but not be of the world? Thank you.


By reading Our Lady’s message I realize how much I have betrayed, denied and forgotten the Father just today! (Not to mention most of my life) I’m a weak soul. Reading the messages and the writings from A Friend of Medjugorje is cleansing my spirit. I thank all of you around the world who join Mirjana in prayer, as praying for non-believers, you are praying for me.

Damien Fernandes

As I read the message I feel that Our Lady wants to open our eyes and hearts, and listen to Her. We think that all is well with us, but we are being led astray with false ego. In my heart I want to be good, come close to Jesus. This site is giving me that calm that only comes from above. Pray for me and my family. God Bless you. Damien Fernandes

Nidal Raad

The commentary on the message is very beautiful and gives direct examples of how each one of us has a certain level of unbelief in his life. Even if we pray the rosary and read the bible on a daily basis this commentary reminds us that we must pray out of love and not out of duty or fear from punishment. The Virgin mentioned “Father” 3 times, probably to tell us that when we really think of God as our Father, then we will pray out of love. Thank you, author. May the Virgin bless you.

Does Our Lady See You As A Nonbeliever?

Jan Trebenski
Ontario, Canada

Dear Friends of Mary, may I thank you for your obedient and listening heart, and the generosity of your lives…I have been so drawn to the Caritas group, which I realize is based on Mary’s words and teachings at Medjugorje….but I feel such a conviction and conversion and desire to run…not walk..but to run…to the Light emanating from Caritas….I have so many prayer requests, and I entrust them to you all, as friends of Jesus and Mother Mary. I read everything I can find, having received some literature from you. I am so certain that you are being Divinely placed, for SUCH A TIME AS THIS….I will ask your continued prayers for a deeper conversion, and health healing…but since I live in Canada, I wonder if you are affiliated with others like yourselves? I feel very much that I should be close …to be able to live every day for HIM, and for His Truth…I am praying that as I discern I do so, guided by His Holy Wisdom…I will ask my husband if we can become Field Angels…which would be a wonderful joy…It is like being a field hand….quietly working in the field…but joined in purpose and intent with you all so that Mother Mary’s message will be heard…TIME belongs to the Lord, it is His servant…But TIME as we know it, is short and there are so many souls that need conversion. I pray that Canada will also return to its roots. It too was dedicated to the LORD. from sea to sea and we are simply slipping into a pool of darkness. Anyway, sir, I will just thank you, for being so faithful to the inner promptings, and the hard workings that have led you to this Hour. May you ALL be richly blest and loved by Mother and Her precious Son, Our Jesus.

God Speaks to us through Nature

November 5, 2009


WOW! God is trying to speak to us. I think even more Our Lady’s presence is a big sign.


I asked Our Lord Jesus to show me a sign in the clouds when I was walking home from Mass the other day, as a sign that Our Lady would be victorious over satan in the issue of abortion in this nation. I looked up and in a clear blue sky was an enormous V shaped cloud formation – PRAISED BE JESUS CHRIST! V for VICTORY! AVE MARIA!

God Speaks to us through Nature

Dee Dee Juster
Tennessee, USA

Dearest and most wonderful Caritas. I LOVE going to the mej site and seeing pictures and reading great homilies. This site is my ‘drug’ of choice and without this daily upper I’d be a downer. Just so you know that every single little thing you do is appreciated, loved, needed and wanted. MUCH LOVE….

We are going to have Heaven on earth

November 11, 2009

Amor Tenerowicz

Dear Caritas, Thank you for sharing these talks from the visionaries. I feel each time that I read them, our Lord is ministering to me at whatever I am going through right now in my life through the words of Our Lady. I thank God for loving me and making His presence felt by this website. God bless you all.


Fran O’Brien
Ohio, USA

Dear Caritas, this is a wonderful web site!! I check it all the time. Your articles always seem to come at the right time for me. They keep me motivated and strong in my fasting!! When I read what the visionaries speak of I truly feel the Blessed Mother encouraging me to continue praying no matter how sinful I feel or how unworthy I am to be aware of her messages!! Thank you and please continue to feed our souls with your articles.

Moira Cross
United Kingdom

Lovely! A beautiful testimony. Ivanka’s gentle description bears the ring of truth and humility. That Our Blessed Lady allowed the girl to see her Mother who had died so young of cancer, turned her grief into Joy! All of us who mourn for our beloved family members, know that it is as if the light goes out of our lives, and then we have this remarkable and consoling testimony from Ivanka – her own personal experience of God’s loving mercy and what joy awaits us in heaven!

