Prayer Group: 2005 – Ivan’s Prayer Group Messages – Medjugorje Messages

June 24, 2005

Our Lady came happy and joyful. She greeted us with Her Motherly greeting, “Praised be Jesus ,” She extended Her hands above us and prayed over uslong time. She blessed us all with Her Motherly blessing and She blessed all our religious objects. Ivan recommended all of us to Her and all of our intentions, our families and especially the sick people present. Our Lady’s message tonight:

“Dear children, today I invite you again, and with great joy, to accept and renew my messages. I call, inspecial way, this parish which has accepted and embraced me at the beginning of the apparitions with great joy to renew my messages and to follow me. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Then we prayed with Ivan an Our Father and Glory Be and Our Lady went away in the sign of the illuminated Cross and said,

Go in the peace of God, dear children.”

August 12, 2005

Our Lady came happy and joyful.

“Dear children, in this time I call you inspecial way to pray for families and for children. Pray for young people, pray for the family, pray, pray, pray. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Our Lady left in the sign of the luminous Cross and She said:

“Go in the peace of God, dear children.”


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