2004 – Medjugorje Messages for Nonbelivers

2004 – Medjugorje Messages for Nonbelivers

December 2, 2004

Instructions to help non-believers:

“Dear children, I need you. I am calling you and seek your help. Reconcile with yourself, with God, and with your neighbors. Then help me. Convert unbelievers. Dry the tears from my eyes.”




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  1. Ok Friend. I am coming with Little John if you can arrange this please. This started with the new moon last week. See you Memorial Day.

  2. Why are not the transcriptions included. I seem to understand and remember more by reading rather than listening. Please, may I have the transcription for how to be a super Apostle?

  3. Mario Moro Fecchio

    Dear Friend of Medjugorge,I´m here once again to ask you, please, try to speak more clear. I live in Brazil, I´m well acquainted with English language but your pronounce is so difficult to understand!. Take for example the speech that precedes you, when someone says “No one can serve two masters…”. That speech I can understand very easy and clear. Try to talk that way… Your messages are so useful and I would like to understand them perfectly. Remember, you are talking not only to US citizens, but you are talking to the WORLD! and you can imagine that people of other languages (Portuguese, for example) want to draw from your messages.Thank you for your patience, and forgive me.Mario Moro Fecchio

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