Prayer Group: 1991 – Ivan’s Prayer Group Messages – Medjugorje Messages

January 7, 1991

At 10:00 p.m. Our Lady came with three angels and prayed forvery long time with Ivan for peace.

“Dear children, tonight your Mother calls you in a special way to pray for peace.”

January 11, 1991

Our Lady appeared to Ivan during his prayer group meeting. Although She did not give a message, She prayed with Ivan for peace. The people who were on the mountain for the prayer meeting felt this action was a strong message from Our Lady, showing that everyone should be praying for peace as She is.

January 14, 1991

The apparition was at 9:30 p.m. (Podbrdo). Ivan said that Our Lady prayed for peace with him and thanked the people for coming up the mountain to pray. There was no message. Ivan asked that prayer for peace continue through the night and there was Adoration the whole night in the Chapel in union with 1,000 prayer groups in America. Ivan was present.

March 22, 1991

“Tonight your Mother invites you to pray more. Pray specially in your families, and by prayer prepare for the day that comes, for Easter.”

March 29, 1991 (GOOD FRIDAY)

“Dear children, I want to call (invite) you, under this cross, to take your cross as the will of God. As my Son took His cross, so you carry everything, and my Son will be glorified through your crosses. Thank you, dear children, for answering my call and carrying your cross.”

April 5, 1991

“Dear children, tonight your Mother wants to invite you, especially in this time, to pray together with me for peace.”

Then Ivan prayed the Lord’s Prayer and Glory Be three times with Our Lady for the intention of peace.

April 8, 1991

“I ask you to pray with me for peace.”

May 3, 1991

“Dear children, today your Mother wants you to pray inspecial way for peace these days. Pray, Pray, Pray. Your prayers are necessary for me.”

May 10, 1991

“I invite you to pray for peace!”

May 27, 1991

“I invite you to accept and live the message I gave you on the twenty-fifth.”

June 17, 1991

“I invite you to pray for peace and for conversion.”

July 5, 1991

“Dear children, your Mother wants you to pray for peace inspecial way with me in this time.”

August 5, 1991

“Dear children, I am very happy tonight to see you in such large numbers. I want you to be happy, too; and pray, pray, pray prayers of peace in joy. I need your prayers too.”

August 9, 1991

“Dear children, I invited you here invery special way for prayer. Dear children, pray, pray, pray in this period of time and make sacrifices.”


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  4. Prayers offered for all those who are unaware of what is going on, especially those who choose to ignore the truth.

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