19 Years Ago At Caritas


pilgrims in the bedroom


The following is a description of Our Lady’s apparition to Marija, the visionary of Medjugorje, 19 years ago in the home of the founder of Caritas.

November 30, 1988, 10:30 p.m.

Our Lady came and was very happy. She blessed and prayed over everyone. Marija recommended all those present to Our lady and She prayed the Lord’s Prayer and the Glory Be. Our Lady extended Her arms and prayed in Hebrew over everyone. Her message:


“I wish that all your life be love, only love. Everything that you do, do it with love. In every little thing, see Jesus and His example. You also do as Jesus did. He died out of love for you. You also offer all you do with love to God, even the smallest little things of everyday life.”


Then Our Lady made the Sign of the Cross and left saying, “Go in peace.” All gathered in the Bedroom were awed over hearing this messages, and it has become for some their favorite message of all messages over the course of Our Lady of Medjugorje’s apparitions.

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  1. Thank you Caritas and A Friend of Medjugorje! I get such JOY listening to your broadcasts! I shudder to think of how I would NEVER have seen Our Lady’s messages from Heaven, COME TO LIFE, had I not been a “Field Angel” that received the wisdom and guidance you’ve given by explaining Our Lady’s messages and plans from God, ALL THESE MANY YEARS! You confirm what The Spirit says to my heart over and over again. These days with Donald J. Trump as our President are AMAZING ! Seeing Our Lady working heavily in him and in the world is THRILLING!! Our Lady’s children should be “pinching themselves.” I know I am!! Ive been giving leader after leader Our Lady’s special blessing!! Everytime I see a picture of Our new President , I pass him Her Blessing. ( thanks to Marija and Caritas!!!!) Peace and Our Lady, Sue

  2. Thank you Caritas and Thank you Our Lady for President Trump. Let us know whom to write to and their address.Our country is in upheaval and they blame President Trump who loves this country so we must fight and pray for him and Vice President Pence and their cabinet members. We are in war, a spiritual war.God Bless, Susan

  3. Caught between two angry Catholics. One turned to atheism, one to anything but Catholic. How did the church fail? If you fail in the lessons of Jesus, the devil forces people into hate polarizations which is the way he gains power, to lie, confuse until anger and violence is achieved. 100 years ago Russia fell to the godless of Russia and America is on the edge today. How did we get here? Ten years ago a 90 year old priest told me the American Bishops change the text of only the American Bible just after WW2 and he wrote the Pope and was ignored. I was comparing Mary and the Saints Calendars, one 2008 the other 2017 and I found modernism removed the old saints. It appears wisdom of Jesus is ignored. I Visited the National Catholic Museum outside of St. Louis, Our Lady of Snow. The outdoor auditorium has a large crucifix on stage but opposite past the bleachers is a 80ft twisted sculpture tongue, mocking GOD, ready for 180 Church of the Devil. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/573857177489557875/

  4. Thank you very much for this broadcast. The way you bring your “prophetic” insights from the past and explain vital aspects of Our Lady’s messages regarding the Presidency of Donald Trump, is confirmation of many things I have found myself thinking and wondering. Wonder at the hand of God, Mary’s Time and role and, our collective prayers is beautiful.You help place so much in context that assists us in discerning. Truly, paying attention to the signs of the times is a blessing to us all. So many signs and with our prayers, hopefully the result of many conversions. God’s hand was most definitely in the election and this Presidency. Thank you for sharing your insights and comprehension of the messages. It is invaluable.

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