Prayer Group: 1989 – Ivan’s Prayer Group Messages – Medjugorje Messages

Prayer Group: 1989 – Ivan’s Prayer Group Messages – Medjugorje Messages

January 2, 1989

“My dear children, for this year I want to tell you, pray! Your Mother loves you. I want to collaborate with you for I need your collaboration. I want you to become, dear children, my announcers and my sons who will bring peace, love, conversion….I want you to besign for others. In this new year I want to give you peace; I want to give you love and harmony. Abandon all your problems and all your difficulties to me. Live my messages. Pray, pray!”

January 9, 1989

“Dear children, pray because satan is very active in this time. He wants to destroy everything you have received from me. During these days I invite you to renew the prayer in your families and to pray all the mysteries of the Rosary every evening.”

February 6, 1989 (Special Blessing)

Ivan says:Our Lady wants this from us during Lent.

1. Review and live Her messages.
2. Read the Bible more.
3. Pray more and offer all for the intentions of Our Lady.
4. Make more sacrifices.

Our Lady will be with us and will accompany us. She gave‘SPECIAL BLESSING.’

February 13, 1989

“Dear children, remember the four things you have to do during Lent. Tonight when you go home, I ask you to be thankful in front of the Crucifix for all that you feel you should be grateful for; thank Jesus for what you want. My Son will hear you.”

February 17, 1989

“Dear children, tonight I don’t ask you to do anything special. I only wish you to begin to live my messages. Dear children, I seek your action, not your words! You are all happy when I give you a beautiful message, but live the message I give! May each message be for younew growth. Take this message into your life, in this way you will grow in life. Your Mother cannot give you other messages if you don’t live the ones I already gave you. Begin tonight to live the messages.”

February 24, 1989

“Tonight when you go home, pray The Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be seven times, and then pray The Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be five times.”

February 27, 1989

“Dear children, during this time multiply your prayers and go deeper into the messages that I have given. Tonight when you go home, pray the Joyful Mysteries in front of the Crucifix.”

March 3, 1989

“Dear children, I thank you because by your coming here you have helped to fulfill the plan of God. During this time pray and renew yourselves. Tonight when you come home, pray the Joyful Mysteries in front of the Crucifix.”

March 17, 1989

“I ask you again to multiply your prayers to prepare yourself for Easter. Also, read the Bible, especially those passages that tell about the Passion of Jesus. Prepare yourself to look at Jesus ‘eye to eye.’ Tonight when you come home, pray in front of the Crucifix in thanksgiving for all the graces you receive.”

March 20, 1989

“Tonight I ask you to begin from today to pray all the more. Contemplate the wounds of Jesus. Pray as much as you can in front of the Crucifix. May the cross be (just) for you in the day (of the cross).”

March 24, 1989 (GOOD FRIDAY)

“Dear children, tonight your Mother is happy to see you in such large numbers. I wish, dear children, that you start from today to live a different life. Your Mother gives you love; give this love to others so we can be ready to live Easter. When you go back in your homes finish this day in prayer.”

March 27, 1989 (EASTER MONDAY)

“Dear children, your Mother calls you to completely surrender to God. Dear children, this is a time of grace. Pray as much as you can and renew yourself through prayer. Construct yourself spiritually. This construction lasts until the end of your life. Continue to pray as much as you can and with your prayers you will help me.”

May 5, 1989

“Dear children, tonight your Mother invites you to pray as much as you can during this time. This is a time of grace. Abandon yourselves to the Spirit for Him to renew you. May prayer renew your bodies, your souls, your hearts. Don’t let your bodies be weak. You know that the Spirit is always willing.”

May 12, 1989

“Now istime of special graces, but satan is very active.”

June 6, 1989

“Dear children, the Mother is happy to be with all of you. Dear children, you have helped me to realize the plans of God. I want to speak to you about love and give you love. In these days, prepare yourselves for the anniversary of the apparitions with love, with my messages, and with joy and the Mother will help you, dear children, and the Mother will stay with you. There is nothing more important for you but to put what I have said in first place.”

June 16, 1989

“Dear children, I want more penance from you.”

June 23, 1989

“Dear children, I am happy to see you in such a large number. I would like to pray for you in a special way tonight. Dear children, give me the day that comes (June 24, 1989) in prayer.”

June 26, 1989

“Dear children, your Mother told you yesterday to renew the messages from now on. Your Mother asks, especially from you of the group of prayer, to live from now on the messages in prayer. If you want your Mother to give other and new messages, you first have to live those messages I have already given.”