Louisiana, USA

Thank you, Caritas, for ministering to my soul. I look forward to your articles and radio programs. When I am weak you give me strength through the words of Our Lady and her messengers. I wish you God’s blessings every day.

John/Jean Bujuklian

Thank you, Ivanka, for your most loving and compassionate words you have for the people of this world…especially touching, your thought about asking permission for Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ to show herself to the rest of the people for a fraction of a second…Your thought carry exemplary devotions. Merci.

We are going to have Heaven on earth


Thank you for all your hard work in carefully putting this wonderful website together. I’m very grateful to my friend for referring me to it.

Radio Wave- Mejanomics

November 19, 2009


Dear Friend of Medjugorje, I am writing from Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean, in Europe. I came across this site and I love it. I am catching up on your broadcasts on Radio Wave. They are extremely interesting. I would like to know though, what you say regarding finances, is it relevant only to the US or to Europe too? Thanks and God bless

Virginia, USA

Hi and Happy Thanksgiving to all those at Caritas! I want to say that I enjoyed the 30 min broadcast today about simplifying our lives. I have been doing that and am experiencing a new sense of freedom and joy in my life. I work out of my home now and do not own a car. I gave up my government job, commute, car and the whole thing. This is a gift from God. I asked St. Joseph to be my financial treasurer and care taker and he is guiding me to a life of great simplicity. I am learning to cook my own meals with fresh foods and it is a real joy and tastes so much better and also I saved money – no more frozen dinners, no more microwave. I gave up TV about 20 years ago after my conversion through Our Lady of Medjugorje and that is the best thing I ever did. I threw the TV in the trash dump and never missed it for one second. Thank you for your messages. I am looking into other ways to save money so I can have a retirement. St. Joseph is a wonderful saint to help anyone who needs help. He took good care of Our Lady and baby Jesus and he will help us too. Ave Maria.


Anne-Marie Barrilleaux

A Friend of Medjugorje’s talk last week on the financial future convinced my husband and I that we need to make some big changes in our life. Within two years we will both be 65 and we are prepared to sell our house to pay off our mortgage and to live a simpler life for God and Our Lady. If we cash in our savings where can we put them to safeguard them? Could we get some guidance from you? Thanks and God Bless, Anne-Marie

Erin Gigli
Indiana, USA

Dear Friends, thank you for the recent Radio Wave program regarding the financial/economic situation. I am entirely on board with all that was discussed and did in fact purchase the book “Hurtling Toward Oblivion” two months ago. I devoured its content and was grateful to hear the author’s voice during the interview with Dr. Dobson. I am interested in contacting someone through the mission regarding moving my 401K money to somewhere other than “in my account.” I would like to take your advice to discuss moving this money into metals but am at quite a loss with how to move forward with this endeavor. Thank you for putting me in touch with anyone who may be able to help in this regard. You are my lifeline and I thank God for you all. God willing, I will see you all in December. Love, Erin Gigli

Doreen Jeanneret
Georgia, USA

Peace be with you. I listened to your talk show with Dr Dobson and Dr Swanson on the financial situation of this world. It was very powerful and I can see where we are heading. I know in all it will be God’s plan that will rule and I am trying my best to prepare for His second coming. I have prayed more than I have ever prayed before, staying in the state of grace and helping my neighbor as we move along. I know our Blessed Mother has a plan for me and I just hope I will be blessed with the graces needed to fulfill her (God’s) plan while I’m here on earth. I’m 58 and my husband is 60. We, like many Americans, would like to retire some day. I’m interested in buying silver for an investment. I figure the dollar will not be worth anything soon. We are a low to middle income couple and do have a small 401K, but I don’t think we can do anything with it until I’m 59. Our home is almost paid for, $22,000 left on the mortgage. I would love to get completely out of debt. We owe on our home and two credit cards totaling $9,000. I would love to be self sufficient and live off the land like Caritas, but at our age and my husband’s legs and feet, we would not be able to do this type of work. Is there a way I can draw from my 401K to pay off my house or invest in silver? I figure with silver maybe when things do get worse, we will be able to survive. I love Caritas and was there last July 09 for the dedication of ourselves, family and nation to Our Lady. If I had a dream I would live right next to Caritas and help with whatever I could for Our Lady’s plans. God Bless you all. God Bless, Doreen and Robert Jeanneret

