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Prayer Group: 1990 – Ivan’s Prayer Group Messages – Medjugorje Messages

January 1, 1990

“Dear children, tonight your Mother would like to call you, like I have done before, to renew prayer in the families. Dear children, the family needs to pray today. I wish, dear children, that you would renew [start again to live] my messages through this prayer.”

February 2, 1990

“Pray for peace, everybody present – not just the group – pray for peace.”

February 5, 1990

“Pray for peace, especially you from the group, pray for peace.”

February 9, 1990

“Our Lady asks that prayer meetings would last two hours, an hour of singing, an hour of prayer.”

Only this part of the message was told by Ivan, the rest is secret, just for the group.

February 12, 1990

“Dear children, your Mother is happy when She sees you in such large numbers. Dear children, you have come to me with a firm decision. Do not fear anything, I protect you and guard you. I wish, dear children, tonight again to call you to prayer because I need your help for the fulfillment of my plans. I need your cooperation [participation], dear children. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

February 19, 1990

“Dear children, your Mother tonight wants to warn you that satan is active inspecial way these days. Don’t allow emptiness inside of you, fill this emptiness with prayer. Dear children, these days prayer is the best medicine to defend yourselves against evil. Inspecial way, dear children, make a decision through prayer for Lent. Tonight I am expecting from you to pray the Glorious Mysteries when you return home.”

March 2, 1990

“Dear children, tonight your Mother asks and pleads: Abandon to me all your problems, all your hardships. I want to prepare you for the day that comes free from all your problems. Give me all your problems.”

March 5, 1990

“Do something concrete for Easter.”

March 23, 1990

“Dear children, tonight again your Mother wants to call you to prayer. Dear children, I need your prayer to fulfill the plans I have now with you and in the world also. Thank you, dear children, for listening to me. Dear children, thank you for having responded to my call.”

April 13, 1990 (GOOD FRIDAY)

“Dear children, I am happy to see you tonight. You know, dear children, that when my Son was dying I was alone with Him with just some other women, and so I am happy to see you here tonight in such large numbers. Tonight also when you go back home, pray a Rosary in front of the Crucifix and be thankful [to God].”

May 7, 1990

“Dear children, your Mother is so happy tonight to see you all. I want tonight to call you again to pray the Rosary, and to pray this month especially, because I am in need of your prayers.”

May 11, 1990

“Dear children, tonight your Mother is happy to see you. Tonight especially, I want to ask you to give me your problems and difficulties so that you are able to pray with more freedom and more joy so that your prayer becomes a prayer with the heart. That is why I wish to ask you tonight to release yourselves from your difficulties through prayer; and I will pray for you. Dear children, I need your prayers.”

May 21, 1990

“Dear children, tonight your Mother invites you to pray for peace. I need your prayers for peace these days, dear children. Pray, pray, pray.”

May 25, 1990

“Dear children, tonight again your Mother wants to call you to prayer. Especially live, accept, and accomplish in prayer the message I gave tonight [May 25 Monthly Message]. I need your prayers, dear children. This is why: pray, pray, pray!”

June 1, 1990

“Dear children, this istime of grace. Open yourselves to the Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit to make you strong. Your Mother, dear children, wants especially to call you in this time to prayer and to sacrifice.”

June 8, 1990

“Dear children, your Mother is happy tonight to see you in such large numbers. Tonight also your Mother calls you to prayer. Dear children, prayer is necessary for me to fulfill many plans that I wish to accomplish. Especially tonight, I invite you to pray the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary in front of the Crucifix when you go back to your homes. Pray these mysteries for my intentions.”

June 22, 1990

“Dear children, I am happy to see you in such large numbers. Tonight again your Mother asks you to prepare yourselves through prayers during these two days for the day that comes.”

June 25, 1990

“Dear children, your Mother invites you to joy. Your Mother asks you to begin to live tonight’s message [the monthly message given earlier to Marija]. Your Mother, again tonight, asks you to give me all your problems and all your hardships. Thank you, dear children, because we are going to continue to live in prayer everything that I say.”

July 13, 1990

“Dear children, your Mother asks you, especially in this period, to pray all the more. satan wants, in this time, to be active through your weakness. This is why, dear children, your Mother invites you: pray, pray, pray. Do not allow satan to enter. Close all the entrances.  Prayer is the best weapon.”