July 3, 1989

“Dear children, your Mother asks you tonight, you, who are present (people were present from all over the world), when you get back into your home, renew prayer in your family. Take time for prayer, dear children. I, as your Mother, especially want to tell you that the family has to pray together. The Holy Spirit wants to be present in the families. Allow the Holy Spirit to come. The Holy Spirit comes through prayer. That is why, pray and allow the Holy Spirit to renew you, to renew today’s family. Your Mother will help you.”

July 10, 1989 or July 14, 1989

“Dear children, you know we are living the Year of the Young People. This year ends on August 15. Your Mother wishes to dedicate one more year to the youth, but not only to the youth. May this year also be the year of the family. Dear children, in these days before the fifteenth of August, prepare yourselves, you and your family, for the new year to come so it may be the Year of the Family.”

July 17, 1989

“Dear children, I would like to call you to start again to live the messages. More than eight years ago your Mother told four messages: Peace, Conversion, Sacrifice, and Faith. Dear children, I would like you to live the messages through prayer. I know how much you give me promises through words, but, dear children, I want you to put that into practice. I will pray, dear children, and I will help you. Conversion isprocess which goes on through your entire life.”

July 21, 1989

“Pray for my intentions.”

July 24, 1989

“Dear children, tonight your Mother is happy to see you in such large numbers. Your Mother wants to give you love tonight so you can give and share this love with others when you will come back to your homes. Live love. I want to give you peace, so you can carry it to others. You cannot give peace to others if you don’t have this peace within yourselves. I need you, dear children, to cooperate with me, because there are today many plans that I cannot fulfill without you. I need your cooperation. Pray, pray, pray.”

July 31, 1989

“Dear children, tonight especially I would like to invite all the parents in the world to find time for their children and family. May they offer love to their children. May this love that they offer be parental and Motherly love. Once again, dear children, I call you to family prayer. During one of the previous encounters your Mother asked you to renew the family prayer. I ask that again tonight. During this period, let us pray together for all the young people in the world.”

August 7, 1989

“Tonight your Mother wants to call you to prayer. This is a time of grace. Pray, dear children, and your Mother will pray together with you. Abandon to your Mother all your problems and difficulties.”

August 11, 1989

“I call you to prayer, like I have done also in the previous encounter. I ask that during the three days to come each one of you make a sacrifice, give up something that is dear to you in life. Give up something especially during those three days.”

August 14, 1989 (Special Blessing)

“My dear children, tonight your Mother is happy, happy, happy to be with you and to see you in such large numbers. I am happy for what we have done in this Year of the Youth. We have stepped a step forward. I would like to see in the future parents in the families work and pray as much as they can with their children, so they can, from day to day, strengthen their spirit. Your Mother is here to help each one of you; open yourselves to your Mother; She is waiting for you. May this moment you will live at midnight be a moment of thanksgiving for everything you received during this year.”

August 18, 1989

“Dear children, tonight your Mother asks you in this period of time to pray for peace in the world.”

August 21, 1989

“Tonight your Mother wants to invite you to start again to live the messages. Children, your Mother cannot give you new messages if you do not live the messages I have already given. Decide with love and joy to begin to live the messages, for your Mother to continue to guide you, for you to continue your growth in love with your Mother living the messages.”

December 15, 1989

“Prepare yourselves spiritually and physically for the Christmas Novena. In your prayers say one prayer especially for my intentions. Renounce [give up] something that you like the most.”

December 18, 1989

“The prayers and sacrifices that you decide to offer in these days when I asked you were not done with love. I ask you to offer them with love as during the first days of the Apparitions. What you have decided to do and to offer for my intentions during the novena was not enough. You have to choose to give more because you are able.”

Our Lady prayed [in Hebrew] in Her Mother tongue.

December 21, 1989

From Marija to Father Luciano:

“Our Lady asked me to pray and offer sacrifices for priests.”

December 22, 1989


“Our Lady says this Christmas should be the most beautiful Christmas of your life.”

December 22, 1989

“Dear children, tonight your Mother wants to call you to prayer, call you to prayer during those two days. Through prayer open your hearts and let us wait all together for this day which is for us the day of joy. Dear children, I wish you to decide to do something concrete during these two days.”

December 25, 1989

“Dear children, here is my Son in my arms! I would like to ask you to be a light for all in the year to come. I would like to call you again to live the messages, those are messages of peace, conversion, prayer, penance, and faith. Dear children, your Mother does not ask words from you, I ask for deeds. Your Mother will help you and She will give you the strength to continue. And tonight I would like to tell you: Rejoice!”


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81 thoughts on “Prayer Group: 1989 – Ivan’s Prayer Group Messages – Medjugorje Messages”

  1. Joanmaree Sullivan

    Simply beautiful,but isn’t every thing beautiful that comes from the most beautiful place on earth can’t wait for the Era of Peace

  2. It appears that many others are in the same position that I am-getting older and physically limited. The real problem is getting others to believe and to act.Thy will be done.