Radio Wave- Mejanomics


Hello, My name is Paula. I am 23 years old from Poland. I am very happy and glad, that few days ago I start reading a lot about this great place which is Medjugorje. I would love to go there. That is why I am writing to ask if there is a map on your official page. So when I come I’ll know which place is worth to see, etc. Please I am really looking forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Paula


Medjugorje Cowgirls Don’t Cry

November 25, 2009

Dee Dee Juster
Tennessee, USA

What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift for me to open this and see all of the beautiful girls in these pictures. I’m getting choked up as I think about everyone and how much you have all come to mean to me. Thank you for letting us in your wonderful family – for being a window for us to peer through and witness how life can be. I am so grateful this Thanksgiving day for Caritas!!!! LOVE U

Old Cowgirl Joanne
Arlington, USA

To Our Lady’s little children and little cowgirls of Caritas – Listening to your broadcast last evening was so nice for me and when I heard the so sweet voices of your little girls, I broke down and started sobbing – no joke. Something touched the deepest part of my heart. And this morning when I saw the pictures of your little girls and children, I started sobbing again. Their little voices were like little angels and I am deeply grateful. May the world be filled with cowgirls.God bless you!

Rebecca aka Rose
Texas, USA

re. Nov 25, 2009, Cowgirls Don’t Cry–Thank you for whatever you did to make this useable for Mac users. What a blessing this is at the end of this Thanksgiving Day. An Encore performance of Cowgirls Don’t Cry (the choir) is requested. Beautiful! May God continue to bless you and may our Blessed Mother, Queen of Peace, Lady of America continue to intercede for you and for our country and the world. Rebecca Thompson, Dallas

Medjugorje Cowgirls Don’t Cry

Cheryl Lefebvre
Vermont, USA

Dear Caritas, thank you for the lengths you go to promote Our Lady’s wisdom. In my home we are on dial-up and I am very thankful that I will be able to engage more of this website! God Bless and have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

What Does “Christ” and “It” Have in Common?

December 2, 2009


Thank you for the detailed explanation of this message. I would of not have known all the points that were made. I am sorry to say I would not have even thought of the journey to Bethlehem or abortion. Thank you again for a better understanding. In the love of OUR LADY, Margaret

Friend in the Love of Christ
Buckley, USA

Friend of Medjugorje what you say is true but there is more. Death of the soul is not only evil influence of others. St. James stated, out temptations stem from our own evil desires. We need to see our soul through the eyes of God. We must pray for the black and the sludge to be cleansed from our hearts. To obtain from God the grace to have hearts of flesh that once again beat with love of God and love of man. That is when we will be able to forgive ourselves and forgive others; when our own lies, arrogance, hatred and malice are cleansed from our hearts.

Tom Doyle

Thanks for providing such current information on the events in Medjugorje- the most current and for letting us hear what the visionaries are saying. The messages of Our Lady and her love and the love of God beam powerfully through your site. The message to Mirjana on 12/2 was a real confirmation to me as last Saturday at confession, the kind priest spoke of making our lives, our hearts mangers for Jesus- looking at our sins and seeing what we can do to make the manger perfect for Jesus.

Paula Atkins

This was a light which helped to ignite the flame of what Christmas is truly about. I thank you for sharing this beautiful translation of the loving and mothererly words of our Most Blessed Mother. If only this could be written on the sky and everyone could read and comprehend?….

What Does “Christ” and “It” Have in Common?

Richard Faenza

Hi, I am Richard Faenza from Malta who would first of all like to congratulate you for your most interesting and informative site. I recently visited your site and read most of the articles that were published there. These were truly interesting and kept me well informed. Thank you and God bless you all, Richard


November 4, 2009 Questions and Answers by Mirjana

December 15, 2009

Kathy Lee
Florida, USA

Thank you. I can not tell you what a gift having access to the visonaries talks has been for me. No matter how simple or profound, the topic they speak with clarity, simplicity, courage and love. I have so much to learn not only from their response but, more importantly for me, how they respond. Christ’s Peace

United Kingdom

Thank you for posting this. I have heard Mirjana in person twice now and this was like being present again. Each session is a blessing and helps us advance further on that path to holiness which we are all trying to follow.