July 23, 1990

“Dear children, tonight your Mother wants especially to invite you to pray in these days for peace.”

July 30, 1990

“Dear children, tonight again your Mother would like to invite you inspecial way to prayer. Especially you, the youngest, who will be present in large numbers during these days. I invite you to prayer. Pray, pray, pray and renew your hearts to be able to accept later everything I will tell you, all my messages. Thank you, dear children, because you will make me happy by your prayers.”

August 3, 1990

“Dear children, tonight again your Mother wants to encourage you to pray all the more during this time. Join together in prayer with the young people. Especially, dear children, your Mother wants you to renew prayer in today’s family.”

August 10, 1990

“Dear children, your Mother tonight wants to call you in a special way to pray for peace.”

August 13, 1990

“Dear children, tonight again your Mother asks in a special way for you to pray for peace, especially in this time. Pray, dear children, to help your Mother to fulfill all that She plans.”

August 17, 1990

“Dear children, tonight I ask you to pray for peace invery special way.”

August 20, 1990

“I ask you to pray for peace.”

The messages of August 20 and 24 were given to Ivan during his prayer group meeting. Then Our Lady prayed for peace in a different but very special way in front of Ivan.

August 24, 1990

“Pray for peace in a special way.”

October 1, 1990

“Dear children, tonight your Mother asks you to pray especially for peace in this time.”

October 5, 1990

“Pray for peace in this time.”

For the first time during the apparitions, Ivan was heard praying The Lord’s Prayer and the Glory Be three times with Our Lady. The Gospa told Ivan this prayer was for the intention of peace.

October 10, 1990

“I come here as the Queen of Peace and Reconciliation. I need your prayers and sacrifices especially in this time. Pray for peace in the world.”

October 15, 1990

“Dear children, tonight I invite you to pray for peace. Dear children, I want to give you new messages. I am your Mother. I always want to teach you something new, but for this you must first live the messages that I have already given you so I can give you new messages.”

October 19, 1990

“Pray for peace.”

November 16, 1990

To Marija:

“Dear children, I thank you for you have come up here tonight to pray. Your Mother asks you to pray for peace in the world in this time. For that, I ask you to come up often and pray on the Apparition Hill, (Podbrdo), and Krizevac, in order to pray for peace. I also ask you to gather your family to pray together for peace and for the salvation of the world.”


This was a very intense apparition. Afterwards, Marija said, “I felt as if Our Lady wanted to take my soul.”

November 26, 1990

This message was given to Marija during the prayer group meeting on the mountain. Our Lady said She was very happy that the people had come to pray with Her.

“Dear children, I desire you to witness my presence through love.”

December 21, 1990

“Dear children, tonight your Mother invites you to take this time to prepare your hearts in prayer for the day that comes, for Christmas.”

December 24, 1990

Our Lady appeared with three angels.

“Dear children, tonight your Mother invites you to give Her all your problems. My dear children, REJOICE!”

December 31, 1990

“Dear children, tonight your Mother invites you to go together with me to the church in joy and in prayer. In this very specific joy, pray in church for the intention of peace.”

There was a New Year’s Eve Mass at 11:30 p.m.


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  1. This program is a very Chilling testimony on Radio wave. Of systemic evil, pervasive in the greater western culture, and influencing most aspects of political realities in the west. The cheapening of human life for societal so called gain. If only those who propegate such systemic evil, would open their eyes so they may see, and open their ears so that they may hear. The Lord and Savior would deliver them from their malice and infirmities if they would but TRUELY seek the Grace of God above. God Our Father is offering to them true Mercy through his Son Jesus Christ. Heaven is calling to them through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother. All under Heaven is open for Forgivness if only they would confess with their mouths and believe in their hearts, and thus become forgiven (transformed) in the image and likeness with which Heaven desires in Christs Mercy for them. But satan is like a roaring lion, wishes to devour, sift and continually decieve. Some prefer to exist in deception.