  3. It appears that many others are in the same position that I am-getting older and physically limited. The real problem is getting others to believe and to act. Thy will be done.

  4. What you say is absolutely true and it is scary because we are so used to convenience. We are in the midst of changes that will affect our way of life. I would love to live off the land as you propose, but as a singleperson who is getting older and with limitations physically or the know how,, how is that possible? I live simply, I do not believe in having more than what I need. I try to instill my philosophy into my children, but they are of the world, so all I can do is pray for them. I have to believe that God is in control and will take care of everything because if I dwell on it, it will cause me great anxiety and that is not a good thing for me or anyone else. I place all my trust in God and pray for those who are lost and aren’t aware of what is coming. Please pray for an enlightenment for all so that we can share in the Body of Christ to assist and serve one another and love our neighbors as ourselves as Jesus taught us.

  5. Wow! I haven’t even finished listening! But, I have been praying, “please prepare a place for us and lead us to it!” We are check to check! Even though I have been praying for a Pentecost to bring the spiritual changes we need, I am also praying for the abode of God ! Here,…now…but, to also to prepare a place for us and those like us that do not have the means to prepare now. I am praying for miracles! But, first the spiritual ones! I don’t know what, or how God’s plan for us will play out. But, I am trying to hold on to hope, and as She said, ” be happy that you belong to me!” I pray, even as I am fighting with my teens over technology in the home, that She wraps us under Her mantle and not one of us is lost! Mary please lead us! Holy Spirit change us! Heavenly Father have mercy on us! Jesus save us!

  6. Thank you with all my heart Our Lady for bringing me back to God. You have always answered my prayers through the Rosary, and You have always been with me when I needed You most. You took me on a journey of discovery to learn the rosary, that most beautiful prayer, even though I was not brought up catholic. Thank you for the Caritas website that enables people like me to receive the most beautiful blessing from reading your messages and guide us toward God. with all the love from my heart : thank you for this beautiful gift.

  7. Our BVM knows everyone. She knows her Church is the true church. The message in her sons church can find its way to the most isolated person at a considerable speed . In the Catholic church science and spiritual issues are intertwined and clearly established unlike our sister sects. Therefore, for our mother there is no point to uproot the church structure out, only that the church only needs “servicing” as in case of a car. After that the car will serve the purpose of her son for us (human race).This is unifying such that our break away brothers are of course going to be reunited. Better still our muselem brothers may have to reconsider their position. The persecution of Christians, turmoil raging now in the middle east could be explained on this basis. The fear of being proved wrong in what they believe in is presently high! I believe they are fighting a loosing war this time round. Listen the teaching is LOVE, PEACE, NEIGHBOUR, ETERNAL LIFE, ETC. HOW DO YOU FIGHT THIS?

  8. O my Blessed Mother I love you will all my heart. I thank you for the many, many times you have answered my prayers. Help me to continue with daily rosaries and to somehow enlighten those around me to share the unending love I have for you and our lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Almighty God our father.

  9. Now at 51 my life has some extraordinary events but also regrets. There were many missed opportunities. I have hit a dry spell. I have read St. John of the Cross many times in the last 2 years to try and understand. I was with the first and second group to stay with Ivan in Medjugorje back in 98. I was on fire with the faith for many years but have had difficulty in the last almost 5 years.One thought that will get me going is that ‘what if tomorrow, Mary appears for the last time to the Medjugore visionaries?’. One day there will be a tomorrow and the messages will stop and after the events will begin. Trying to put myself in that ‘tomorrow’ day and ask myself what would I do if I knew the messages would stop ‘tomorrow?’ would I tell family and friends that they need to pay attention because this will be the end of this time of Grace. Would I pray to prepare for the time of the apparition. Would I go back in my memory to remember what it was like to try and be there again

  10. Dearest Mother: the fullness of love and grace, I surrender myself fully before you. Please hold me in your Immaculate Heart, where the safest place to stay until you took and place me in Heaven. Being a little child, I believe the messages that I heard from you mom and want to live and obey those commands in the love of God. We are so blessed so that we are closer to your love and care. Mumma: guide us to live as a white flower of Lilly of Purity.

  11. I came twice with my wife to Medjugorje. It is a holy place were our Lady and Her Son are felt very near. Our Lady is a very loving mother and who like all loving mothers warns us and pleads with us for conversion. While so many have left their faith, so many others are finding Mary who reaches out to us, knowing our frailties, our concerns, our sometimes strange dispositions. But prayer and penance are two of the ingredients with which we move ever closer to Jesus. Queen of Heaven & Earth, most Blessed, Virgin Mary Mother of God we thanks you for coming to us through Medjugorje. Jesus, thank you for giving us your Mother from the Cross. Mary the “masterpiece” of Our Eternal Father. What a great gift to mankind. Dear Mary help all young people to reach out to Jesus; help all families that they may follow the lives of The Sacred Family; help the Catholic and Apostolic church; help the poor, the disabled and the sick. Jesus and Mary I trust in you.