Daisy Kennedy
New Jersey, USA

Thank you, thank you! Best Christmas present you could give to all your members. It is beautiful, because she speaks from her heart. Mirjiana and all the visionaries speak from the heart. Thats what I have to learn, so thank you again…


Thank you. This was beautful reading and I felt a strong connection with Our Mother through you. God bless you and your family.

November 4, 2009 Questions and Answers by Mirjana

Sr. ELizabeth McAdams,osu
Delaware, USA

I want to congratulate you on such a beautiful and informative web site. It is really terrific. I wish I could give you enough money to endow you but all I can give is to promise you my prayers. I teach theology to high school students. I have been teaching about Our Lady in Medjugorje for about 23 years and have had the great grace to have been there in 1987, 2008 and 2009. I will use your web site in my classes to continue to teach about Our Blessed Mother. Thank you for responding to Our Lady’s call, Sr. Elizabeth McAdams,osu

Decide… Surrender… Everything… Completely… to Me

December 17, 2009

Minnesota, USA

This sounds very similar to what St. Louis de Montfort proposes to us in his Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary in his book “True Devotion to Mary.” Thank you for sharing this!

New Jersey, USA

Just this morning in my prayer time I specifically prayed and surrendered my eating disorder and my unmanageable life to God. I said my Rosary on the way down the Garden State Parkway and I was caught in slow moving traffic (on the way to a job interview no less!) I saw a bulletin board with this website and the traffic cleared immediately after seeing it! Surrender to win! (P.S. I think the interview went well!)

Indiana, USA

In my distress, I read: decide, surrender, everything… I so need to do this. Then continue in my flailing, “Where are you, what am I to do?” Then I remember, surrender, trust, pray.

Decide… Surrender… Everything… Completely… to Me


Dear A Friend of Medjugorje, great writing. Thank you. THE TRUTH IS ETERNAL. Very uplifting, inspiring and encouraging. We are all in need of it. In Christ’s Love, Marta


Radio Wave Presents Focus on the Family “A Christmas Carol”

December 22, 2009

Virginia, USA

Thank you so much for the Christmas Carol. I loved it so much. It was so touching and heartwarming – it brought tears to my eyes. I too went through a profound conversion through Our Lady of Medjugorje. I really know the joy that old Scrooge felt at the end. It gave me hope about my Dad’s conversion too. I keep praying for my Dad who is a tough guy but I believe St. Joseph will obtain his conversion someday. The Christmas Carol gave me hope for us all, the whole world. – Thank you so much. It was a wonderful Christmas present. I hope you post it every year so we can listen to it again and again. God bless us everyone!

Radio Wave Presents Focus on the Family “A Christmas Carol”

A True Christmas Story That Will Surely Warm Your Heart

December 24, 2009

Judith McGuinn
Colorado, USA

Dear Caritas, thank you for sharing your personal experiences with us. The Holy Spirit speaks to us through these. Recently our priest prayed a private Mass with my husband and I to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. During his “homily”, he shared his experiences in the priesthood with us as they relate to marriage. This will remain with me always. The picture of Our Lady with Her Babe you show here is my computer screensaver. It speaks to me again. A chill runs through my soul.

Sherry Hittle
Iowa, USA

Oohh…a touching story to warm anyone’s heart. My heart hung on every word. I could hear my heart pounding within my chest as I read, anticipating what I was going to hear. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to see it with one’s own eyes..what a grace..what a miracle. Thank you, Marija, for relating this story to us. Certainly our hearts melt like wax upon hearing of such precious actions given by The Baby King. It’s five minutes to midnight on Christmas eve. I must go before the creche.


It’s so exciting to see how natural the Holy family was…’are’. This kind of story just keeps me overwhelmed and just too joyous! It’s a wonderful Christmas story and we pray that the beauty of it all will continue to purify and beautify our hearts and minds. Oh! I love to ‘see’ our Baby Jesus playing hide and seek, like every other baby…


Love the Baby Jesus peek-a-boo story. How beautiful! I also love the stars becoming angels, and I have to say, I have been so much more “in tune” with the night sky since visiting Caritas of Birmingham the last two summers. I believe we are surrounded by Angels in The Field of Apparitions. I can easily pray from the heart by just recalling the Field and the Holy Presence there! Thank You!!