  2. I listened to the program, Lying Voices, you were right, I am changing something! I thought I checked the donor box on my license but to my surprise I didn’t.Recently I was in the hospital and a nurse ask me in a way I thought to confirm that I was a donor, I said yes.So I am calling the hospital to see if I checked a donor box through them. I am determined to correct this horrible mistake.I had no idea that one must be alive to donate. It makes perfect since but I just never thought about it…thought I was doing good. “Lying Voices”was informative and riveting at the same time. I was deeply affected by this back story…but know I was invested emotionally with Alfie’s and Charlie’s story from the beginning…following the stories and praying for both families.No doubt in my mind that Alfie’s breathing on his own was Divine and God saying, “wake Up”!!I pray God see all who are praying for our world/our country and He be with us!God Bless you all and all you do!Nikki

  3. This story is proof of what this message was all about. And it happened in Alabama

  4. Mario Moro Fecchio

    Please Mr. Friend of Medjugorge, speak more clearly so foreign people can benefit from your listenings. It is not so difficult, you have only to consider that many people of other countries wants to hear you!

  5. Such a heartbreaking yet eye opening listen…… so many of Alfies supporters are being criticised for their shouts about his treatment. Police even made a statement that any detrimental public posts made against the medical team, could result in prosection! So many have acted against God – please God may Alfie’s story open eyes & save lives. I thank you also for sharing about organ donation – I am now removing myself from the register. I pray to our Heavenly Mother & Father that they guide me further into hearing true voices & not the lying ones. Thank you Caritas

  6. Joan when you listen, you will hear that a lot was done to interfere with God’s plan for Alfie Evans. It was a darkness without limit.

  7. I have not yet listened. My 18 month old nephew had his organs removed by Alder Hey without permission & I have been involved in fundraising for 3 children who must PAY for their life changing surgery there. Alfie Evans lived & died as God’s Will was – it was His way for a reason & nobody should interfere with His plans. May the Almighty Father have mercy on us all.

  8. DEAR LITTLE ALFIE, You are are little soldier, who stood against the lies. You dauntlessly stood to show you Can breathe and that breath can only be given by God. You stood high when you opened your eyes in such stormy sea, when killers all over you except your poor mum and dad did what they can in that bitter stormy waves. Thank you Alfie, you showed the world that euthanasia is entangled with the beast tiny you, stripped those garments and showed how evil and blood thirsty they are.  Alfie, you stand tall like the tree at Medjugorje Field solitude. You stood making a big miracle, showing you could breathe even without that life support. You stood for Truth you showed the Truth and you died for Truth. You opened many eyes while you close yours. Surely you will live forever in Heaven and fight more than what you did on earth to help all children, from untimely deaths which are so profoundly evil and secretive. Pray THAT ALL MUST PRESERVE LIFE.AND NOT LEAD TO UNTIMELY DEATH

  9. Thank you for this life changing radio wave program. I started sharing with everyone as soon as I got up this morning. I am so grateful to a Friend of Medjugorje for his commitment to Our Lady and to the truth and for giving us much needed direction.

  10. Dear Caritas & Friend of MedjugorjieThank you so much for this broadcast. I have removed my name from the Organ Donors register after hearing your broadcast. I was born in Liverpool and treated as a six year old Child at Alder Hey Hospital. The treatment of Alfie and his family is a disgrace. 10 years ago Alder Hey Hospital removed the organs of deceased babies without their parents permission, I think that the Children were premature babies. I am ashamed that the Catholic Archbishop McMahon of Liverpool, and Cardinal Vincent Nichols of England have supported Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in their treatment of Alfie and his Parents and their rights. Jesus would not have stood by and let this happen. May God have mercy of the people who have supported the decision to let Alfie die. God bless all those who worked to save Alfie.God bless you and all you do to guide us. LoveMaria

  11. I haven’t even finished listening, but it’s late and 2 things I need to say! Well, maybe more than 2! 1) I have felt lead to pray for Pope Francis…”deliver him from the evil that surrounds him! Holy Spirit enlighten him and lead him in all truth!” Look how God used Benidicta to do that in Baby Alfie’s case! (probably not spelling her name right!) 2) Don’t be deceived! Euthanasia is alive and well in American hospitals even though we are not a goverment run health system! Friend of Medjugorie is right! Money drives the system! But there is also a SEVERE lack of respect for life, especially at the end of life! As a nurse I have witnessed this! One doctor brasenly told me, “There are other reasons for a morphine drip besides pain and difficulty breathing!” “Ok, what are they?” He shook his head and didn’t answer. BECAUSE, there IS NO other reason when your patient is resting peacefully, other than to HASTEN death!! Not only do not be a donor, do not have Do Not Resusitate order!!

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