  12. Our Lady, appears on the picture i had taken on my TV, during Our Pope Francis 1. Inauguration celebrations Mass, In Rome.Our Lady said, i have chosen you a holy humble Pope in this trouble time. Pray for him.Mama Mary, please, help me, i had been praying and shared your messages, and that people will accept your messages in Medjugorje.Rose Funtanares-RovenskyABBOTTSFORD, BC., CANADA

  13. joyce balderston

    Our Lady told one of the visionaries that the 5 Volume work, Poem of the Man-God by visionary, Maria Valtorta, was the most accurate account of the life of the Holy Family and the Life of Jesus. It is the New Testament with no deviation, and in captivating human details. I am 75 years old, I began reading these books 32 yrs. ago ,and will continue until God calls me home. It is a MUST read for everyone. My comforting Faith is the result. Before reading these, I prayed that God would strengthen my weak, limp faith. All my questions have been answered about life, death, and the mercy of God. I now truly feel that I know the Human Person of Jesus, the Beautiful Angel Mother of God, the wonderful apostles in all their different personalities and loveable traits. Praise the Lord.

  14. Thank you. Thank you for the message. Do continue to pray. Two men wanted to cheat my sister cousin. Out of pity she had lent money to them, and those men showed her the temptation of money and more earning, in one of the place in India. She was ready, but most probably going there was not good for my cousin. The day she was preparing to go early morning, she opened her rosary case where she use to keep her rosary. It was okay and well kept near her head table. But it was amazing when she opened, she found the Holy Rosary which she had bought from the cathedral, her blessed rosary red in color made with chain was detached by itself. SHE THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE THE SIGN SHE SHOULD NOT GO TO THE PLACE, AND IT MIGHT BE THE DANGER SIGN. SHE DID NOT GO. OF COURSE THEY WERE FORCING HER BUT SHE DO NOT. AFTER FEW DAYS WE CAME TO KNOW THAT THESE TWO MEN IS NOT GOOD AND THEY MIGHT GO TO JAIL NEXT 2TWO DAYS BECAUSE OF THEIR BAD WORK. MOTHER MARY SAVED HER. THANK YOU MARY MOTHER. THANK YOU ALL.

  15. Veronica Christian

    O Mother of Mercy, I am always filled with awe when I read of Your appearances and read Your messages. I yearn to understand more, and want even to go back to those times I missed. While I know that I cannot experience Your appearances first hand in Medjugorje, I know that You are present with me when I pray. Help me to remain constantly aware that You are with me through every day. Bless our home, my husband and most of all revive my son’s spirituality, that he will become actively involved in his faith. Help all three of us to experience a special closeness to You and Jesus forever. Bless our Parish (Holy Trinity Musgrave Durban) as we celebrate our diamond jubilee. Help us create a vibrant youthful participation in all spheres of parish life so we can live our faith to the full. Help also all women and children worldwide…

  16. How absolutely far I am from a sincere change in my daily life!!! I don’t ignore or reject HER messages and believe I’m not indifferent but my conversion is too s l o w…But today I’m praying with all of you.

  17. John Peter Oliver

    My dearest Blessed Holy Mother of God,My Family and I Love you and your Son and our Brother Jesus, with all our heart. We have nothing in this world, but to simply pray with you and follow every message that you give us. O holy Mother, protect us from every temptation that the evil one is bringing about. We are your children take care of our needs. My wife Maria Leony Cynthia and I at this moment surrender our only two sons Raymond Oliver and Jude Oliver to you and pray for their Priestly Vocation. Holy Mother, please continue to intercede and Pray for my Spiritual Director Rev. Fr.David, my sister Viji Oliver and my family at Bangalore, Martalli and Chennai, India, and also pray for the intentions of my parish and all priests of our parish, and all the priests of the whole world. I promise to offer the Rosary and Litany for my Priests, as you wished dear mother during your apparition on 8th August 2012 (9th – IST 2:30 AM).Thank you dear mother for all the favours received.

  18. Donald W. Burrell

    Queen of Heaven & Earth, most Blessed, Virgin Mary Mother of God.Jesus, thank you for giving us your Mother from the Cross. What a great gift thou has giving us.She is our example of true faith to God. We Love you Mary and we need your prayers.Thank you Holy Mother of God, for leading us to your most precious gift, Jesus.

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