Claire F. Fafard
Colchester, Connecticut

As I read the story I tried to put myself there. When Jesus peeked out three times I thought of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit looking at me. I thought of my own children doing this and how tiny they once were. The great joy I felt just to hold them near my breast and feel that specialness that God gives to a woman. The joy of watching our children grow with every second of their lives. When I read the message of Marija I thought of the early morning I waited for our Blessed Mother to appear.

A True Christmas Story That Will Surely Warm Your Heart

Marcelo Marques

Good Morning! My name is Marcelo. I live in Rio de Janeiro-Brasil. First of all I want to apologize about my English as I don’t speak it very well. I was aware that the Virgin Mary is appearing in Medjugorje through your website. Thank you for your work spreading Her messages around the world. Because of Her messages I got my faith back and I am praying the rosary again. Is there a way that I can contact Mrs. Marija and send her an email? She is the visionary that I liked the most and I wish to say how much I liked her message “Beautiful You Are, Our Lady”… Thank you for everything.

How Attentively Does Our Lady Listen to Us?

December 30, 2009


I read this with joy, I have been praying for my soon to be ex-wife to move towards Christ and away from the new age and materialism/desperate housewives mindset that has destroyed our marriage. I will be in Medjugorje in May (God willing)…

United Kingdom

How wonderful, that story made me feel so much emotion, I have been present six times at an apparition of Our Lady. Dont know why I have been blessed like this, as I truly dont deserve it, but to imagine Our Lady listening to all our prayers, and actually being right near her is beyond belief. I love the Blessed Mother. She’s awesome, and I hope I can be with her on the mountains again soon.

Neethu Biju
United Arab Emirates

It was a real surprise for me, as my Mother, Queen of Heaven really listens to my prayers. Thank you.

Michael J Dehner
Ohio, USA

Ask Mary with true sincerity and it surely will come true. I have a 3 year old boy name Jacob to prove it. The best way to Jesus is through Mary. Thanks again Mary and help me to stay focused on your intentment.

Texas, USA

Dear Friend of Medjugorje: I read your note on Our Lady listening to us. I’ve heard you speak of it before on a CD. I print off whatever is put on mej.com and read and re-read for hopefully more and more understanding of the message. Yesterday, when I printed it off, all didn’t print. Tonight after Mass I checked again to see what I missed, which was people’s responses, one of which truly touched my heart. I know you probably don’t remember my situation about my husband leaving, divorcing, etc., but you told me not to give up. It’s been very difficult, but tonight there was a husband who hadn’t given up on his “ex-wife” and her conversion. Very touching and hopeful and encouraging that others are standing for their covenant marriages and praying for them to flee old red foot’s deceptions. Thank you for making this available to us. I had been praying and asking Mother what she wanted me to do, keep standing or what. This touched my heart so much. Thank you for your work/mission, FIAT to Mother, and for sharing it with me. God Bless y’all.


How Attentively Does Our Lady Listen to Us?

Noime Quinzon
La Union, Philippines

Dear Friends of Medjugorje (CARITAS) Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all! I am NOIME GANDEZA QUINZON, and I want to share my joy and personal experiences all because of your website. It was August 2009, I discovered your website. From then something marvelous happened! I had dreamt of OUR BLESSED MOTHER…, and a fragile picture of OUR LADY OF MEDJUGORJE in my room fell down, luckily unbroken. For me these are signs of warning. So I spent more time in praying and studying your website. I shared these experiences to my family and gave a picture of OUR LADY OF MEDJUGORJE to my sister for her protection. Then came the months of September and October 2009, a Super typhoon that caused deluge, hard hit PHILIPPINES, destroyed lives and properties and my province didn’t escape. GOD is so “MERCIFUL” through His Son OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST and with the prayers of OUR BLESSED MOTHER and QUEEN, my family was saved. These amazing moments happened by the help of your website. On Dec.28, in the morning, I sent my first Petition. During the night my head became heavy but I understood it’s HEALING and in my dream I heard a voice of OUR BLESSED MOTHER saying “Move On’. On Dec.29,morning, I am very glad for the voice message and very grateful receiving a letter from you (CARITAS). I have shared your website to my sister in London and to my brother in Dubai,for their awareness for the future events. Thank You All! ALL GLORY TO THE HOLY TRINITY ONE GOD FOREVER AND EVER. AMEN.

Medjugorje Visionaries Mirjana, Ivan, and Marija all Received Separate Messages

January 2, 2010


I spent seven years in a seminary, I was close to ordination. But in my heart I was afraid of the Great undertaking. I lost confidence in myself and withdrew. Subsequently I felt lost and abandoned. I spent almost three years in a very desolate and dark place, but with Divine grace and pure will I refused to let go. I discoverd Medjugorje through your website. I read the stories, I was amazed! I rekindled my love for Our Lady. Thank you so so much! I returned and will soon be Ordained.


Thank you for a POWER-full article: a HOLYspirit -filled account of the happenings in Medjugorie at the turn of the year/decade. Happenings in the local area of Medjugorie but with global significance. Friend of Medjugorie, you weave the happenings of Medjugorie with global events, with discernment. Praise God. Thank you Jesus and Mary.


Just reading your article made me feel a great joy that give’s me such hope. You must add Wyoming to your list of states on your web site. I hope you will be hearing from me often in the future. Thank God for your conveying the message. It is very much appreciated. I can hardly wait to know what happens next.

Ralph F. Kaiser
Ohio, USA

Thank you ! I feel like I have been freed ! I feel more loving to every one! I will send this to every one. My family & friends will LOVE this !!! “GOD” Bless you all.You have made my day !

Fran O’Brien
Ohio, USA

After a full day of fasting and prayer I am so happy to read that the arms to conquer satan are fasting and prayers. This gives me such motivation to keep fasting!! I am so thankful to be in this beautiful army of children who are trying to live out the messages of Medjugorje… Thank you God for this wonderful web site…

Medjugorje Visionaries Mirjana, Ivan, and Marija all Received Separate Messages

Mazowieckie, Poland

Letter to a Friend of Medjugorje:. My name is Jerzy. I’m a student, I study classic philology, philosophy and theology. I’ve been to Medjugorje two times for a week, now I’m staying here for a longer time. I’m deeply moved by Medjugorje events and God’s grace given here. I am very sad and deplore, grieve that there is no good Medjugorje information/booklets/spiritual-books/internet-sites especially in Poland about the importance of these events and everything that is going to happen. And, of course, about the so called five stones. I think your booklets and books are the best in the World (comparing only to sister Emmanuel and father Slavko Barbaric). I would like to ask about the possibility to translate these booklets to polish and to spread them and publish it. I just think about it, I have yet no plans how, who, where etc. I need to have first your agreement. By the way, is there any more information about your Community of Birmingham? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance Jerzy

Louisiana, USA

Dear Friend of Medjugorje, just wanted to let you know how powerful your message was. I broke down in tears half way through begging Our Blessed Mother to protect us. All through while I was reading the message I continued to think “We need to hang on to our Rosaries.” Just as I was getting to the end, Our Lady’s words were to hang on to our Rosaries. Through our Rosaries Our Blessed Mother will help us in our victories. Praying our Rosary makes Our Lord Jesus so happy that we honor His Mother. We present Her with roses each time. Thank you for this powerful message. I have passed it on. I pray that Our Blessed Mother will intercede to Her son Jesus before it is too late. Blessings, Jennie

Lawrence F. Patterson J.D.
Illinois, USA

I would like to forward information, messages etc. to family and friends such as the “Random” message for today which may give great comfort to my daughter. Incidentally, I logged on for the first time since discovering Medjugorje.com, yesterday, quite by accident, right after asking Our Lady what I could do to help my daughter through a very discouraging and disappointing time.

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10 thoughts on “Medjugorje.com Best Feedbacks of 2009”

  1. Suzanne Marie

    Very well said very compassionate, loving very true! The truth will set you free! Jesus is the Truth, the Way, the Life!

  2. Thank You All. Just one sentence kept me returning to face God instead of turning away. Which is so easy to do at satan prodding on a psychological level. Hearing “this is the last warnings” RE the year of Mercy, then judgment And chastisement. I shudder to think what will happen.

  3. This is a very good presentation of Catholic and moral truth. Well worth the listen. I am a multitasker and really appreciate that I can listen and work on something else simultaneously.

  4. Dayalan Bernard

    Very good message in line with the messages from the Mother of God. How important it is to pay heed to the guidance of the Mother of the Church in order to stay in the mercy of God. Thanks to you & your dynamic team at Medjugorje for all the good work. God bless you through the most Holy Virgin Mary, our Mother, the Ark of the new covenant.

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